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  1. In today’s OSRS quest guide I’m going to show you how to complete the OSRS Swan Song quest. During the OSRS Swan Song quest, you will have the honor to partner with the Wise Old Man, sadly this will be for the first and last time because this will be his final adventure. runescape 3 gold Both you and the Wise Old Man will have to help the Piscatoris Fishing Colony which is threatened by the angry sea trolls. The trolls have been attacking the colonists, preventing them from harvesting the valuable monkfish that live in their waters. That is why you must get rid of the trolls for good. Quest and Skill Requirements For The OSRS Swan Song The quest requirements for the OSRS Swan Song quest are the completion of the One Small Favour quest and Garden of Tranquillity quest as well as 100 quest points. The skill needed for the OSRS Swan Song quest are: 66 Magic 62 Cooking 62 Fishing 45 Smithing 42 Firemaking 40 Crafting Items Needed For OSRS Swan Song 7 bones 10 mist runes 10 lava runes 5 blood runes Airtight pot, created by using a pot lid on a pot Tinderbox Hammer brown apron 1 set of logs of any kind 5 iron bars Piscatoris teleports Amulet of glory Watchtower teleport Weapon, armor, and good food The Wise Old Man To start this quest you need to go to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony entrance and at the quest sign talk to Herman Caranos. If you can use the Piscatoris teleport scroll you can go to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony by using the fairy ring code AKQ. When you agree to help him, the quest will start. He will ask you to find the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village and secure his services. Agree to this, and go to Draynor Village. Talk to the Wise Old Man, after you offer him to join you in this quest he will tell you that he requires 10 lava runes, 10 mist runes, and 5 blood runes before he will help you. If you have all the items in your inventory he will automatically take them from you and will teleport to the Fishing Colony. Follow him and also go to the Fishing Colony, you will find the Wise Old Man in the same spot where you talk to Herman Caranos. The Wise Old Man will ask, are you ready to fight? tell him that you are and enter into the tunnel to go to the other side of the fence. You will be attacked by eight Sea trolls which you need to kill, the Wise Old Man will help you by casting Saradomin Strike on the trolls. Keep in mind that he will have a limit of 10 spells before he runs out of runes, you can “use” blood, air, and fire runes on the Wise Old Man during the fight to give him more runes. But you will be able to give him only one rune at a time which can slow you down and the trolls will keep attacking you. After you kill all the trolls, open the gate and go inside the Colony. Next, go to the most eastern building of the Colony and talk to Herman Caranos. Herman will thank you for bringing the Wise Old Man with you, and he will tell you to help with the defences of the Colony. Repairing the Colony Now head back towards the entrance of the Colony and you will find there Franklin. Talk to him and he will say that they need 5 sheets of iron to patch the western wall. At the end of the conversation with Franklin he will give you a tinderbox, so make sure that you have one empty inventory slot. Go to the building with the furnace sign, and use your logs on the Firebox east end of the press then use the tinderbox and light them. Then, use your iron bars with the press to make iron sheets. Tell Franklin that you have the sheets, and he will give you a hammer, with which you can repair the walls to the west. OSRS Swan Song Head towards the western wall and you will see a red line on the wall in your mini-map. This is the area of the wall that you need to fix, use your iron sheets on the broken parts of the wall to fix them. Now you need to go to the building with the bank sign and talk to Arnold Lydspor. He will tell you that the Fishing Colony has no food and that he needs five cooked fresh monkfish. He will give you a small fishing net with which to catch fresh monkfish. The fishing spot is located in the north-west. The trolls will spawn each time you try to fish, so catch a few extra as you may burn the fish. You must kill these trolls to continue fishing. When you have caught the fresh monkfish, you can cook all of them on a cooking range to the south. When you have five cooked fresh monkfish, take them to Arnold. If you burn some, you can give him the cooked ones and go back to fish for more. Raising an Army Go back to Franklin and talk to him to report that you have fixed the wall. Next, go to Herman Caranos and the Wise Old Man, talk to Hermen and he will tell you that they need an army to fight and defeat the Sea trolls once and for all. The Wise Old Man tells you to visit Wizard Frumscone, in the basement of the Wizards’ Guild. Teleport to Yanille by using whatever method you prefer, for example, you can use the minigame teleport to the Nightmare Zone, but keep in mind that you will need to leave the area of the Colony through the tunnel first. Once you are in Yanille go to Wizard Guild (aka Magic Guild) in the center of the village. Next to the door on the south side you should see a ladder, climb down that ladder and talk to Wizard Frumscone. Ask him to help you collect an army for the Fishing Colony, but he will tell you that his zombies are not for loan and refuse to help you. Frumscone will also say that he knows a man who can help you get an army. Before you go to the necromancer in search of an army, teleport to Falador or Draynor Village whichever you prefer, and quickly go to the bank. From the bank, you will need a pot and a pot lid as well as 7 bones, 1 prayer potion, weapon, armor, and good food for the boss fight. Make sure that you have one empty inventory slot, and go to the necromancer located south of Falador and slightly north-west of the Port Sarim magic shop. Keep in mind that if you are wearing something related to the three basic gods of OSRS, Malignius Mortifer (aka the necromancer) will not talk to you, so you should unequip those items. Talk to Malignius Mortifer (the one in the black robes) and tell him that you need help saving the fishing colony. He will agree to help you and give the Colony an army of undead skeletal magi. But first, he will need you to give him 7 bones and then he will tell you that you also need some way of carrying the seeds that he will give you. Also, you should go to the Crafting Guild to ask the master crafters for advice. Then he will give you a brown apron, which will allow you access to the guild. Now go north-west to the Crafting Guild and equip your brown apron and enter the guild. Talk to the Master craftsmen (the one with dreadlocks and no skill cape) about how to store the seeds. He will tell you that you need a pot with a pot lid (which you already have). If you don’t have a pot with a pot lid, mine two pieces of clay in the Guild mine. Use the jug in the northern end of the Guild filled with water from the sink to the south to soften the clay, and then shape them on the potter’s wheel. Fire them in the pottery oven. The Final Battle Now, return to Malignius with your pot and pot lid, and he will teleport you to the Fishing Colony. After entering the Colony and talking to Herman Caranos, you will be shown a cutscene of your army of Skeleton Mages defeating the Sea trolls and then the Wise Old Man killing the levelless Sea Troll General. However, while he is celebrating, he gets hit for 254 damage and he will be disabled for the rest of the fight, so you must take on the Sea Troll Queen yourself. When the cutscene is over, use protection from magic and attack her with Melee. The Queen uses the Magic attack Water Wave, a Prayer-draining attack, and a basic Melee attack. Meleeing the queen is your best choice because that way she will not use her prayer draining attack. After defeating the queen, talk to Herman to finish the quest. Rewards 2 Quest points 15,000 Magic experience 10,000 Prayer experience 10,000 Fishing experience 25,000 coins Access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony Access to the following items from Malignius Mortifer upon request: A brown apron Bone seeds (requires an airtight pot) Of course, there are alternatives that you can use to earn gold in the game. Many players choose to buy OSRS Gold directly, which many online retailers selling OSRS Gold can do For Example RS3gold.com.
