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  1. hi ebon1882! care to PM me your blk? aiya low floor nvm lah at least the location is good mah..anw, we bought Hobz but our flat still undergoing reno so hvnt used the hob yet.. but i PM-ed some users on this forum who bought Hobz and the general consensus is that it's ok so shouldn't have any problems i hope! huh tempered glass is not good?! why leh? who say one?
  2. haha yes monkey it's indeed near kallang mrt as FD1976 has confirmed. hm the wind comes from a strange direction..how to say leh? at the moment i can onli feel the wind from a side window in the passageway and the side windows of my room and the side windows in the MBR. but i think the wind direction would change later on in the year, according to some of the neighbours that we've chatted with. hehe will let u know aft we move in lah! eh FD1976, my hse got no ERP meh?? there's an ERP gantry right outside my house leh!! that gantry just started operation recently in april i think.. anw i think my hse is ok onli. if u can see the houses that faces the mrt track, which we saw when we went around the area, the view is so gorgeous! those houses have a view of the national stadium and the sea! but too bad those high floors were taken long ago by other lucky people harlow icegal!! hehe quite surprised to know that there's someone on this forum who's stayin near me! normally the members are couples buying new flats in Sengkang or Jurong etc. hehe nice to meet u! PM me which blk u living in so which ID did you choose? yea i agree that the location is very good, that's why we wanted to get a flat here so badly and didn't wanna wait for the Boon Keng flats to be constructed.. at least here it's just 3 stops to town
  3. think i should blog about my aircon now, since the installation was done on Thursday and we're very pleased with Gain City. it all started the week before good friday. Johnny was going to show us his works-in-progress in compassvale, so we went there to meet him. after that, we decided to drop by compass point for dinner since i've never been there before (!). after dinner, we realised that there was a Gain City on the top floor so we went in to have a look at the air conditioners. previously, Johnny told us to go GC for aircon cos he said he normally have very little problems with them. went in and was served by a Mr Heng. normally i'm quite wary of SA, cos they either do not have a very good attitude when faced with our countless questions or they do not know their products very well. but after talkin to Heng for a while, can tell dat he's quite different. he knows his products well, he is patient when we ask him a million times about different aircon brands and options, and he always speaks with a clear steady voice. we learnt a lot from him that nite, but decided not to commit yet as we weren't sure wat brand to get since it was our first time gettin aircon. was thinkin of gettin toshiba or hitachi since this 2 were the cheaper brands there but decided to think abt it first. we spent abt a week or two thinkin about whether to get system 3, system 3+1 or system 4 and decided to drop by the Towner Road branch to get a second opinion (just in case Heng was tryin to smoke us!) wah but the service at Towner Branch really cmi. mebbe it's cos we had a high expectation after talkin to Heng. in the end, we decided that we would just go back to Heng and purchase from him since we felt most comfortable with him and trust him we made the long drive up to Sengkang again, and Heng was very friendly, askin how can he help us? we asked him a lot of questions again, and were still trying to compare between Fujitsu (which was more expensive but had free vouchers) or Toshiba. Heng even left us alone so that we can discuss what we want. in the end, we decided on the Fujitsu System 3 and he prepared the invoice and highlighted all the pertinent information for us. we were so impressed with his service that we gave him an "excellent" rating for the feedback form. after about 2 weeks or so, we decided that maybe we wanted an aircon in the hall aso. again we couldn't decide between a System3+1 or System 4, what brands and BTU needed. so i called Heng up and he patiently listed the prices of all the brands of System 1 and System 4. he aso asked abt my floor area to advise me on the BTUs needed. that was on a Wednesday nite and i told him we would think abt it and get back to him. On Sunday afternoon, he actually called me up and said that he would be transferred to the Woodlands GC branch on Monday and that we would have to drop by Sengkang that day if we want him to help us out. he said alternatively we could get his colleague to help us out when we eventually go to Sengkang. we couldn't make it down that Sunday, so we decided to go to Woodlands the following Sunday to look for him cos we had such confidence in him and onli wanted him to help process our order even if woodlands is so **** far from our place. luckily my dad called up the Woodlands branch b4 we went down and we were told that Heng was on leave. the nice guy on the line said that Heng would onli be back on Wed so my dad decided to just leave his name and hp and drop by the Woodlands branch on Wed. to our surprise, Heng called us later in the afternoon and said that he would get his colleague to help us add in the order on Monday. we were just so impressed by his dedication, that he would call us using his hp on his