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  1. I have sent to your email. You receive it? Still keen on this King size bedframe??

  2. interested in your king size bed frame. please send me the pictures to charles.hu.zc@gmail.com

  3. I don't think Classic Design is good but it depends on individual sales person that attend to you. My parents are upset by 1 sales person (manager some more). My parents went to their showroom for quotation. They sign contract without telling me to go through the quotation. They were told verbally that this quotation inclusive of this and that but in black and white not stated. I went down with my parents to verify. My dad don't read English as he's mandarin educated. That manager can say "We are a big company with 3branches, we don't bluff you want. All these things we promised to give you don't need to write on quotation. We even giveaway brand new car as lucky draw". Where have such things as verbal promises? When it comes to dispute, I would say they would point out no black and white written on quotation/contract. Verbally and on phone said inclusive of cooker hob and stove. But when I went down, he can say quotation did not state so that means don't have. That time when he spoke to my Dad he did not have the quote on hand. Wah, like that also can!!! He can even arrow say my brother whom know how to read English also went down with them. So he should know all the quotation. My brother don't know anything about reno and also don't understand the quotation. Tell my Dad since so difficult then he don't want to do this reno. My dad agreed, then he can change story and said it's my Dad whom don't want them to do..... It's up to all of you to see which sales guy you undergo and determine whether CD is worth to take the risk. Make sure everything is in black and white. Do those of you reno through CD choose the ceramic tiles only? Cos he kept pushing ceramic tiles to my parents and said seldom people use homo tiles for wall and floor tiles.
  4. Hi, Since u have consider Hougang and AMK, u can check out the in between Sengkang for these corner 4rooms unit, Blk 15x all corners for 4 and 5rms. Think fernvale 4xx all are corner units as well... Great house hunting and may u find your dream house soon. Cheers! Maine
  5. Hi Maybe u can state which area are u looking for? So that forumers can reply if they stay in that area. Rgds!
  6. Hi Max383, I have been using the TEMPUR for more than 1year oredi, serving me and my family well. Just 1 thing to note there are different sizes cater to different adults and best if u can physically go there and test the sample pillows for 10mins at least, usually guys will take the XL and ladies L or M. Heard there is a OSIM SONAR pillow that can cure snoring problem too, wondering wats the price and also the warranty period. Maybe those who have used TEMPUR for more than 3years can share the usefulness after that. For those who are eyeing on the mattress can consider the package more worth it. Think the set consists of FOC pillows any size x 2, lumbar suppport pillow, TEMPUR slippers, multi-pillow etc total worth more than $1000+. The last time I saw it is $3300, duno got price increase anot. Rgds! Maine
  7. True, tempur really change the way we sleeps, it stop my mum few decades of snoring problems after she slept on the pillow for only a few days. Peace and silence for my dad cant be measured by dollars and cents right? Now dad abit not used to the silence even though the snoring stop last year already...hehe. Strongly recommended for those with snoring or sleeping issues. But the con is really hard to wake up initially as it really let me sink into quality sleep, feeling better too when we wake up no more neck aches and headaches unlike before unless of cos we are sick. Now ok liao, very rare to wake up in the middle of the night to change position look at clock what time. Aiming for the tempur mattress now but still not within the reach yet..... Comes with 3yrs warranty if i did not rem wrongly, so $279 / 365 x 3 = ?, have to calculate urself to see its worth it a not for spending at least 5hrs aday on it due to current hectic lifestyle. Regards!
  8. Hi, me also new to this forum, for price u can check the resale transactions in the HDB website for the block or surrounding blocks the transacted price for the last 2mths. Then also depend on how much u like the the flat before u offer. Do consider the reno costs involved before u offer. And most importantly, its not very difficult to DIY all of my friends and colleagues including myself did DIY for buying and selling of our houses. The full set of procedures is at the HDB website. U can print out and understand the step by step instructions. There is also a helpline on weekdays if u have any queries. I will strongly recommend the HDB resale seminar, after attending the 1/2 day session, really easy and helps us alot after that. Finishing the whole transaction soon. most of the things done over internet so convineient. But 1 obstacle u may face is that the agent of the house may charge u commision if u did not specify that u will not pay before hand and usually he/she will get u to sign the commision form after u have sign the OTP and tell u its a procedure. Alot of other scenarios may happen which other forumers will share with u. An agent will help u do all the paperwork hassle free and highlight any potential problems etc, of cos for service must pay loh, but there are many agents out there who do not charge buyers commision, u can check out with the agent for this flat u eyeing for. Recommended 1% for buyers normally. For my friends and myself, we manage to save abot $6 to $12k in commisions each. Cos its 2% for selling and 1% for buying. So we think its worth the time and effort to go and find out to save such a huge amount which accounts to more than our 4months pay as we dun earn much. Also not forgetting the 2 to 3% stamp duties u have to pay after u commit to the purchase. Imagine 3% commission, 2% stamp fee + cash over valuation + any renovation costs, I believe u can calculate urself better. Just my 2cents worth, the sum saved for us has got us most of the furnishings i.e TV, fridge, aircon, sofa etc with leftover spare cash for painting whole house and a short getaway holiday with some balance left . If u can spare the time, can DIY. If you cant afford the time, maybe can get agents who are your friends to help u and neg on the commisions loh. Hope I'm not too longwinded, just sharing the sense of satisfaction after selling and buying DIY. Cheers and Happy CNY!