  2. Ouro is the third discretionary boss experience in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Ouro is an enormous sandworm that changes from battling the attack over the ground and lowering, managing damage to the strike from underground. While rising, Ouro calls Scarabs and arrangements huge damage to anybody remaining over the area he rises. Ouro fills in as a discretionary experience in the Ahn'Qiraj assaulting raid. Drop Table Imperial Exclusive Notable Classes Warrior tanks have a urgent part in this battle, guaranteeing they are failing the boss toward a path away from the strike, to try not to hit the whole assault with Sand Blast, an incredible capacity Ouro utilizes when he is over the ground. In addition, at whatever point Ouro utilizes Sweep, Warriors need to Intercept once again into the battle, as the Sweep impact will thump the tanks back. Tanks likewise should be mindful so as to just have the essential tank get hit with Sand Blast, as another tank should tank over danger, since Sand Blast will wipe all danger on the past tank. Mages can likewise serve a significant part in this battle, as they can spam AOE capacities and Frost Nova on any Scarabs that are gathered when Ouro rises up out of underground. Quick Tips DPS Any damage vendor with AOE capacities should look to quickly torch any Ouro Scarabs that generate when Ouro rises up out of underground. Anybody close by when the Scarabs produce can likewise pop Goblin Sapper Charge, simply be mindful so as not to aggro them all and get yourself slaughtered. On the off chance that enough players use Goblin Sapper Charges, the Scarabs ought to be torched rapidly enough to dodge any setbacks. While damaging Ouro when he is over the ground, damage sellers need to guarantee they are totally behind the chief, as Ouro's Sand-Blast will bargain a monstrous measure of damage to anybody it hits. Sand-Blast bargains damage in a 180-degree cone toward the path Ouro is confronting, so you must be situated totally behind the chief. It is likewise significant all damage vendors remain under the primary tank and off tank's danger during this battle, to try not to shoot the strike with Sand Blast. Scuffle and run damage vendors need to give close consideration to their environmental factors, in the function a Quake is going on, so, all in all they ought to promptly move away from the Quake to try not to take damage. This zone is shown by shaking rocks over the ground and everybody in the strike needs to move away from this to try not to take damage. Tanks Guarantee the primary tank is keeping Ouro confronted away from the attack, to forestall hitting everybody with a Sand Blast. In addition, the Warrior tank should be situated near the boss in case of a Sweep, the tank can Intercept once again into the battle and remain on Ouro. Note that when Sand Blast goes out, it wipes all danger on the primary tank, and another tank should get Ouro and keep on confronting Ouro away from the assault. When Ouro rises up out of underground, a bunch of Ouro Scarabs will generate and quickly begin assaulting anybody close by. Tanks should utilize an AOE Taunt to get these crowds, ensuring any healers or fabric wearers close by. Mages should then come in and start AOE damaging the Scarabs down. Healers While mending when Ouro is over the ground, healers need to guarantee they are totally behind the chief, as Ouro's Sand Blast will bargain a huge measure of damage to anybody it hits. Sand Blast bargains damage in a 180-degree cone toward the path Ouro is confronting, so you must be situated totally behind the chief. Healers need to give close consideration to their environmental factors, in the function a Quake is occurring, so, all in all they ought to quickly move away from the Quake to try not to take damage. This territory is demonstrated by shaking rocks over the ground and everybody in the assault needs to move away from this to try not to take damage. Before the Battle The strike ought to be situated behind the tanks when running in, sitting tight for the tank to aggro the chief and turn Ouro around totally, confronting endlessly from the assault, before anybody starts damaging the chief. It is basic that the boss is constantly confronted away from the strike, to evade anybody other than a solitary tank from getting hit by Sand Blast. Ability and Strategy Phase 1 Ouro is a two-stage boss experience, where during Phase 1, Ouro will battle the assault from both over the ground and underground, while utilizing various capacities relying upon which side of the ground Ouro is on. While rising up out of underground, numerous capacities happen at the same time, where Ouro will bargain damage to the region around where he develops and calls a bunch of Ouro Scarabs inside the room. The strike will be tried on how they respond to these changes, prior to going into Phase 2, where Ouro approaches all capacities and incenses, expanding his auto-assault speed altogether. Abilities Above Ground Clear is Ouro's essential capacity when over the ground. Clear is a sever auto-assault that will thump back anybody hit by it. Hero and Druid tanks ought to promptly Intercept once again into the battle, to remain on the chief and keep up aggro they had beforehand. Sand-Blast is the most perilous capacity in Ouro's spell book, as it bargains a monstrous measure of damage in a wide 180-degree cone toward the path Ouro is confronting and shocks each one of those hit for 5 seconds. Sand Blast will consistently focus on the player most elevated on the danger table, which means the off-tank ought to be set up to take over failing duty when the Main Tank is hit. On top of managing critical damage, it likewise totally wipes the danger table for all objectives hit, which means another tank should take over after the past tank loses all aggro. It is significant that lone 1 tank is hit with a Sand Blast each time it goes out, something else, the battle can self-destruct rapidly if the whole attack gets impacted and dazed. Submerged Abilities Shudder bargains critical damage on the ground in different areas all through the room. This region is demonstrated by shaking rocks over the ground and everybody in the strike needs to move away from this to try not to take damage. Taking a lot of damage inside a Quake will prompt unavoidable passing. Ground Rupture hits the zone Ouro rises up out of, managing damage to anybody remaining in the zone and thumping them back. During the Submerge stage, the whole strike should hope to spread out, with an end goal to have as not many individuals hit by the Ground Rupture as could be expected under the circumstances. Call Ouro Scarabs happens when Ouro rises up out of underground, gathering different Ouro Scarab in an arbitrary region in Ouro's room. On the off chance that a tank is close by, they can AOE Taunt the Scarabs to monitor them, keeping them from hitting healers or fabric wearers. On the off chance that there are any AOE damage vendors close by, they can contribute by slaughtering these Scarabs, also. Furthermore, anybody in the attack can likewise utilize Goblin Sapper Charge to cut them down. Phase 2 Crazy and Phase 2 starts when Ouro arrives at 20% wellbeing. Ouro will increase a gigantic assault speed reward and auto-assault damage reward, while likewise accessing all lower capacities. Scarabs will start producing in the room and Quakes will start to turn around the room, constraining the strike to move around and try not to remain in a Quake. All damage sellers should hope to spare their damage related cooldowns for Phase 2, to endeavour to torch the boss as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. WOWclassicgp is the gaming currency provider from where you can buy many game currencies at a cheap & affordable price. The customer service offered is notch with reliable and fast delivery. We do hope that you will like to visit WOWclassicgp.com and buy the gold as per your requirements very easily.
  3. One of the most intriguing bosses in OSRS gold is Venenatis. Rewarding 400 Slayer experience (if you have the task), this particular boss is located in the wilderness. Nonetheless, the boss remains perfectly accessible to those newer to the bossing aspect of the game. This guide intends to walk you through the boss in an efficient manner in order for you to get optimal kills. Venenatis can also be killed with your friends, as her spawn/path is in both single and multi-combat regions. Whilst that may make things easier and faster, the tradeoff is you’ll have to split the loot! Due to this, whether you decide to go with your friends or want to solo this boss, there’s little difference in the approach you should take. Bear in mind, you will not at any point surpass level 30 wilderness. As a quick reminder, below level 30 wilderness, teleportation methods (such as the classic Amulet of Glory) are fully effective and functional. Requirements Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about having completed a multitude of quests, nor a ton of diaries. There are two approaches that you can take: melee and ranged. Regardless of your chosen approach, you’ll want to have at least 70 Hitpoints, and at least 70 Defence. Having high-magic, 90+ can be extremely helpful. This is because unlike other skills, your Magic defence is determined by your Magic level in conjunction with the gear you’re wearing. 70 Hitpoints and 70 Defence are merely the minimum recommendations, having 80+ in both is recommended. A bare minimum of level 37 Prayer is needed to protect against magic attacks. Level 25 Prayer also allows you to protect an additional item in case of an abrupt death/attack. You really want at least level 43 Prayer, however, to defend against player-attackers. With the melee approach, ensure you have at least 75 Attack and 80 strength. For your helm: wear Verac’s. An amulet of glory is perfectly fine, combined with an Ardougne cloak if you have one. Verac’s brassard & Verac’s plateskirt are also recommended, alongside the best gloves you have (such as Barrow gloves or Rune gloves). Dragon or Rune boots are acceptable. This setup does carry some risk, but the boss cannot be easily defeated with weak gear. As you are below level 30 Wilderness, you should be able to escape any player-killers as long as you are proactive. Verac’s gear is important as this boss has significant defence stats and bonuses. Without it, your kills will be far too slow. For the ranged approach, an Archer helm, glory, Black d’hide with Ava’s accumulator is perfectly fine. For your main weapon, use either Craw’s bow or a Dragon crossbow. For ammunition, consider enchanted diamond bolts or ruby bolts. Barrow gloves with snakeskin boots and a book of law in your shield slot is recommended. You can choose to substitute a crossbow with a toxic blowpipe, at which point you should also switch to adamant darts. The minimum recommended Ranged level would be 75. There’s an element of risk involved no matter what you do. As such, always ensure you have an emergency teleport available. Whether it’s a glory or a tablet, or a 1-click teleport solution such as an Ectophial - anything works. Sharks are high-healing food, but are fantastic when paired with karambwans. This is because they can be combo-consumed, meaning after eating a shark, you can instantly consume the karambwan. For other foods, you’ll face a delay. Having a few prayer potions can be helpful, as Venenatis can drain your prayer. Similarly, the boss can poison you: hence the super anti-poison that is shown in the screenshot. Finally, you can either bring a super combat potion or a divine ranging potion to speed up your kills. Strategy The first thing to remember is this boss is practically immune to all Magic. Don’t bother casting any spells: it’s not worth it. Secondly, do not engage with player killers, even if you think you are adequately equipped. You will be equipped for bossing, whilst they’ll be equipped for hunting players like you. It’s always better to leave rather than risk losing any expensive gear, you’ll make more long-term by playing it cautiously. Try to select a medium populated world to avoid player killers. The boss will use a variety of attacks against you. For example, she may lunge at you, delivering a maximum hit of 50. Her magic attacks have an area-range based damage, inflicting everyone with a certain amount of damage who’s in range. Additionally, she can also cast a web and throw it at you: hitting you for up to 50. To make matters worse, you can then receive consecutive melee or magic attacks as a follow-up, immediately. The importance of using Protect from Magic cannot be stressed enough. As long as you use it, you avoid the magic attack at all-times, and if you receive the web attack: there’s no consecutive follow-up that occurs immediately. The only Magic spell you should ever consider using is Vengeance. This spell will bounce back 75% of the damage you receive. If you ever receive a high-hit web/melee attack, casting it can really do significant damage to the boss. To speed up kills, using Rigour or Piety (depending on your chosen approach) can aid you. Mechanically, this boss cannot surprise you beyond anything you’ve read above. There are no other special attacks she can pull on you. To avoid player-killers, you will need to lure the boss into a single-combat area. The boss is naturally located within multi-combat areas. The importance of the single-combat area is that you cannot be rushed by multiple other players in a single-combat area. This allows you to escape with relative ease from any external attackers. If you get tele-blocked, you can attempt to run all the way out of the wilderness, or even to Green Dragons. Especially if you’re dealing with a pure, the PKer will stand a high chance of being attacked by a random Green Dragon. The other consideration for single-combat-area vs multi-combat area is this boss can only receive up to 6 damage whilst in single-combat areas. Hence, you have to lure the boss to the given position. Whilst you will stand in single combat, the boss will be in the multi-combat region. The yellow line marks the difference between single and multi-combat. You can also stand behind the tree all the way to the left if you want to safe spot the boss. This can be used in conjunction with a Dwarven Multicannon. In addition, if you need runescape 3 gold , you can buy it from RS3gold.com website. we always comparing our prices to other websites to ensure you are always buying the cheapest RuneScape gold from us.
