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  1. Hello everyone! May I ask if anyone could let me know whether this quote is reasonable? (: It is from a contractor and not an ID for a 38 year old 3 room resale HDB flat. Total is around $35k. I have read the forum to see some could go as low as $18k, however this is quite an old apartment which has not undergone renovations since 30 years ago! Not too sure how much difference would that make. Thank you so much! Flooring Cost Tiles (living room + 2 bedrooms) and skirting 5000 Kitchen Cement screed and plaster 2200 Tiles (flooring) 1800 Sink parapet wall and plaster 800 Sink cabinet 300 Doors Bedroom: timber door frame and veener doors 1150 Seal up top door frame with hollow block and plaster 300 Plumbing Stainless steel piping (kitchen and living hall) 380 Sink and basin tap connection 80 Run new sink, basins, washing machine inlet, outlet piping 250 Carpentry Kitchen cabinet, sink door, stainless steel dish rack and box up piping 3700 Solid worktop 1350 Installation to wall and side skirt 400 Wardrobe 3120 Tv console 800 Window 1920 Hacking 3800 Ceiling L box ceiling? 750 L box gas pipe 300 Others Painting 1600 HDB 300 House protection and cleaning 350 Wall plaster 1600 Rubbish chute 280 Metal gate 680 Cloth hanger 65 Electrical rewiring 2500