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  1. Reno cost is around $21K. Yes, type 2. And the flooring is part of the OCS scheme when I purchase the flat.
  2. Kitchen is almost done. Living Room also almost done. Didn't manage to take a picture of my bedroom.
  3. I am using this sink. Suppose to be black color but no stock. So bo bian take this one...
  4. thanks for the advice. Today is key collection date and my mun is passing some stuff for the door opening. Like what i say, not ban dang but just listen to my mum and perform some simple ones
  5. I am exactly not "ban dang", but for those who had collected keys and start renovating or move in, do u guys and gals do any so call door opening ritual?
  6. Need some ideas on kitchen sink. What type of sink do you guys installed in our small kitchen? Single or double? Stainless or granite?
  7. Hi all 2 roomers, I was so happy this afternoon. HDB just send me notification mail that my key collection appointment is on 8th March. Whew, after waiting soooo long, finally it's my turn to collect keys. Not sure what to expect when collecting keys? Any good advise from u guys?
  8. Hi guys and gals, Happy New Year to all, Due to the design of the toilet and the 2 doors, I was thinking of installing shower curtains in the shower area, at least in certain way will separate the wet and dry in the toilet. What u all think?
  9. This is the final layout that my ID propose. Total cost for renovation on paper is around $19K, but expect to add in a few $k for additional things. But I was thinking whether want to do vinyl flooring overly or not?
  10. I guess I will have to leave the toilet as it is, no point doing due to the design of the shower point. As for study table, I will also scrap the idea of customise by ID.
  11. Still have electrical appliances, basic furniture that is needed for the whole house....