  4. Blizzard has posted Shadowlands PTR development notes for August 11th, including week 1 of the pre-patch event open for testing. Other things you can test are character customization options and basic class changes. Content specific to this test environment includes: Core Class Updates In-Game Navigation Improvements The New Player Experience Character Creation and Character Customization The limited-time Scourge Invasion Attached the time relationship between the pre-PTR and the Retail ,only for reference. 2008.9.14 3.0 PTR, Pre-Patch 10.14, PTR Last 30 days. 2010.9.13 4.0 PTR, Pre-Patch 10.12, PTR Last 29 days. 2012.7.21 5.0 PTR, Pre-Patch 8.28, PTR Last 38 days. 2014.9.10 6.0 PTR, Pre-Patch 10.14, PTR Last 34 days. 2016.6.15 7.0 PTR, Pre-Patch 7.17, PTR Last 32 days. 2018.6.14 8.0 PTR, Pre-Patch 7.17, PTR Last 33 days. So The 9.0 date is 2020.9.20-9.30, Welcome to the Shadowlands. Don't forget to check our website-WOWclassicgp.com. We will continue to bring the latest information about WOW Classic. Of course, we also support WOW Classic Items online trading service. If you are interested in this, We promise you will Buy WOW Classic Items at lower prices than any other trading website.
  5. The OSRS In Aid of the Myreque is a continuation of In Search of the Myreque quest. You may ask yourself what would be your role in the quest now after the attack on the Myreque? You must help the Myreque freedom fighters to move to a new location in Burgh de Rott, where they would be closer to the heart of their Vampyre oppressors. Who are still planning to do something evil, but nobody knows what that may be. Quest and Skill Requirements buy runescape 3 gold You must complete In Search of the Myreque quest before you start this one. The skill requirements for the OSRS In aid of the Myreque quest are: 7 Magic 25 Crafting 15 Mining Items Needed For The OSRS In Aid of the Myreque Any pickaxe, 5 buckets 44 nails, 11 regular planks Food, spade, hammer 12 bronze axes 10 raw mackerel 10 raw Snail meats 2 steel bars, Swamp paste Coal, Soft clay, Rope Silver bar, mithril bar, sapphire Cosmic rune, water rune 4 tinderboxes Any blessed weapon or Efaritay’s aid ring Recommended Items Are: Steel med helm, steel chainbody, steel platelegs, silver sickle and 15 cooked salmon (to save an NPC while he is attacked) 2 Stamina potions, Weapon, Amour, pots 3 Mort’ton teleport scrolls/Barrows teleport tablets Big fishing net Amulet of glory 3 Salve graveyard teleport Travel to Burgh de Rott To start the OSRS In aid of the Myreque quest you have to speak with Veliaf Hurtz in the secret cave of the Myreque. To get to the secret cave, travel to the Canifis town center. Enter the trapdoor south of the Hair of the Dog tavern. Then go through the hidden door in the wall south of the ladder. Follow the tunnel slightly south until you come across an east boulder of the tunnel and you will find Stalagmite. Right-click and choose the “squeeze-past” option to enter the cave. Talk to Veliaf and he will tell you to travel to Burgh de Rott to establish a new base of operations for the Myreque. Now make your way to Burgh de Rott by using Mort’ton teleport scroll and then run south until you reach the gate. Speak to Florin from the outside of the gate and then deposit your food item into the open chest directly in front of the gate. Florin will then let you into the town and the shades will no longer attack you. At this point, you will have to repair the Burgh de Rott’s bank, general store, and bar throughout the quest. Burgh de Rott’s Pub (from OSRS In Aid of the Myreque quest) Go to the pub just south of the gate, talk to Razvan who is right next to the pub. Ask him, are there any ‘out of the way’ places here? Enter the pub and climb over the broken wall, and mine the rubble by using your pickaxe on it. If you forgot to bring a bucket, there is a bucket spawn near the well south of the front gate. You can world hop to pick up additional buckets quickly, 5 buckets will make this faster. When you have at least one bucket, climb down the ladder. Mine each pile of rubble, and then use a spade on the remaining debris to fill buckets of rubble. Each bucket can contain 3 loads worth of rubble. Every few rubble piles you mine, you will get 8 items that you must make room for: nails (10 bronze, 5 iron, 3 steel, 2 black, 1 mithril), 1 rock, 1 broken glass, dusty scroll, and plaster fragment. You can read the scroll and fragment, but they are not needed to complete this quest. The rest of the items are not required for the quest unless you do not have the required nails. After you are finished mining all of the rubble, there will be a cutscene of you noticing a plaque on the wall. Now when your buckets are filled with rubble, climb the ladder and empty your buckets on the rubble pile just southwest, outside the bar. When you’re done go talk to Razvan, and he will tell you to patch up the general store. General Store Talk to Aurel in the general store in the north-eastern part of the city, and he will tell you that you need to repair the roof and the walls of the shop. Head up the ladder on the outside of the southern wall of the General Store and use 3 planks and 12 nails in the hole in the roof to repair it. After that, head down and use 3 planks and 12 nails on the damaged wall just east of the ladder. Then, talk to Aurel again and he will want the store stocked before he can open it. Aurel will give you a crate to fill up with 10-12 bronze axes, 10 raw mackerel or 10 raw Snail meats, 3 tinderboxes. Go to any bank and fill the crate with the required items. While you are at the bank you can take the items for the next part of the quest (5 planks, hammer, swamp paste, 20 nails). The snail meat can be acquired by killing snails throughout the Mort Myre Swamp or purchased on the Grand Exchange. If you brought a big fishing net, there are some big net spots south of the Burgh de Rott bank that can be used to obtain the mackerel. Deliver your crate to Aurel in Burgh de Rott. He will ask that you repair the bank to the south of the city. Repair The Bank and Furnace Repair the bank booth by using your planks on the bank booth with swamp paste in your inventory, and then the wall on the west side of the bank as you did before. Then, ask Cornelius what to do, and in the same conversation, ask him: Do you fancy the job?. You will now be able to use the bank. Talk to Razvan again, he will ask that you fix the furnace. It can be found in the south-east corner of Burgh de Rott. Take two steel bars, a tinderbox, a hammer, and one coal and repair the furnace to the south-east side of the city. Bring your silver weapon or Efaritay’s aid along with you. Use a steel bar on the broken furnace to repair it. Put the coal inside of the newly fixed furnace, and light it with the tinderbox. You will then see a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will need to prepare for a fight with your silver weapon or any weapon wearing Efaritay’s aid. Go to the general store, and talk to Gadderanks and then Wiskit. Talk to one of the Vampyre Juvinates and Gadderanks will try to kill you. Kill Gadderanks, and then kill the Vampyre juvinates with your silver weapon or any weapon with Efaritay’s aid. During the fight, Veliaf will come and assist you by taking on one of the vampyres. There is a bug where sometimes, one of the juvinates will not turn into mist and will instead become invincible. If this happens, leave the general store and try again. Talk to Gadderanks again, and he will tell you of the vampyre’s weaknesses and then die. You will get his hammer, which is similar to a Granite maul but stronger against shades. Talk to Veliaf, and he will tell you to meet him back at his hideout in the Hollows. Transporting Ivan Go to the bank and take a steel chainbody, steel platelegs, steel med helm, and a silver sickle to arm Ivan for the fight, other gear will not work. Ivan will also accept up to 15 cooked snails, cooked salmon, cooked slimy eel, or stew. Return to Veliaf in The Hollows and talk to him. He will ask you to talk to Radigad and Polmafi to have them head to the Burgh de Rott hideout but wants you to escort Ivan Strom to the Paterdomus Temple because the mission is becoming too dangerous for the young, aspiring priest. Talk to Radigad Ponfit and Polmafi Ferdygris. If you bought items for Ivan, right-click and “use” the items on him. Speak to Ivan when you’re ready to escort him through the swamp. You get to choose between two routes through Mort Myre Swamp. You will be attacked on both the ‘long’ and the ‘short’ routes. On the long route, you need to fight four Vampyre Juvinates while on the short route, you’ll be attacked by two level 75 ones. The ‘short’ route is probably easier than the ‘long’ route because it’s easier to defend Ivan. Even though you have a harder fight. If you can, try to get Ivan behind you so he can’t be attacked by the juvinates. When you first enter the fight area, don’t move. If you chose to bring runes, cast any attack spell on the first vampyre and kill it. Remember to use your silver weapon OR equip Efaritay’s aid to fight the vampyres! The second vampyre will always attack Ivan at the same point, so just hope that Ivan survives until you finish off the first one. It is possible to finish this part without giving Ivan anything, but it is difficult, and it will often require several