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  1. ya...sealing of the kitchen door, they must overlay tiles on both sides, re-route pipes, etc. expensive!
  2. so far not an issue...although to be fair my house is very bright and the water tends to try super fast. i don't think it's suspended above the floor for those 1-2 inch ones - usually there's a base. however suspended kitchen cabinets are also fine i've seen them before.
  3. haha thanks! Great when reality exceeds expectations!
  4. can't find the kitchen...i think most of this was achieved, with minor differences.
  5. Hi - I roughly measured - it's bigger than I thought! About 1m x 950 x 2m (height)
  6. hi - not sure about the size - i think it's around 8 - 900...gotta go home and measure if you want the exact. It cost me $800.
  7. when you buy the fridge it should come with the gap needed on both sides in the instruction manual. better not to deviate from that.
  8. Install which door? The other side of the bathroom? The other side when they overlaid the floor they gave me a curb so the original door cannot use...so they replace with a new door FOC. Actually I calculate again ah...to seal up that wall (they must seal up AND tile both sides), I think total is $875.
  9. wow that's a lot of defects! I actually had zero. don't know if i'm lucky or just didn't check properly. probably the latter.
  10. Yes - when they seal up the wall they need to do waterproofing and tiles on both sides, as well as dismantle the door.
  11. At first it was about $750...then I chose these super ex tiles for the wall in the bathroom AND the kitchen and had to pay another $500.
  12. maybe try hiding it behind a sliding wall or cabinet so it's less obvious. at least you save some money though, i had to pay a lot to seal up my one bathroom door in order to get a shower screen.
  13. maybe if they got a front loading washing machine and put it under the counter there would be more counter space. but like this i think they can put things at their little breakfast nook? Also i noticed that they did the jeans type material on the bottom row of cabinets! color scheme isn't my favorite, but i really like that!
  14. i think so? they only overlay and don't hack. but better check with your contractor or id.
  15. If you're overlaying the toilet floors, can ask your ID to make a new sewage hole for you so you have two.