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  1. Hi, I need feedback from the forum regarding the quality of the iQuartz or Caesarstone, and your feedback on our price quotation from an ID. - iQuartz and Caesarstone? I failed to find out how the quality varies between the two brands in the renotalk forum. The current owners who installed these either iQuartz or Caesar stone. 1) How long have you installed it? 2) What is your experience with the product? (installation, quality, etc) What justifies the price premium of Caesarstone other than the branding? We may switch from Caesarstone to iQuartz if the quality is good and reasonable. Is the following price quotation reasonable? SGD2,320 for Labour and material to install 20mm Caesarstone Kitchen countertop with backsplash Size: L:2,900mm x HT: 860mm x D: 600mm | L:1,400mm x HT 860mm x D: 600mm Thank you