attempts just to keep Ivan alive. Therefore, it is highly recommended to give Ivan armour and food. It should also be noted that Ivan does not receive protection from your Protect from Melee prayer. If Ivan’s health becomes too low, he will teleport out. At this point, you might as well leave the area because killing the remaining vampyres will not let you progress. When you leave, you will reappear somewhere around Canifis, so make your way back to where you spoke to Ivan to try again (make sure to collect food via the bank on your way back to him as he will need more). Once you defeat the vampyres, you will complete the trek and appear outside the Temple of the Salve. If you take the short route with 2 level 75 Vampyre Juvinates, you can keep Ivan safe by walking west once the fight starts into a spot with 3 seaweeds surrounding it, and then keep walking back and forth to the east and west until Ivan decides to go into that spot. Wait for the Vampyre Juvinates to get close to you before attacking. This way, you can protect Ivan without giving him any supplies. Completing the long route is possible at a low combat level, by carrying garlic in one’s inventory. And, not moving from the battle’s spawn point to take hits instead of Ivan. After successfully escorting Ivan, talk to Drezel at the River Salve, and get the key to the library from him (using chat option 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3). Mention that the lives of Morytania rest on his decision. Search the keyhole on the east side of the room Drezel is in. Use your key on the keyhole. Go down the trapdoor into the library, and search the middle bookcase facing the West wall. You will pick up a book titled “The Sleeping Seven”. When you hover over this in your inventory it is called “The sleeping seven”. The book tells you where to find Ivandis’ grave. The Rod of Ivandis Go back to Canifis, and enter the trapdoor behind the pub. Search the south wall. Now, directly to your east, you should see two wooden boards covering an entrance – use a hammer on the boards to get through and you should see a tomb that looks like a coffin. Use some soft clay on the top of the tomb to get a rod mould. Go to a furnace, and use a silver bar, mithril bar, and cut sapphire to make a Silvthrill rod and enchant it using Lvl-1 Enchant. Take the enchanted Silvthrill rod and a rope back to the basement of Paterdomus Temple, use the rod with the well (in the room next to Drezel) with the rope in your inventory to create the Rod of ivandis(10). Take the Rod of Ivandis to Burgh de Rott, go into the cellar of the pub, and give it to Veliaf to complete the quest. Rewards For The OSRS In Aid of the Myreque 2 Quest points 2,000 Attack exp. 2,000 Strength exp. 2,000 Crafting exp. 2,000 Defence exp. Access to the Temple Trekking minigame A Gadderhammer from defeating Gadderanks The ability to make the Rod of Ivandis Thank you for reading and buy osrs gold from RS3gold.com all the time, thank you again. Good luck!
  6. If you’ve never used macros in World of Warcraft Classic, you’re definitely missing out! Macros allow you to combine different actions and make you incredibly efficient - they’re used by effectively everybody. While it may be daunting to learn how to use them, the power comes from the customisation possible. You’re able to create exactly what you want and need, for whatever class you’re playing, and for whatever activities you partake in. In this guide, we will focus on the best WoW Classic macros for the Warriors Class. As a player, you may prefer certain abilities in particular or could be doing PvP. Everyone will have their own macros that best suit them and their current playstyle. Macros are a built-in tool to the game by Blizzard and are considered perfectly legal as a result. In other games, macros are done through AutoHotkey and the sort: this isn’t the case here at all. Practically every player will use the in-game macros feature to assist their gameplay. In fact, a lot of content is balanced and created with this in-mind by the developers. In this guide, we’ll explore how macros work and give you some examples. From the examples, you can create your own. Macros are divided into two types: generic and class based. The first line of any macro generally consists of “#showtooltip Ability”: this is the icon that shows up that you can click on. A very basic macro would consist of the following: #showtooltip Ability /dismount This macro allows you to easily dismount. You could then combine this with a /cast Ability below the dismount. Why is this helpful? Some abilities cannot be cast whilst you’re in the mounted state: they will have no effect. By combining multiple actions into one click, you’re speeding up your gameplay and enhancing your progress. Mouseover Macro A simple yet effective macro. You simply have to click the macro and do not have to click over the individual. This WoW Classic macro is applicable to many classes: it’s a great macro for Warriors though. /cast [@mouseover,harm, nodead] Charge Charge Usually, this macro is thought of being associated exclusively with healing: but it’s perfectly acceptable for Warriors too! The neat feature of this particular macro is that it only executes on a conditional basis. The conditions in this scenario would be that whatever you’re mousing over can be harmed by you, and it’s not already dead. Attempting to taunt a dead target is a waste of time and will not benefit you: it only serves to waste time. This perfectly exemplifies how macros can give you an advantage over other players in WoW Classic. Using this macro is undoubtedly faster than performing these actions and checks manually. Mouseover macros aren’t just helpful for PvE though. If you’re in a PvP situation, you stand to gain an additional time advantage. You will not have to click on targets to attack them: as soon as you mouse over, your ability will be sent to the game server. In addition, as it is mouse-over, you are able to dynamically and easily switch targets on the fly. In a fast-paced combat game, you can expect the dynamics and situation to change quickly. Here’s another example for PvP, for the Warrior class: #showtooltip Intercept /cast [target=mouseover, exists] Intercept This will allow you to deliver a whopping 65 damage and a 3-second stun all through a charge-attack. You can further add to these macros by specifying whether or not your target is a player, to prevent accidental attacks. Weapon Equip Macros In certain situations, you’ll want to switch up weapons. If you already have a two-handed weapon equipped but would like to switch to a more defensive approach, you can do so. As a Warrior, you may do the following: #showtooltip Disarm /equip Teebu's Blazing Longsword /equip Worn Turtle Shell Shield /cast Disarm This switches your setup from being two-handed offensive to a defensive approach, with a shield and a dagger. You can also do the vice versa with another macro. Of course, you can substitute the abilities and gear you prefer and have access to. Disarm is an ability that will remove your opponent’s weapons for 10 seconds, granting you time to strategize. However, the nature of macros is that you don’t even have to have a cast at the end. Start Attack macros Before any of your melee abilities, it’s recommended to use the following macro: /startattack A sweet and simple macro! Who said macros have to be complicated? The reason for this macro is that you do not want to right-click your target and start an attack each time. By using this, you’ll speed up the process greatly. Channelling Ability macro With combat, sometimes we enjoy spamming our abilities and having fun. Channelling abilities don’t entertain any form of spamming. These abilities require you to remain stationary, and spamming whilst waiting for recharge will cancel the ability. Nobody wants their ability to be cancelled, so you can make a macro to prevent this. For instance, if you want to cast Bladestorm: #showtooltip Bladestorm /cast [nochanneling] Bladestorm Now you no longer have to worry about accidentally cancelling your action! Rank Macros Without specifying the ranks in your macros, you’ll default to using the highest rank you have available. The disadvantage of using the highest rank every time is that higher rank abilities cost more rage. Thus, by specifying ranks, you will be able to conserve mana and fight more effectively. With rank macros, they are executed by specifying a particular key to be used in conjunction with your mouse click. If you do not press the key with your click, it will allow you to specify an alternative cast. As a Warrior, you may want to get someone out of stealth, therefore using a rank 1 ability is the perfect storm to ruin their parade: /cast [mod:alt] Intercept (rank 1): Bladestorm The substitute cast could be the same abilities at a higher rank as well. To use the former ability, you must press the ALT key alongside your mouse click. If you do not press ALT, you will cast the latter spell. Another key that’s often used for modification based macros is the shift key. It’s down to personal preference mainly, on the other hand: two conflicting macros (with the same keybindings) are not possible. If you need to buy WoW boost and wow classic gold or any other special items, don't forget to visit WOWclassicgp.com first! Top WoW items and service are waiting for you!
