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  1. Recently my wife and I engaged their services. However, Mr Bernard was not as rude as how you have described him to be (though he may sound fierce and impatient). Probably he had a bad day on that unfortunate event a few years back. My wife called him up as he was recommended by one of our friends who had used their services before, and Mr Bernard spoke to my wife over the phone rather nicely (we were not expecting that as we had read this forum prior to calling him). Due to our hectic schedules, we made an appointment with him to come to our place and take a look at the items we needed to move to our new place at around 10pm when both of us were back from work. He agreed without hesitation unlikely most of the moving companies which have to be within their working hours (mostly between 9am - 6pm). After seeing our stuff to be moved, he gave us a reasonable quotation which both my wife and I were alright with given the number of items needed to be moved (including a piano). We did ask him about the boxes which were mentioned in this forum as that was one of the concerns we had, and we do not want any unfortunate argument to arise due to miscommunication. Mr Bernard explained quite patiently to us that the boxes are actually on loan to us and we will need to return back to him after unpacking (he explained that some companies gave free boxes are because there are additional costs which were factored into the quotation for moving, some have to be paid for). Since we do not need the boxes after unpacking (and they take up a lot of spaces), we agreed with the refundable deposit which was imposed. On the Saturday morning which was scheduled for moving, his team came 10 minutes ahead of our agreed timing in the morning. They were helpful enough to ask us if we needed any assistance with the packing (they saw that we were still packing some items into the boxes they provided). At first, my wife was quite reluctant with their offer because some of the items are very fragile and have sentimental values, but seeing how careful they are with the other packed boxes, we eventually asked them for their help to pack some of the items into the remaining boxes. We were actually still packing after 15 minutes from our scheduled time.. After finally packing the remaining items into the boxes and loading them onto the lorry, we made our way to our new place with them following behind our car all the time (we were afraid that they might drive recklessly and damage our stuff). Although they were behind schedule, they patiently drove behind us and did not even bother to overtake us even when they already knew where the location would be. Upon reaching our destination, they unloaded the boxes carefully and move them up to my new unit which is at the 8th floor. I offered my help but they said that they are paid to do the labour work and insisted that I'm the paying customer so I should leave the labour work to them while I rest myself under the air-conditioner. They finished unloading all the items within an hour and we paid the remaining balances including some tips for them to get some drinks. One week after the moving, we unpacked all of our stuff and returned Mr Benard his boxes. We managed to get our deposits back too! I wrote this comment here is because my wife and I are overall happy with their services and we would like to debunk any misunderstanding which may have happened back in 2014. Thank you Mr Bernard and team for the effortless moving experience. We will definitely recommend their services to our friends and even to some readers here. Peace out, Lim