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  1. Right thanks, it makes sense Do you have yours laid horizontally?
  2. Hi, I have this pipe (see attached) to drain the water from my washer. It is 21cm in height and I found out that there is residue water left in the hose after the washing cycle. I’d googled and it seems like in the West, they will place their outlet pipe way higher, sometimes even higher than the washing machine; not sure if it is because they have a different plumping system. Anyway, I’m wondering if the height of this pipe and having this residue water in the hose is normal, or if I should cut it? Thanks! Edit: Just to clarify, the residue water is in the drain hose connected to my washer, the last remaining bit that didn’t clear because of gravity.
  3. Sorry to hear about that, do you mind pm me the id contact to avoid? Thanks!