  7. Today we are continuing with the OSRS Recipe for Disaster series, and to be more precise we are going to discuss OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete. The OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete quest has no other quest requirements. As you already know we must free Pirate Pete as we did for the other members of the secret meeting. But this time to be able to help Pete and free him, we must give him a fishcake. This does not sound like a very delicious meal for me, but we must do it anyway. Probably you are wondering how we are going to make a fishcake? Don’t worry I’m sure if we ask The Cook he will tell as for sure. Skill Requirements For the OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete quest, you will need to have 31 Cooking. But if you have an ironman account you will also need 42 Crafting to be able to make an empty fishbowl yourself. Items Needed For OSRS Recipe for Disaster Freeing Pirate Pete Needle Knife Fishbowl Raw cod Bread pestle and mortar 3 bronze wire Weapon, armor, and food Starting Point To start the OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete quest head to the Lumbridge Castle dining room and inspect Pirate Pete. Gypsy we tell you that to immunise Pirate Pete from the culinaromancer’s attack, you must feed him fishcakes. He, of course, doesn’t know how to make fishcakes so he tells you to ask The Cook. Talk to the Cook in the next room and he will tell you to get ground cod, breadcrumbs, ground crab meat, and ground kelp. He will tell you that Murphy in Port Khazard will help you get the crab meat and kelp. Make sure to ask him each available question of the ingredients, or you may not be able to make them. If you are at the end of the quest, and you cannot make the fishcake, simply inspect Pirate Pete in the dining room, and then talk to the cook again. Under The Sea Now go to Port Khazard and talk to Murphy at the fishing trawler, and ask him about giant crabs. Murphy will tell you that you need to go underwater to look for giant crabs and kelp. He will also tell you to get your fishbowl made into a diving apparatus. Talk to Murphy again and he will give you a diving apparatus, put it on, then ask to go diving. Your weight must be under 27 kilograms, to do that you need to have multiple empty inventory spots, as you will not be able to drop items underwater if you need to pick up new items. Use the nearby Bank chest to put what you don’t need like your bread and Raw cod which you will need at the end of the quest. Once you are underwater head north until you see kelp (which is the tall green plant), pick more than one kelp (from 1~5 kelp) just in case you need it for later. Then go north again until you see the crab pen (some yellow dots on your minimap). One of the guards is called Nung, talk to him and he will tell you to get him five mudskippers. Go west to the mudskippers’ cave, pick up five rocks near the entrance to the cave, and then enter the cave. Equip your weapon and boots and kill five mudskippers to get hides. Take them back to Nung and give him your needle and three bronze wire, he will let you into the crab pen after this. In the pen, kill a crab and collect its meat. Grind the crabmeat and kelp you obtained, take some extras in case you burn the fishcake. Return to Lumbridge and speak with the Cook. Use the ingredients on each other, and cook it to get a fishcake. Right-click and use it on Pirate Pete in the dining room for your reward. Rewards 1 Quest point 1,000 Cooking experience 1,000 Crafting experience 1,000 Fishing experience 1,000 Smithing experience The ability to go diving and fight crabs (you need your diving apparatus) The ability to cook crab meat (heals 10 hitpoints in 5 bites) The ability to kill crabs to get their shells and claws, which can be made into a helmet and gloves with a chisel Further access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest you will also be able to get the cheapest RS3 gold for sale on RS3gold.com. In addition, you can always enjoy RS gold from us with high security and fast delivery.
  8. All long, Blizzard has been severely cracking down on cheating in World of Warcraft and the Classic to eliminate any unfair behavior in the game. Since the release of WOW Classic last August, players have focused more on the "new" game, with a lot of bots. Blizzard has detected that the long-standing botters in the game have seriously damaged the game and virtual economy, then took corresponding measures. Last week, Blizzard banned 74,000 WOW accounts in the Americas, Oceania and Europe regions, all of which have violated the End-User License Agreement of Blizzard. Owners of these banned accounts purchase additional services from stores outside the game or automated tools to obtain in-game resources faster or even kill enemies. Usually, they take much less time to level up than ordinary players, which is unfair for those who spend much time farming in the game. Then, Blizzard updated some suspicious activity that might cause the account to be banned. 1.Blizzard will ban accounts after clearly identifying a botter. 2.Blizzard examines date manually when not able to definitively identify a botter to decide on whether to ban or not. 3.Legitimate players that appear as botters to others. 4.Banned botters popping back up with the same name. It is extremely difficult for Blizzard to check out all the cheating in WOW Classic, but once any botter is detected, it will immediately ban the account and close any way of accessing WOW Classic. Not only in WOW Classic, all cheating or means are illegal in any game, unless it is allowed to trade outside the game. In order to better protect the rights and interests of legitimate players, Blizzard will adopt more advanced technology means to detect botters. On wowclassicgp.com, it could provide more services related to WOW Classic to make you play better, and there is also a WOW Classic Gold page, which is completely done by real men and deliver in a reasonable way, not causing any risk for the account to be banned. You are still advised to spend reasonably and keep the entire game fair enough for everyone.
  9. This week sees the release of more improvements and changes to RS Ancient Familiar and others. Read the details below to learn these changes in RS patch notes. The update of RS Patch Notes this week Some changes and improvements have been made with the update on June 22th 2020. Here are some update in RS patch notes this week: 1.Players can now trade Inquisitor Staff pieces to Soran for 10million coins each. Use the piece you wish to trade on Soran to begin the exchange. 2.The special move of the Kal'gerion demon summon now lasts 15 seconds, up from 9.6 seconds. 3.Confirmation warnings now appear when attempting to teleport into The Wilderness with Dareeyak, Annarkarl, Ghorrock, Ice Plateau and and Tele Group Ice Plateau Teleport spells, in-line with other Wilderness entry teleports. Changes of RS Ancient Familiar next week In next week’s update, the develop team will be rebalancing ancient familiars. 1. All ancient familiars will convert into 20 scrolls per pouch, instead of 10. Because you’ll be getting double the scrolls, we’ll also be halving the amount of XP gained from each scroll use. 2. The buy limits of all Archaeology materials will be increased from 1,000 to 5,000. This serves the dual purpose of ensuring that everyone can get hold of the materials they need and removing the indirect restriction the buy limit placed on the number of Binding Contracts that could be made. 3. The end result of this will be that more Binding Contracts will be made, and more pouches will be created, which will eventually lower the price of the scrolls. What do you think of these changes this week?If you buy rs3 gold , come to RS3gold.com site at any time and get some fast.
