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  1. Hi, need some advise here. My ID recommended an epoxy coating on my kitchen flooring and says that the coating can last at least 5 years. if the paint starts to peel can repaint. Is that true? Pls help. Thanks a million!
  2. Hi Bluefly, Thanks for your clarification. Indeed the toilets are rather similar. 1 WC, 1 shower. So how do you cope with only 1 WC? Can't find the photos on the makeover toilets. Will be grateful if you can put them on your blog. Have you moved in oredi? i'm sure your house must be beautifully done up. You paint work looks really smooth and good. will need to get the contact of your painter. Appreciate and Thanks a million!!. Hi Zacky, I will only be looking at renovating my place in Aug 08. moving in around Nov to Dec. Have not decided on wat to do. as per Bluefly reply, an additional WC in the shower rm seems impossible. Will email you when i finalise on my reno plans. thanks!
  3. I used to hate children when i was young. when my wife and i got married, i told her that i dun wan any children. Well, accident happened and now i have 2 beautiful children age 3 and 5. The joy of have children cannot be describe with words. The sense of satisfaction when you heard them say: " i love you daddy" cannot be replaced by any other achievement. They are my greatest pride and joy. And i must say it certainly better the relationship i have with my wife. We spent most of our times talking abt our children, the funny things they do and say... There are endless things to share abt children. Imagine if we do not have any children, the joy we are missing. it will be a terrible loss. I fully understand the reservations of having children and i was having the same reservation. All i can say now is that i wish i had started earlier....
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum and will really appreciate if anyone can provide some guidance. I have recently purchased a resale HDB 4i with a single toilet and a seperate shower room. ideally, i will require an additional toilet bowl to be installed in the shower room. The toilet and shower room is beside each other seperated by a wall. Does anyone has similar experience and managed to install a second toilet bowl? As i have a small budget of between $10k to $15k for renovation, and i already have the kind of design in mind, is it possible for me to engage a local contractor to do the hacking, toilets and laying of tiles. Then look for a m'sia contractor to do up the carpentry works? My carpentry works will only be for new kitchen cabinets. Any comments pls? Thanks in advance.