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  1. Lucky u didnt sign up their packages!! My friends wife relative took up their ID reno Package, they said there is alot of hidden cost charged on them and the materials also not good. But for me i feel Customer Service n Sincerity is the most important thing to assured customer that, we r throwing major sum to ur company and u r earning commission frm us. So they must have the responsibility towards us. This Casa really seriously Bad n Bad n Badsss!!!
  2. Hi, i would like to do some feedback abt my house window grill from XXX Interior Design. First they posted some advertisment as Window Grill Specialist in Facebook , giving promotion of window grill services n highlight they are the lowest price in town. Yes and their service SUCK!! Pls dont get cheat by them!! 1) They mentioned it direct from their only company, own factory - Its NOT 2) They do not arrange schedule for your installation . You Pay them. And You have to follow their installation Timing. 3) Last min of notification informed of installation . 1night before , not 1day before of notice ????? They just used watsapp msg me a night b4 tml early morning they coming up . 4) My house is under reno of flooring , not yet lay the protection , we informed them DO NOT COME UP DO THE INSTALL OF WINDOW GRILL 1ST. The next day we came up , the grills all are DONE ????? And the person in charge told me still waiting for their next schedule for installation for my hse ... I am so shiock when i saw all the grills are done and i CALLED UP THIS PERSON IN-CHARGE ROGER . He went MIA .... Now only 1day my hse grills all covered with Duss and during my 1st coat painting we have to wrap up the grills. .. Fcuking **** if i know this type of SERVICES WAS GIVEN . I definately will not pay and such **** . My house is not yet done the 1st painting and he was informed not to install the grills 1st but he just take the money $$$ and do fcuk customer service . If this can happened in this company of a small amt of grills, and for their Interior design " i dont think " they can provide a GOOD SERVICE or TRUSTWORTHY . First time try their Service and get such disappointment in return... So , pple out there MIND CHOOSE WISELY OF YOUR INTERIOR DESIGN because you r going to pay a major amount to themm .... We're Pay for service not Pay for Angryness . *** Highly NOT Recommanded Pm me for detail ...
  3. Hi, I compared my all ID pricing and this quotations is really much better . Mind to have the ID company and ID name pls ?
  4. Hello, mind to PM ME the Contractor detail and Contact no. ? After viewing the pic above , their works are pretty thz..