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  1. Hi Pooh_75 and Yeoman, I go back home at 830pm, i thought i can park at the lower floor of the carpark like 3A or 3B but no lots!!!! Have to drive all the way up to 4B. If i go back home late at 10 or 11pm also park either 4B. If not will be 5A or 5B.
  2. Hi Shivan, Vlanze car also got scratched. They left a very deep scratch on the bonnet. He had already reported to the police. The authority should do something about it, before it came out on the newspaper again. Babymaro
  3. Hi Jacky, I also noticed a lot of Poo on the grass area infront and behind our blocks. And the cleaner don't bother to clean up even after more than one month, but can't really blame them also. It's the dog owner's responsibility to pick up the Poo. I always bring my dog out to poo but always see the whole patch of grass full of poo, i have to siam with my dog. I see some kids always playing on the grass, i can't imagine if they step on it and bring it home. From my knowledge, if dog owner didn't pick up the poo, they may be fined. So far no one has been caught at our area. As for your neighbour's dog, i can only advise you to bear with it. I believe your neighbour's dog is the hyperactive type. Not easy to stop them from barking, need to train them. Regarding the prata at our downstair foodcourt, i ate 1 egg + 1 cheese cost me $4-00. I'm still not full and never mind still not nice, and the curry no standard. Sell so expensive and not nice, how to survive? If you've tasted before good prata, you'll know that this is crap prata!
  4. Hi Jacky, So long again? Hi CCS79, My main bedroom is square type. Dont have those weird angle. Different unit in diff block got diff layout. Maybe you want get your ID to suggest to you?
  5. Hi all, Kindly give me advice on this 2 bridal shop? Like service, gown, photo shoot and price. Thank you. Babymaro2003
  6. Hi zirhk3355, Yes, i saw the place. I quite like the ambience and it is located in town area. I only have about 20 tables and i am looking at food and portion too. I want my guest to eat full full go back without complaining. Lol. Peony jade at keppel club is a bit inconvenient as i have alot of elderly relatives. Thanks for your advice. Babymaro2003
  7. Hi, I am keen to sign up my customary dinner at peony jade restaurant at clarke quay. Anyone went there for wedding dinner or hold their dinner there? Please advice. Thanks.
  8. Hi Alister, I saw it this morning when going to work. Body covered up and two policeman were around. Babymaro2003
  9. I have no ill intention of calling all kids monkeys... just my direct neighbour's kids. Whom lacks proper education and discipline. I believe this is the failure of their parents, the kids are innocent. Their kids have been creating a din since the day they moved in. Shouting, crying and screaming blue murder late in the night, continuously, and some times even during the early morning. The parents are simply ignorant or refuse to educate their kids on proper neighbourly behaviour. They will just let the kid continue making noise till they tire out. At times, they will also play and shout along the corridor late at night on weekdays. Creating much noise to the discomfort of others staying nearby. Who then is to be blamed? The kids are not young anymore and I believe they lack proper discipline & upbringing from the parents. These are the kids you'll see jumping and playing like monkeys on MRTs and in shopping centres or foodcourts, with their parents simply turning a blind eye. I believe not all parents will let their kids behave these way, just those parents who are self-centered and ignorant. thinking that they are staying in their own private villa. I'm sure those forumers who know of my situation will understand whom I'm referring to and how I feel. And surprisingly, my dog is definitely better behaved and well-trained compared. And If I should have my own kids, I will also bring them up as well-behaved individuals, not spoilt brats/primates. Which means inflicting corporal punishment when required, like in the good old days. "No beat no grow up"
  10. Hi Mr Dracula, My dog will only bark at dracula and vampire . I confirm and sompah that the noise is not from my dog cause i also heard the loud barking in the afternoon and evening time. Babymaro2003 Hi Jacky, U call all of the above also no use,even call your mp also no use cause you know why? The dog got licence, the most is kena warn. Maybe the owner never train the dog properly, like my opposite neighbour monkey. I think dog is more well behaved than monkey (kids). Babymaro2003
  11. Hi bonkitty, I have a dog, but hardly bark. I have a neighbour who also have a dog that keep barking during the day time. At night also bark, but not as much as in the day time. I wonder who is the owner also. Maybe you want try to talk nicely to the dog owner. Babymaro2003
  12. Hi Vlanze, - Park 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th floor of mscp. - Walk down to 2nd floor linkway or take lift from block D or C to 12th floor skygarden to access to my unit. Mine not as complicated as yours, u need to TRANSIT. My doggy wont play hide and seek, she will play catching with us. Hahaha. You know what i mean. Babymaro2003
  13. Hi Vlanze, The mscp carpark lift very hidden lo, near to block B. Not very useful for resident staying at 79E. I agree with you, nowdays we go home about 10pm, hardly can find any carpark lot at lower level. We have to drive up to deck 4th floor or 5th floor to park, then the linkway only 2nd floor, we have to walk down the staircase to the 2nd floor linkway to access to our block. Not convenience especially for elderly. Babymaro2003
  14. Hi Shivan, My parent place also have this feature. Press the button for 2 times to un-select and the lights will go off. Babymaro2003
  15. Hi tension, I think weekday evening will be the best. Let me know before you pop by. Babymaro2003