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  1. Hi all, Just here to briefly share my pleasant experience with my ID. I had compared several ID firms previously but ended up choosing this ID which I do not regret! I stumbled upon this ID firm when I was making my rounds around several buildings with all the ID firms while looking around the showrooms. (BTW good to get a few quotations from several firms before deciding!!) I was pretty skeptical as the design firm looked small scale but approached them anyways, as i wanted more options. I ended up choosing this ID as I felt that designer was sincere and there was chemistry . Other ID kept hard selling and just wen through their usual sales pitch with a general quotation... My ID had no qualms about asking what are my requirements and slowly went through all the areas with us then drafting up a customized quotation. It was also good that our designer was understanding and helped to alter the designs according to fengshui I had requested haha. We kept bothering her with questions and changes (oops) but she was patient and provided opinions and made changes accordingly. Final result of the house was great! Worth it although it wasn't the cheapest quotation but it matched market rate so it was acceptable. But maybe its due to a lot of inbuilt and carpentry that I wanted to get done hahaha.