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  11. According to the recent official news post,the Runescape team announced the last two waves of sign-ups for the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta.Here you could learn the details and how to sign up RS iOS Closed Beta. When are the 4th & 5th wave for RS iOS Closed Beta? 1.The fourth wave of sign-ups for the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta will go live at 10:00 (BST) on Wednesday May 27th.There will be 2,000 available slots. 2.The fifth wave of sign-ups for the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta will go live at 17:00 (BST) on Wednesday May 27th.There will be 2,000 available slots. How to sign up RS iOS Closed Beta? 1.Go to the App Store and install TestFlight on your Apple device. 2.Once the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta is live, there will be a TestFlight link on the official site. 3.Once the link has opened TestFlight on your iOS device, tap on ‘Start Testing’ (under the 'Join the Beta' heading). 4.Follow the instructions within TestFlight to download the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta. Have you participated in RS iOS Closed Beta?RS3gold.com with 6% off rs gold selling,if you buy runescape 2007 gold online with cheapest prices, don't forget check out our site.
  12. On August 27, 2019, World of Warcraft: Classic released worldwide being a game very different from the current WoW Battle for Azeroth expansion. Surprisingly, this is not due to the many years that lie between these versions of WoW, of course. Nevertheless, the question is exactly what distinguishes WoW Classic from BfA. What are the differences between WoW Classic and Battle for Azeroth? How is WoW Classic compared to retail WoW? Classic, or Vanilla WOW, is often compared to the current version of World of Warcraft (also "Retail"). Battle for Azeroth is now the seventh addon on WoW, so comparing it with the new features is getting harder and harder. WoW Classic: What Awaits You On The Vanilla WoW? Nevertheless, there are some places where the two versions can be objectively distinguished. This is especially interesting for players who have never played WoW Classic or WoW before Cataclysm in general: - All classic areas and dungeons have been redesigned with Cataclysm. In Classic, quests and looks of Westfall, Mirkwood, Thousand Needles and many other areas are quite different. - The graphics are clearly "older" in Classic. Character models have received updates over the years. In Classic, everything is a bit "edgier". - Many names retain the English original in Classic, such as Stormwind City or Ironforge. The Eindeutschung came later. - Some classes have no tasks in Classic, except to distribute buffs. The Balancing to Classic was simply different than today. - Many spells and skills sometimes required expensive reagents. Without ammunition, runes or powder, many classes in Classic can not use their skills. They are also calculated more slowly. - It's important how you attack. Physical attacks require weapons training, elemental attacks can be mitigated by resistances or completely blocked. - WoW Classic Gold is more valueable than WoW gold in retail version, also means you need less gold to buy things Classic wow, but harder to farm gold by yourslef! If don't have enough time for grinding, check out WOWclassicgp.COM cheap Classis WoW gold offer. The differences are not necessarily good or bad. They are only intended to show that Classic and Retail are in many ways aimed at a different audience. Why Players Love Classic WOW Despite the lack of amenities retail brings with it, many people celebrate Classic and the words often come up: "Everything was better in the old days." Fans want to play Classic, which they impressively showed in the form of 100,000 spectators at a dungeon run, The fans also have several reasons why they look forward to WoW Classic: - Social interaction is more important because many things work only in the group - The reputation of the individual player on the server plays a role. Nobody takes Ninja-Looter - Classic was "the original WoW" and the fans want to experience nostalgia - Many players want to re-live the game that immersed them in Azeroth - Classic is more challenging because characters are simply weaker WoW Classic is suitable for you if: - You played and loved Classic - You like WoW, but do not quite get along with new addons - You have not yet played WoW and want to put a lot of time in an "old" MMORPG - You would like to sweat when you are leveling against normal opponents WoW Classic is not for you if: - You celebrate all aspects of BfA and Legion and only like WoW - The Battle for Azeroth talent system is complex enough or too complicated for you - You want to play Goblins, Worgen, Paladin, Druid, Blood Elves or allied nations - You're annoying levels and grinds In order to upgrade quickly, WOW Classic Gold is also essential to purchase advanced equipment. While Blizzard does not allow too many players to trade gold in WOW Classic, players can still get from many marketplaces outside the game to give the characters a boost, such as WOWclassicgp.com, which is an honest store to sell all kinds of MMORPG virtual currency and equipment.
  13. According to latest OSRS post, we have known that Soul Wars is planned to return to Old School RS. Soul Wars OSRS is a hugely popular minigame released in February 2009, but later it is removed from the game. Read the details below to learn more information on Soul Wars OSRS minigame. What is OSRS Soul Wars? Soul Wars is a members-only team minigame that lasts twenty minutes per game and can be played on any world. Soul Wars combines PvP with PvM. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other's avatars through combat. Soul Wars has also been an effective place for players to train Slayer, due to the Slayer monsters located in the arena. Will Soul Wars OSRS come back? According to the latest “Gielinor Gazette: March 2020” news post, the develop team has seen thousands of requests for Soul Wars to return. It was important that Soul Wars should look the same as it did back in 2009, but to fully map the area from scratch would is a huge undertaking. Some models have been revealed in this official news post, as well as the working prototype of Soul Wars OSRS showed on the image below. soul war Although there has been a working prototype, it will still take a fair amount of work to get the Soul Wars minigame to a point where it can be released in game. With the right resources, the team believes that it could be possible to release Soul Wars OSRS towards the end of the year. Now they want to know what players think about. You could share your thoughts about Soul Wars OSRS if you want. Do you want OSRS Soul Wars to come back or not? Anyway, you can buy cheap rs gold and related products at our site anytime. In addition, you can find cheap OSRS gold UK from professional RS3gold site.
  14. In order to mine this ore, you will need a mining skill of at least 230. Dark Iron ore can be a great bridge between Mithril and small Thorium Veins, which sit at 175 and 245 respectively. One downside is that, this ore only spawns in two zones: Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. Apart from the dungeons and raids inside the Blackrock Mountain, of course, which also have this ore. Burning Steppes dark iron farming Of the two zones that contain this ore, the Burning Steppes has the most spawns. In addition to that, while it is a bit larger, one could argue that it is a lot easier to traverse. This is because of the lack of The Cauldron, which has its home in the Searing Gorge. One more advantage of farming dark iron ore here is that if you also have Herbalism, you can gather Black Lotus here as well. The Searing Gorge While this is clearly the inferior zone for Dark Iron farming, the monsters here are not as high level. This makes it easier for lower level players (47+) to farm here. Also, there is more Mithril instead of Thorium here, making it the perfect zone to level up your mining skill. Do this until you reach 245, at which point I would recommend switching to a zone with more Thorium. What Dark Iron is used for The primary use for Dark Iron Bars, which are smelted from Dark Iron Ore, is as a material for fire resistance gear. The recipes for these items can be obtained from the Thorium Brotherhood faction, in the Searing Gorge. You can also get some other useful items here apart from the resistance gear. Here’s a list of items that use Dark Iron。 You are advised to visit the store, www.WOWclassicgp.com, because it can give you the greatest help within its power when you need wow Classic gold.
  15. RuneMetrics is an analytics tool, released in 2016, that eventually replaced the Adventurer’s Log later the same year. It’s an in-game and website based feature. All players can now access an experience tracker, drop log, and basic website functions aside from the old XP tracker. buy runescape 3 gold RuneMetrics is an analytics tool, released in 2016, that eventually replaced the Adventurer’s Log later the same year. It’s an in-game and website based feature. All players can now access an experience tracker, drop log, and basic website functions aside from the old XP tracker. The free features of RuneMetrics are pretty much two. The first one is that it autopopulates the Metrics interface’s xp track and tracks total xp, combat xp and skill xp in all 27 skills. The second one is the drop logger, which can be toggled to show all the items dropped or picked by you. Drops processed by drop cleaners such as the charming imp are counted as well. RuneMetrics Pro If you ever wanted to have a precise and easy way to make certain calculations about your gameplay and keep track of them, as well at to count your experience and drop gains, RuneMetrics Pro is the tool for you. When you subscribe to it, you get full access to the tool’s features. You can buy it for $6.99 per month or 1 bond. You can buy cheap OSRS gold in order to purchase bonds and get your RuneMetrics Pro tool! A discount for players who bought the gold premier club was available all through 2018, and they could get access to the full features of the RuneMetrics tool for only £1.79 per 2 months! RuneMetrics Pro is available also for Free-to-play players. When your RuneMetrics Pro subscription runs out, your data keeps being stored for two more weeks. If three months pass by with no renewal of your subscription, your data will no longer be kept. RuneMetrics Pro has the free features of the unpaid version, as well as a bunch of new ones. With RuneMetrics Pro you get a skill xp tracker which shows your xp/hour based on a previous window of 5 min gained xp, as well as a skill xp tracker which shows ETA for time to level. This does a great job for player-set targets, including such about a virtual level, but it’s also applicable for the defaul target to the next level. The combat xp tracker shows total damage, as well as damage per minute, accuracy and xp/hour and it doesn’t reset when you change monsters. Wealth tracking and GP gain and loss per hour is calculated on a 5 min window. The wealth tracking includes that gained or lost from completing clue scrolls and transactions on the Great Exchange, but you can’t view the info from these two separately. When right-clicking the Metricks tracker, you get a “send to graph” option which allows you to see a graph of your xp gains over time. The time period can be adjusted by scrolling in and out. You also get links to access historical data on the website. RuneMetrics interface You can access the interface from the ribbon for player using the Evolution of Combat mode. It has replaced the Grouping System icon. You have a Welcome tab which is basically a link to the RuneMetrics web page and an overview of the status of the paid option, as well as a link to purchase it and to manage your bonds. In the Metrics tab you can reset your customisable interface layout into the default layout. Here you can find some toggles, such as showing a red tint around the player’s screen as a health warning when the player has less than 20% health remaining. There are also selectable settings for some functions, as well as a tracker for the remaining subscription time for those who purchased RuneMetrics Pro. If you’re looking for toggles affecting the Graphs interface, you can check in the Graphs tab. You can find here the show average field toggle, the show min/max values toggle, and many others. To toggle the showing of stack value and to select the drop log mode for the Drops interface, check the Drops tab. What do you think about This Guide?Moreover, you could always come to www.RS3gold.com site to buy OSRS gold and RS3 gold and other products!
