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  1. depends... some machines are OK. My Panasonic also cannot fit. DO take note. Do not unscrew the HDB default tap and change, it is risky because if it is done wrongly, it can damaged the inside pipe (hiding in the wall). I damaged mine by doing it DIY based on the advise of some hardware shop, the screw thread in the pipe was damaged. Water start leaking and I have to get a plumber to change the tap and do some damaged control. Ended up it is more costly than a simple adapter. It is better to buy an adapter and fit into the existing HDB tap, so WM hose can fit in.
  2. for me, i spread out my purchase. I started buying some of kitchen cooking electrical appliances whenever there is a sale or on bday month discounts. My LED ceiling lights, i bought them during Philips carnival sale. In this way, my expenses are more spread out and not fork out everything at once. I may lost out on warranty, but it depends on the brand & product. That's how I did it. I even managed to grab a Ikea Leather 2-seater at 40% discount, and lalavan it over to my friend place (spare room) and put there for a few months.
  3. built false wall..... hmm.. too late to be an option for me now. Looks like exposed ugly looking pipes. :-( thks
  4. thks for sharing. My shower area doesnt have the 2 water holes outlet. The water holes outlet was used for the basin, because I switched their location.
  5. my kitchen cabinet for the washing machine area. It'll be useful if I need a little bit more table space. It has castor wheel below.
  6. The black circle is where I will install my instant shower heater. It looks like they have to install extension pipes leading up to the heater. Does anyone has any ideas how to best manage this? thks.
  7. Spikeling, OK i see, a false wall. That's an idea. good.
  8. Your tap and counter basin look matching, its nice. I see your shower area, you have managed to install shower mixer. Did You hacked that part of the wall in order to get shower head and shower mixed installed? Becos i dun see any pipes exposed. For my case, i will have exposed pipes to connect to my instant water heater shower. I am not using storage tank.
  9. i suppose thats part of the renovation journey... .
  10. i am doing my reno now. Its a frustrating process, even though the contractor is my friend. I suppose they all have this mentality " you tell me what you want and I will quickly do it", there is little discussion and I don't even know if it is right or wrong. Toilet is always a big headache because of the water proofing issue. I looking at a dry/wet ection in the bathroom and uses a curb and glass divider to separate them. Because of this, the original shower area is shifted to another location, and the basin area has moved. This basin now involves hacking of the wall tiles, if I want to use the tap I bought. I bought a tall sitting on the counter top faceut. My contractor ask me to get a shower mixer, that can use fit into the 2 holes nicely and no hacking involved. It is safe, but it will look ugly on top of my basin. Instead of a nice single tap, I will have a shower mixer whenever I brush my teeth.
  11. mine was right in the centre of the living hall.
  12. smoke detector are installed in the living hall for new units. Mine has one.
  13. hi guys, I am about to start my renovation. How do you all handle the toilet usage issue? Do you sealed up the toilet all the way? I am not changing my toilet. There is no coffeeshop nearby my new place.
  14. i dun know, i leave it to my contractor to decide. I suppose maybe 6 to 8 inch?