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  1. 7 hours ago, snoozee said:

    you do not "own" your flat. your flat "ownership" is under a 99 years (or whatever balance years there is) lease from HDB and they have the rights to allow or disallow you to do whatever your want to it.

    So in this case, HDB as the actual "owner" of your flat has disallowed you to relocate the main entrance.

    Yes sir. No doubt that is true but I have also come across forumers here (perhaps inactive now) that have successfully relocated their entrance. Would just like to find out more about the process/regulations etc.

  2. Hi all,

    Was just wondering if anyone have had experience of relocating the HDB main door and would be willing to share your experience with me. HDB is currently preventing me to shift my entrance even though it will not affect my neighbours or block the common corridor.

    They have cited this as their reason but I do not quite believe them and I think they are just lazy and cannot be bothered to help:

    1)    The external face of the unit boundary wall along the common corridor are consider common property under TC’s maintenance. Individual units are not allowed to carry out hacking work and relocate the main entrance.

    Thanks to all who would share with me your experience.