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  1. Chance upon this forum and would like to seek some advises/info on relocating of IC in the kitchen area of a semi-detached for a A&A/Recon. What does it take to relocate the IC to outside of the house? Heard a few very different assessment, ranging from a) simply abandoning the current IC and routing the private sewer line to the new IC location and then connecting to the main (public) sewer line through a new joint, b) to having to keep the old IC and route the sewer line from the new IC location back to the old IC and out into the public sewer line (ie. still using the old IC ?!) c) same as (a) but where the new IC line connects to the public sewer line, have to build a new manhole for PUB ($$$) Some of these are "required" by PUB as mentioned by some of the contractors. For me (a) is of course the simplest and the preferred way. It also make more sense as there is no manhole at the current location where the existing IC connects to the public sewer line and that any post construction (or even pre) inspection will have to done using CCTV as required by PUB when one "touches" the sewer line. For (b), it just does not make sense. Basically it is telling me that I cannot touch the existing public sewer line (make new connection and disconnect old line from it), and I have to keep the old IC functional and accessible for inspection. Then why would I want to relocate the current IC in the first place?! Hope some one who has info on this or has gone through an IC relocation can share with me his or her experience. Greatly appreciated, thanks
  2. Hi IS250C, Can share your experience with Morningside @ Mid View City?