  16. As early as last October, Jagex announced that it would add a new skill to Runescape, Archaeology, which will integrate a variety of skills involving gathering, manufacturing and trading, so that the players can excavate precious artefacts and send them to source collectors or museum. Through a February announcement, Jagex announced that Archaeology Skill will arrive in Runescape on March 30 to start a new adventure. What is Archaeology Skill of Runescape? This is the 28th skill added by Jagex in Runescape, also the first new one in the last four years, which increased the maximum level to 120 and is free for players before level 20. With Archaeology, the players are required to excavate strange artefacts in the subterranean tomb, restore them and gain their powers, if lucky, you'll get the Archaeology Master title. Any unrewarded challenge will not bring any appeal to players, so in the same way, players will also receive a series of rewards and points as loot while using Archaeology, which is absolutely rammed with content involving six large explorable areas to offer significant gameplay benefits. Not too long to wait, Jagex will add new skills soon to Runescape on various platforms, along with a series of new Archaeology Elite skilling outfit. Anyway, Archaeology will provide the chance to players who have played Runescape for a long time to learn more about the world of Gielinor and its history, rather than just hearing from characters and NPCs. By the way, each dig site requires your own effort to unlock its mystery, because upon its release, there will be a six-month embargo on players being able to use bonus experience, experience lamps, as well as other boosts to train the Archaeology skill. In the past, RS Gold could be used to buy almost everything in the game, which is still applicable in new Archaeology skill, RS3gold can still provide consumers with safe RS Gold 24/7, this is a five-star rated store, all reputation can be checked on Google, and more importantly, its price is always cheaper than others, so it is well accepted by buyers. Come here to store RS Gold, allowing you to quickly occupy the main position in the game.
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  18. Proper Talent allocation is essential for maximizing Damage output. Here, we will describe the most optimal spec and lead you through the Talent Trees level-by-level to explain some choices. Shadow Priest's Talent Build should depend on his current Gear. Raid-ready Spriest should go for the more aggressive setup, while beginner should aim for Talents that will allow him to stay useful when he inevitably runs out of mana: Entry-level Shadow Priest Build - Shadow Priests are famous for running out of Mana incredibly quickly, especially when they are undergeared. This build tries to offset that fact by securing Talents, like Spirit Tap and Wand Specialization. These create a solid backup plan for situations when Priest's mana runs out - finish off a trash mob, pull out a Wand, and Shoot Targets while your mana regenerates. While solid in 5-man Dungeons, this strategy will not work too well in Raids, which means that this version of the Build should only be used to farm pre-Raid BiS items (this is why it closely resembles a leveling build). As soon as you build-up enough Spell Power and high enough mana pool, you should switch to the Build featured below (Spell Power makes Wanding obsolete and high mana pool allows you to maximize your Mind Blast usage which considerably increases your DPS). Raid-ready Shadow Priest Build - This version of the Shadow Priest build forgoes utility and sustain-related Talents, and instead focuses on maximizing DPS. To use it effectively, you'll need at least pre-Raid BiS gear and a hefty stock of consumables (Mana Potions, Runes, Mana Regen Food, etc.). In the Raid environment, you will not be required to support healers with Shields and the only instant-cast spell you'll be using in your rotation is Shadow Word: Pain, which means that Improved Power Word: Shield and Mental Agility Talents are completely redundant. This means that 8 Talent Points can be spent elsewhere: Thanks to 4/5 Improved Mind Blast Spriest's rotation becomes much smoother - 6 seconds (the new Mind Blast's cooldown length) is enough to cast two Mind Flays which allows you to use Mind Blast ? Mind Flay ? Mind Flay ? Mind Blast sequence without clipping into Mind Blast's cooldown (which would happen if you used 5/5 Improved Mind Blast). However, using Mind Blast more often creates a Threat problem. This is why 4 remaining points were used for 5/5 Silent Resolve which should minimize the problem. Discipline Tree: 5/5 Wand Specialization - Your Wand now deals 25% more DPS. This Talent makes a big difference if you don't have Spell Power/Shadow Damage gear equipped - when you are gearing up, in other words. 1/5 Silent Resolve - With this version of the build, you will not be using Mind Blast too often which means that Threat should not be a problem. 2/2 Improved Power Word: Fortitude - In a build designed for High-Level 5-man Dungeons, this Talent is necessary (there might not be a second priest in the group, so you will te the one buffing people). 3/3 Improved Power Word: Shield - PW: Shield does not scale with gear almost at all, which means that this Talent is the only way of improving it. The shield is incredibly useful in 5-mans and for solo content, so skipping this Talent is not recommended. Sadly, Shield can be used on Group members only, which limits its viability in Raids and other mass content. 1/1 Inner Focus - Great for casting a free, hard-hitting Mind Blast, although you should try to save this Cooldown for an emergency. 3/3 Meditation - Makes Spirit a bit more valuable and slightly improves your sustain. 5/5 Mental Agility - In 5-mans, you will constantly be using spells like Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, and even Renew, which means that this Talent will generate a lot of value over time. The World's Top WOW Classic Website--WOWClassicGP.com is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store.
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  20. Golden Sansam can be gathered by herbalists with a minimum skill level of 260. It likes to grow near objects, like ruins, large trees or walls. This is one of the reasons why Azshara and Un’Goro Crater are great zones for Golden Sansam farming. Another Opportunity in these zones is that you can also gather lots of buy wow classic gold Dreamfoil here. Check out this detailed guide on Dreamfoil farming, if you are interested. Golden Sansam farming, and herb gathering in general, is quite lucrative in Azshara. while it is not quite as high level as Winterspring for example, it has many of the high level herbs, especially Mountian Silversage, Dreamfoil and, of course, Golden Sansam. Because the mobs in this zone are not as high level, it makes it easier for a level 60 player to kill the mobs near ruins or object, where Golden Sansam usually spawns. Just like Azshara, Un’Goro Crater is not quite at the high-end of the level cap. There are more dangers here, though, for example the elite Devilsaurs. They might be interesting to you, if you have Skinning as your second profession, since they drop Devilsaur Leather when skinned. For this route, you want to alternate between the two circles, in order to get the most out of the zone and your time. Once you have completed a full circuit of both of them, many of the first herbs will already have respawned. The World's Top WOW Classic Website--WOWClassicGP.com is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store.