day off and help us out. he even told my dad that if there were any problems, my dad can contact him on his mobile! so Heng arranged with Johnny for the installation date and time and the aircon guys were quite prompt. according to my dad, they were not very experienced cos they said our aircon can't be installed above our doorways. but they were very nice and agreed without any complains to follow my dad to our neighbours' units so that my dad can show them how we wanted our aircon to be installed. the guys even stayed till 8pm that nite to install and test the aircon!! i rushed down after work at about 7.15pm and they were still hard at work! no black face or any complains, and they were very nice to explain to me how the aircon remote and power switches work. very friendly aso. my dad handed over the cheque and we got all our free gits and realised that the guys didn't bring the lucky draw coupons cos Heng forgot to list it in the invoice. so my dad called Heng up and Heng said that he would call up the Towner branch and inform them to pass the coupons to my dad when my dad goes to the shop over the weekend. so yesterday my dad went, and he got the coupons without a hitch! really impressed with Heng's service and the GC technicians. was quite worried when i read all the bad GC reviews on this forum after we purchased the aircon, but our experience has shown otherwise! must go look for Heng at Woodlands if you wanna buy anything from GC! :good:
  4. thanks applefreak! love the windows in my room too, which is why my sis and i demanded to have that room even though it's slightly smaller than my bro's room. even johnny asked why we wanted to inconvenience ourselves for the view cos we would be squeezing a queen-sized bed, a window settee and 6 ft wardrobe and there would be very little walking space between each. but for the view, nvm lah thanks tym! saw my house at nite last week and the view looks great! in fact that's what the FSM said when he told us to put our dining table there; he said can have nice view when we're having dinner
  5. hehe eh not my pocket burn but my dad's pocket burn!! think i shld help out abit but i dun earn alot aso.. so dunno how much i should/can contribute aso.. anw applefreak sorrie no scanner leh cant scan the floor plan..but i can show u the pics! Living Room Kitchen - which is super small!! Bro's Room My sis and my room Parents' Room aka MBR will post up other pics of our purchases next time!
  6. wah so long haven't had time to blog here. weekdays work like siao, weekends run around for house reno stuff. can't wait for everything to be settled so i can move in man!! anw Max383, thnx for your advice.. now design more or less settled already so have to run around to buy stuff for the new place now. haha i think i shld post up pics so that more fun to see..BUT i have been procrastinating + lack of time so haven't upload to lappie or even to the website yet. hopefully can do it soon but here's a list of the damage so far: Aircon: Fujitsu Inverter Sys 3 + Fujitsu non-Inverter Sys 1 from Gain City so got $300 NTUC voucher, 1 set of cutlery and 1 set of pot and wok Bathroom accessories: Poh Joo!! Got the 707 instant heater from Poh Joo. at first we were quite confused abt the difference between storage and instant but after much explanation from many SAs, we decided to get instant. seems to be a few common brands around like 707, Joven and Alpha. saw quite a few of my new neighbours using 707 and since the SA say it's an old and trusted brand, we decided to get it We also bought some things from Hoe Kee at Tanjong Katong Complex aso cos onli Hoe Kee had the basin+cupboard and toilet seat covers that we liked. Bed frame: Lorenzo, at 50% off!! Dining Table: Lorenzo Fridge: LG from Harvey Norman, comes with free LF microwave oven Hob and Hood: Hobz from Poh Joo (thnx Max383 for your reply abt Hobz! ) Mattress: Slumberland and Princebed from Bed & Bedding Centre at Balestier, comes with free pillows and mattress protectors Sofa: Fabric L-shaped from Estila, comes with free mini pillows and mini bolsters TV: Samsung 37" LCD from Harvey Norman, comes with free Home Theatre System and DVD player and $300 Robinsons vouchers Telephone Table: Zen Tradition at Kallang - super cheap cos they were having pre-reno sale! Washing Machine: Toshiba from Harvey Norman comes with free detergent and movie voucher hehe quite happy with our buys so far. managed to get some items during sale, or sometimes we juz squeeze the SA by asking for free things like mirror or pillows, or a discount. think they must all be quite scared of us haha.. no choice leh so many things to buy have to be super budget. and we are quite lucky because all the SA that we have met so far are super nice/friendly and willing to explain everything to us a million times. too lazy to write long story here but if anybody gg to these places, i will confirm+guarante+chop write my experience and recommend my SA! so now just left coffee table, lighting and curtains. that's all the major purchases i can think of for now. Oh ya!! still got to go Ikea to buy things like bedsheets and crockery and other furnishings. then got other minor chapalang stuff like iron or watever. now just hope and pray hard that delivery is on time and the items are in order tiling work has finished at our new house so this weekend going to our new place to meet our ID to decide on electrical points. must go and take pics and post it up sooN!!
