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  1. Please drop me a pm if you are interested in a feng shui cleansing!
  2. Hi all, Do drop me a pm if you are looking for a feng shui master for house assessment, kai guang, an shen, house cleansing or gai ming. He deals with Qi, energy which is dynamic and always changing. I've no doubts about the effectiveness of feng shui or his ability and understanding. Changed the life of my wife's family, friends and even my own!
  3. Hi atmm280378, There are quite a number of things to look out for. Best to handle such procedures with care or it may result in adverse consequences! Dropped you a pm for more info.
  4. I know of a master that does house cleansing of negative energies and entities, kai guang. He helped my wife's family settle their ancestor altar and qing shen properly. Was a super big physics geek and never a firm believer of spiritual stuff until I met him. If you are interested drop me a pm.