  21. This week sees the return of the Bounty Hunter minigame. After three weeks of testing and tweaking, the Bounty Hunter rework has been added to the live game. Thank everyone for participating in the Beta and giving valuable feedback.For anyone who missed the Beta, here's what you can expect from the new version of rs 3 gold Bounty Hunter: Points and Killstreaks Bounty Hunters now receive Bounty Points for killing their target. Killing several targets in a row will begin a killstreak that awards more points. Currently, you'll receive 3, 4 or 5 points per kill on killstreaks of 0, 3 and 10, respectively. Bonus points are also awarded for milestone kills (separately from killstreaks) as seen in the table below: Player Bounties (Tasks) 10 points are also given for completing optional tasks, or 'Bounties' that cycle every 30 minutes. The tasks you receive will be limited to what is possible on your account and can be skipped for free up to three times a day. Your tasks will change every 30 minutes - you must wait for the time to deplete before receiving a new one, even if the current Bounty is complete. Most Bounties involve killing your target with a handicap, offering extra rewards to Bounty Hunters who are skilled enough to complete them, while giving less experienced ones a better chance of winning their fight. A button for checking, skipping and enabling/disabling Bounties can be found in the new Bounty Hunter interface. The Rewards Shop The new Bounty Points can be spent on rewards from the Emblem Trader's new shop. This contains all the items found there previously (re-costed for the new system) and these additions: Bounty Crates - costing 5 points, these contain a variety of PKing supplies, including the occasional Mysterious Emblems or Ornate Maul Handles. Teleport to Target Teletabs - for 1 point each, these will teleport you to your current target if you have the spell unlocked. Decorative Mysterious Emblems - costing 100 points, this is used to create the Emblems displayed in your POH. A Bounty Hunter hat that upgrades from tier 1 to 6 based on how many target kills you have. The hat changes at these milestones: 1, 25, 100, 250, 1000 and 2500. This reward is free from the shop. Mysterious Emblems Those of you who had Mysterious Emblems from before this update will notice that they have begun to crumble and are now known as Archaic Emblems. They can still be used to access the old version of the Emblem Trader's shop. New Mysterious Emblems work differently. Ranging from tiers 1 to 5, they can be bought and sold at the Emblem Trader for 75k, 150k, 300k, 600k, and 1.2M respectively. To upgrade a Mysterious emblem, you'll need to kill a target who is carrying an Emblem of equal or higher tier. When you do, your will go up a tier (doubling in value) and theirs will disappear. High risk, high reward! When carrying an Emblem in the minigame, the interface will show if your target is carrying an Emblem that would make you eligible for an upgrade. If the target will not allow you to upgrade, you can skip them without a penalty, giving you the option to prioritise targets with Emblems that match your tier. Hotspots During the Beta, we introduced a player-suggested mechanic called hotspots. These are zones, distributed throughout the Wilderness, that activate on rotation every 30 minutes. To be eligible for hotspot bonuses, you'll need a minimum combat level of 50 and you'll also need to be carrying a Mysterious Emblem of any tier. Points If you kill your target in the active hotspot, you'll earn triple the Bounty Points from both the kill and any Bounties you complete. Emblems While on a killstreak of 2, killing your target will cause up to 3 of their Emblems to upgrade and be dropped on death. While on a killstreak of 3+, killing your target will cause up to 3 of your Emblems to upgrade (instead of the usual 1) as well as up to 3 of theirs. Both of these effects occur regardless of the usual emblem upgrade requirements. Locations Below is a map of the potential hotspots. Since the Beta, the ones at the Bone Yard and the south-eastern wasteland have been replaced with three new ones: 1. Ghorrock 2. Mage Arena and Pirate's Hideout 3. Resource Area and Deserted Keep 4. Rogue's Castle 5. Lava Maze 6. Lava Dragon Isle 7. Annakarl 8. The Forgotten Cemetary 9. Hobgoblin Mine 10. Bandit Camp and Ruins 11. Graveyard of Shadows and Ruins 12. East Dragons 13. Dark Warriors' Fortress 14. Chaos Temple The hotspots range from low to deep Wilderness and contain both multi and single-way combat zones. The rotation selects multi-combat zones less frequently than single-combat zones to ensure a fair balance of each. The Bounty Hunter Interface The minigame's interface has been updated to fit the new mechanics. It still contains your target's display name, combat level, rough location (Wilderness level range), plus the skip and minimise buttons from before. However, it now has: <1>A button to check, skip or enable/disable your Bounty Tasks. <2>A timer to show how long you have left to complete your task/when you'll receive the next one. <3>A button to check the active hotspot's location and time remaining. The minimap now has a locator arrow that points to the general direction of your target. This is to help you hunt them down in addition to the Wilderness level range shown in the interface. Do you like the new Bounty Hunter? They hope you enjoy this updated version of Bounty Hunter and look forward to your feedback! You can buy cheap rs 07 gold from RS3gold.com. We had done a great number of orders with our customers for buying the OSRS Gold fast and have hundreds of orders every day. 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  23. It can't describe our excitement with simple words at the moment, and which seems that we have been waiting for a few years. Several hours ago, Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft Classic is available for all servers as a server option of WOW. For quite a few players, it is indeed a nostalgic process. As early as 15 years ago, some of them had already played Battle for Azeroth with much enthusiasm, and the changes are always going along with minor functionality tweaks. Just now, you can play World of Warcraft Classic to start a new adventure with cheap wow classic gold in the vast continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. If you have already paid a monthly subscription fee for this game, you can enjoy all content without any other costing. You can still choose between these two camps, For the Horde! Or For the Alliance! During World of Warcraft Classic, the players can transform into different classes and then start adventure with other players. Since it is such a large scale, you'd better unite your teammates to complete the challenges along the map. Undoubtedly, you may encounter some monsters, enemies and obstacles, keep calm and defeat them, you can get valuable WOW Classic Items as rewards. After opening all servers, a large number of players flooded into World of Warcraft Classic from WOW, Blizzard said it was worth expecting, but it was followed by the load brought the overcrowded server. It has been ensured by Blizzard that more than 2 million players have created characters before the game is released. Once WOW Classic launched, there are over a million audiences jumped into Twitch in the short period, someone said that there is not much difference from the version they played over a decade ago, but it is exactly what they want. Due to the large number of online audiences at the same time to watch WOW Classic live, Blizzard's server has crashed and stuck. If you encounter it, please be patient and wait for a while, and then you will see the entire contents of WOW Classic later. As the live coming to an end, the number of online audience gradually decreased, but the audience's enthusiasm for it never decrease. Hundreds of thousands of people crowded into a door, everyone wants to be the first player to complete a mission in WOW Classic. Based on the past experience, the release time is the best one for players to gather up in-game currency, and you can also do this in WOW Classic, challenging the daily quests to earn WOW Classic Gold for more advanced equipment. Everything is ready, take you time and go ahead to the continent of Azeroth. WOWClassicGP.com is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store.
  24. WoW Classic name reservation open now! Create your character first and start a perfect journey of WoW Classic.Starting today at 6pm EST, Blizzard will allow players to reserve their servers and keep their names, so if you want to have the perfect start, log in and create your character ahead of time. WoW Classic Name Reservations Open - wowclassicgp What are the requirements for character reservation of WoW Classic? 1.When you reserve a name, you’ll also choose the realm you will play that character on,and each account can create up to three game characters prior to the launch of the costume. 2.Players who choose to play on a PvP realm will only be able to create characters within the same faction. This means that if you create an Alliance character, all further characters on that realm must also be Alliance characters. 3.After WoW Classic is live, you’ll be able to create up to 10 characters on any given realm and can create a maximum of 50 characters across all WoW Classic realms. This character count does not impact the number of characters you can create on the current World of Warcraft realms. 4.Characters that were created for the WoW Classic beta or stress tests will not be available to use in WoW Classic. To create a character and play WoW Classic, you will need to download and install the client first, what should we do? 1.Open the Battle.net desktop app and select World of Warcraft in the game selection menu. 2.Under the Version menu, select World of Warcraft Classic. If you have more than one World of Warcraft account, you’ll see a second dropdown for Account. In that column, select the active account you want to play on. 3.Click the Install button. You’ll see an installation progress bar that will show you when the installation is available to play. 4.Once the installation is complete, click the Play button. When you create a new character, you just need to coordinate your time with your friends and prepare to conquer the upcoming of WoW classic! See you in Azeroth on August 27th! WOWClassicGP.com is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store.
  25. Dunemaul Ogres in Tanaris Farming Mageweave Cloth can be a great option for gold farming in Classic WoW. Mageweave is the most needed cloth variant, right after Runecloth. One of the largest pros of this spot is that you can do it from level 46, as the mobs are around 45-48. If you are doing this while leveling, you can even combine it with a couple of quests in the area. That way, you don’t loose out on questing experience while farming mageweave cloth. Deadwind Pass Ogres In general, you want to kill humanoids that are level 45 or higher when you are farming. There is another spot with ogres that can be amazing. The higher the level of the mobs gets, the higher the chance is, that they also drop Runecloth. It’s in one of the least visited zones in all of World of Warcraft, the Deadwind Pass. Along with some spirits, these Ogres are the only ones that dare to make camp here. The spot is along the eastern path towards the south, and there are more than enough ogres here. The competition depends a lot on the server though, and how many people know about it. WOWClassicGP.com is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store.