  7. hihi..u talkin abt platform as in must step on a step to get to your bed, or those kind of bed where the wooden bed frame is on the floor with no bed legs? those must step on a step i onli saw at lorenzo..those wooden bed frame with no legs i saw at nova, novena and zen
  8. hihi sorrie im quite a blur dodo so am confused - jim and chin used to be at the TPY branch? so now the TPY branch move to jurong den they aso move to jurong? or are they both at the ubi branch?
  9. eRiaM


    wah sounds quite good leh..what model did you buy and from where huh? me lookin for mattresses now.. i agree with one of the earlier earlier posts - mattress so many brands and models; different shops offer different prices, aso dunno whether gettin a good deal anot..
  10. ya im very scared of empty promises..read so many horror stories abt such things that i get very paranoid when i buy stuff now. but luckily you changed your ID and it's good that everything has worked out for you now oh and as for the decision making..aiya your suggestion makes sense too but actualli abit hard to put into practise. like say my bro likes his room a certain way + FSM suggestion, but my mother thinks another way is better. or mebbe in the MBR my sister thinks a certain design is betta. so must listen to all views aso
  11. hm the design was agreed upon 3 weeks ago, we chose tiles 2 weeks ago, now waiting for 3D drawings (hopefully by end of this week!) i think depends on what kinda tiles u want or what kinda design u have in mind? cos for ours we chose almost white tiles for the floor, so should be able to match any colour..
  12. dunno whether other people face the same problem or issit becos we have so many opinions to consider? 5 ppl staying together so = 5 opinions + advice from FSM + ideas from ID = 7 differing points of view! kns. sometimes i feel so pek chek cos we keep having to ding-dong here and there to come to a conclusion about a certain item or layout or watever. just now still trying to decide how to arrange the stuff in my brother's room. then also had a huge discussion/disagreement about having aircon in the living room. nowadays electricity going up, dun wanna use aircon so much. but yet at the same time worried that living room will be too hot cos our flat face the setting sun. if we were to get an aircon for the living room, means additional cost for extra unit and for kitchen door. everything also need money!! johnny always say, "anything you want to change also can, just need money lor." reallie dunno how parents are able to fork out so much money last time for such things. so sianz i aso dunno when i would be able to save up so much money for my own place. bah. anw tiling works gg to start tmr!! so exciting!! tmrw won't be able to go down and see. hopefully tuesday the workers would be there when i drop by, then can aso take pics of their work can't wait to see how the mosaic tiles would look at the foyer!!
  13. Max383 > how come u had to change your ID?! ya many parties are involved dat's why so big headache.. my new place is at kallang applefreak> hehe thanx! my new place is at kallang and it's a 5 room flat. haha havent really taken any pics yet but will post them up later. it's a super small layout man! had a headache tryin to figure out how to fit all our stuff in cos there's gg to be 5 ppl stayin in this place!
  14. first time bloggin here so feel abit weird anw went to meet up with Johnny today at our new place so he can survey the flat before he starts work. finally going to start work on Monday!! now have to go through the headache of scouting for cheap places to buy lights/furniture/appliances etc..just hope that everything goes well. so many forum-ers seem to have problems with their reno. i'm scared the same thing would happen to us but i think i would really have no time to check the work so closely leh.. then things like the aircon installation. we paid to upgrade to armaflex and dunno wat other stuff that the salesman recommended us to upgrade then now im paranoid, scared on day of installation they would not bring the upgraded materials. but i think i wont be able to take leave on the day of installation. hope my dad is able to check.. dunno if johnny would be there to help me check? okie betta get back to work.. blog more next time!
  15. hihi..juz wanna say thanks to everyone for replying to my earlier post, esp to meok, hobbes187, kajua, LLhome and lithiumix! your replies really helped us to make a decision.. think we are going to go with Ideal House, tho hvnt sign yet hehe. will keep you guys posted!