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  1. hi eug, can include me in the bulk purchase too. I will be dropping by IMM tonight to confirm which model I'm buying. shall drop u a SMS later to discuss details. cheers!
  2. hello Qin n others from CS! I'm from 410C. your progress is really fast!
  3. imare612, not to worry, you are in good hands. My sister solemniser was Prof Yu. Only thing is he forgot to take the transport reimbursement. Ended up my sis has to send by post.
  4. my solemniser is Mr. Phang Tai Heng. He looks very fatherly and most importantly billingual. He will conduct in English first and repeat in Mandarin. My relatives are mostly chinese speaking.. If u need his details, can pm me..
  5. nesh, i was like u, i change my job in Jan09 and went for my first appt in 22Jan09. I dont even have a payslip. I can only present the company letter. I went for 1st appt without HLE cos my HLE just expired. I placed 2K option fee and the HDB officer told me I wouldnt have problem getting HLE loan since my 1st HLE loan was granted with over 600K. I just recd my 2nd HLE. Probably HDB is more stringent on loan, so with my company letter (despite higher pay), HDB grant the HLE with a lower amount which was much lower than 400K. I dont think they will reject your loan, but prob a lower loan amount.
  6. this thread seems to be so quiet. I went to select my flat thou my appt date is last few days of half yrly sales. The flats left for selection are BTO leftovers like Coral Spring. We do not wish to wait till Apr not knowing what our queue no is, so we selected a flat at CS. Hm... hopefully it will take a faster time to build. Bro nesh, how's ur flat selection? managed to secure a flat at JW?
  7. i went to view a hougang flat at 2nd floor (23yrs old flat) also valuation at 345K. Whatsmore, urs is at 6th flr. Noticed that Punggol 5room are around 380K.... and if it requires min reno, i would think its a good buy!
  8. hi ahwee, thanks for the detailed explanation. At least now i gained some knowledge. I didnt signed on the last page but only beside the amount that I placed deposit. I just took back my chq and all those documents I signed alreadY! The deal is off. Haiz, waste of our time. Now back to square one.. must buy newspaper again.
  9. hi ahwee, thanks for ur reply but I didnt sign on blank chq. What I did was to give them a post dated chq instead. I cannot be a sole buyer as Im under 35 yrs old.
  10. my deadline for this flat is 01-Jan-09 lor. I have smed her saying that if the sellers cannot give me a response by then, I will withdraw my cheque and look for other units. No doubt we like the flat(cos just opp my mum place), we also cannot delay cos my HLE is expiring. And due to change of job, i might have prob applying for another HLE.
  11. hi zirhk3355, we are willing to buy as long as the seller willing to sell. We also dont wan our money to be forfeited. But given current situation, the seller hasnt met us(agent excuse saying they are very busy.) and she dont wan to confirm if seller is willing to sell at valuation as advertised. Yeah, we need to pay her commission of 1% + 7% GST.
  12. thanks for reading the lengthy thread. It has been edited cos it was send by hp ytd. Thats why its a duplicate post cos I hit on refresh button twice. Hee... Hi hello88, i have pmed u the location. Its also at Hougang. Hi pink, thanks for the reply. I also hate this agent. She is kinda like those auntie agent and really hate her attitude. Too bad she has the exclusive rights to market the flat that's why we cannot engage another agent to represent us. I send her a sms saying that I will withdraw my cheque on 01-Jan-09 if the sellers cannot give me a reply by then. I sign a post-dated cheque and havent transfer the money yet. If she didnt called me by Monday regarding the outcome, I will let the chq bounced since the seller is also very insincere. I rather pay the bank charges of bounced chq then to let them take my 1K. I really hate them to delay and yes, I hate the agent too. Why cant she make the process more transparent?
  13. hi all,i really need advice for buyin a resale flat! Recently i saw an advert in st701 and called up e agent. In the advert it states at e flat is selling at valuation n we verify with e agent n she confirm.We view e flat twice n decided to purchase e flat. It requires minimal reno n since its sellin at val, we thought its a gd buy. The agent gave us sales talkin sayin intially the owner wanted 15k +val n say that e flat had been sold but too bad the other buyer was unable to get a bank loan,they have to forgo e flat thats why it is bein release back to market. We told her that we would only buy at valuation.the agent told us she would try her best to help us.n ask me to issue a chq for deposit of 1k to show our sincerity. The agent say tat the sellers r very busy to meet us n she wil try to persuade seller to sell us at val. The agent also asked me to sign an OTP form without fillin e resale price as she say she will negotiate with seller to sell us at val. Now my worry is that 1) wil she filled in the blank resale price by any amt n i have to honour e price? I really dun wish to forfeit my 1k. 2) throughout our conversatinn, she told me e sellers r unsure of selling. I dunwan them to delay e process as my hle is expirin n becos im changin my job, i might have prob applyin for another hle. 3) in e otp form, it only bears my signature as my hubby was nt around, does it prove to be valid? Does it need 2 buyers n 2sellers signatory to be valid. Haiz. All the issues abt buyin tis resale flat is givin me sleepless nites. 4) we wanted to save cash for our reno needs hence we do not want to place too much cash for deposit. We proposed to put 1k for deposit n 1k to exercise e otp. The agent told us its a norm that most sellers would demand 1k + 4k (5k deposit) in total. Is that true? The agent say she wil try her best to help us. But she is the seller agent too. How can she protect both side interest. I really doubt her words. Nw we r at a lost. Not sure if we should withdraw frm tis flat n move on to look for other flats. Pls advise as im really worried abt point 1 n 4!
  14. hi there, really empathise with ur situation. All because of this unscrupulous contractor, spoiling ur whole reno. while reading, feel like giving the contractor FEW tight slaps for his replies. If I'm in your shoes, i will ask the contractor to rectify those issues before handover. If he starts to grumble and nag or choose not to rectify, will let him know that I can simply call up those gossipy papers like Shin Min or The New Paper to let them publish the horrible works he done and help his company to publize. Many people will be able to view the photos of his "good" workmanship. And i admire ur patience for putting up with this rubbish contractor.