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  1. Hi All, We had moved to a newly TOP Project for about 1 year, we have been experiencing multiple leaking issue and it hasn't ended yet. Each time there's a leaking they jab sealant in the wall, hack flooring and redo the waterproofing but they still can't solve the problem. It happens once every 3 months. Everytime it happen we had to be home for about a week to let their contractor come up to our place to hack the flooring and redo the waterproofing, or if not they will have to jab sealant into the wall to fill up the gab. It's was a nightmare for us because each time they come up we had to clean the house all over again for the dust and mess. It has been more than 10 times they come up for such issue, and still yet to find the root of the leak. We had tried to send email to BCA for help. However what BCA reply was disappointing. They do not handle leaking issue and we will have to contact the management or the developer for quality issue. Despite multiple Emails to Qingjian, nobody from Qingjian actually contacted me except the same MA guys who's gg to do the same thing over and over again. Anybody here can advise us what we can do and what's our rights as a owner? HELP !