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Found 11 results

  1. Space is very expensive in Singapore and it boils down to how you pack which will affect the space you need to store your items if you are relocating. This blog is very useful for anyone looking for storage space, relocating or starting to pack their household items for moving or storing Learn How To Pack for Safe Storage effectively http://------.blogspot.sg/2016/12/the-best-way-to-pack-your-items.html
  2. Contact: Skyline Moving Services WhatsApp Hp +65 9866 8830 We have 10ft / 14ft / 24ft Commercial lorry. Mainly doing house moving, ad hoc delivery and contract delivery service by using experience staff. We provide 24/7 island wide service for our value customer • Transportation for events exhibitions setup • Transporting bulky equipment and machines • Containers Stuffing And Stripping Of Containers (20ft and 40ft) • Warehouse / Storage • Residential Relocation Moving Service(HDB, Condo, landed) • Commercial Relocation Moving Service(Office, Shop house, event) • Event (Expo, MBS and all shopping center) • Packing Service • Contract delivery • Disposal Service • Relocation Service Include: Free Site Survey Free Quotation Free Dismantling and Reassembling of General Furniture For moving and shifting. BOOKING & ENQUIRY: Skyline Moving Services Hp +65 9866 8830
  3. Chance upon this forum and would like to seek some advises/info on relocating of IC in the kitchen area of a semi-detached for a A&A/Recon. What does it take to relocate the IC to outside of the house? Heard a few very different assessment, ranging from a) simply abandoning the current IC and routing the private sewer line to the new IC location and then connecting to the main (public) sewer line through a new joint, b) to having to keep the old IC and route the sewer line from the new IC location back to the old IC and out into the public sewer line (ie. still using the old IC ?!) c) same as (a) but where the new IC line connects to the public sewer line, have to build a new manhole for PUB ($$$) Some of these are "required" by PUB as mentioned by some of the contractors. For me (a) is of course the simplest and the preferred way. It also make more sense as there is no manhole at the current location where the existing IC connects to the public sewer line and that any post construction (or even pre) inspection will have to done using CCTV as required by PUB when one "touches" the sewer line. For (b), it just does not make sense. Basically it is telling me that I cannot touch the existing public sewer line (make new connection and disconnect old line from it), and I have to keep the old IC functional and accessible for inspection. Then why would I want to relocate the current IC in the first place?! Hope some one who has info on this or has gone through an IC relocation can share with me his or her experience. Greatly appreciated, thanks
  4. Recently just moved our house with Exped Moving Services. Sales person came up to gave us a quote which is not the cheapest. Why my husband chose them is because of the knowledge when we questioned the sales person. On the moving date, they were punctual and moved our stuffs swiftly and carefully. Their movers are all local and with experienced. Dismantled and assembled our king storage bed and our son's loft bed. Moving was happy because of their smiles and dedication. Will definitely move with Exped Moving Services a year later. Keep up the good work guys!
  5. If your home is like mine, you will have many shelves with lots of books that you have to pack and move. While I always recommend removing anything that you do not use or do not need, books are things that I have a hard time giving away. But when packing books that I want to keep and move, there are several ways to pack them. This guide will guide you through three different book packing methods recommended by the university library in the town where I live. Each day they pack and send hundreds of books across the country. Sort and exit the book If you travel long distances, hire people, and are being charged by weight, make sure you read the book carefully and determine what you want to keep and pay for it. Very heavy books. Even paperback books can add a lot of money. And if you are like me, you tend to accumulate a lot in a short time, so find a good home for them and know that someone will get pleasure from reading them as you did. Use the Box on the right Once you've decided you're moving, pick an average box and check to make sure it holds the weight and it's not wet, especially if it's a used box. While I'm a big fan of packaging with the box used, when it comes to books, you want to make sure the box is solid, will hold the weight and not have any dampness that could harm the book. You can visit http://www.thuexetai.info/ for more packing tips. You also need to pack the tape to seal the bottom and top boxes and a marker marking the contents of the box. Prepare the box to pack If you buy a new box, you will need to place them first. Make sure you stamp the bottom by doubling the amount of tape. If you are using a recycling box, I always tape the bottom of the package to make sure it will hold. How to bind cardboard Hardcover editions can be packaged by placing them in a vertical box, the spinal column on the side of the box, just as you put it on the shelf. If you book this way, make sure they are well packaged, but not too tight so that they can be damaged when you remove them. If hardcover editions are of fair value, package each package on the wrapper before placing it in the box. Books of great value, such as old photo albums or first edition, require the hardcover between each compartment to keep spikes straight and to prevent any movement. Each book should also be protected by paper and placed in a cushion box. Bubble bags or wrapping paper can be used to queue up boxes before you pack each book. How to Pack Paperbacks Hardcover editions, as well as cardboard, can also be packaged flat and stacked. Both kinds of books can also be packaged with the first spine with paper edges up. To avoid spoilage, do not bind the book with the edges of the paper protruding and folding - this will cause the book to bend and to bend. Books can also be packaged using all three methods in one box. Just make sure you do not close the book at strange angles. Finally, use a sheet of paper to fill the remaining space. Books can move easily during the move, causing damage. Protect the box Tape canned and labeled "book". In the moving truck, do not stack the boxes unless you can secure them. Again, the book is heavy, and if the boxes should topple, they can cause a lot of damage to furniture or other items that are not well protected. Long Book Archives If you need to store books for any length of time, make sure the repository is dry and cool. And if your books are high on value, you may want to use acid-free paper instead of paper packaging. Acid-free paper will not get damaged or turn yellow over time.
  6. during my reno for my resale unit, the electrician hired by my contractor took out the Openet TP box and left it hanging in midair with the cable coiled up throughout the renovation period of more than a mth. Remounted it back to a position I requested which is within cable length on the same wall but above original position. Initially, electrician day no cost, later contractor told me this is still considered a " relocation" of TP box, charges still apply as he is liable to Openet if any cable inside the box is damaged. How I know if there r any damages? Will only check when I sign up with service provider then I know right? Will I end up paying both contractor n Openet when they later found damages in cable or TP box? Can I gather some advice on how I should handle this? Pay or not pay?
  7. We are using top of the line machinery and trucking vehicles, transporting all your goods will be done in a breeze. Our goal is to provide you affordable packages, proper packaging, and an overall stress-free moving experience. We have established a very good rapport between our valued customers making them comfortable to visit us every now and then for their relocation. Call us now! Phone: +65 9452 6388 Email: enquiry@moverssingapore.com.sg Address - 308 Hougang Ave 5, Singapore 530308 Website - https://www.moverssg.com/
  8. From the album: Moving Tips

    There are plenty of items at your home that could replace the expensive store-bought packing materials. So why not use then during your house removal endeavors? You will both save money and help the environment. Find more tips here: http://movingin.org.uk/blog/household-items-you-can-use-as-packing-material.html
  9. HUA HAN TRANSPORT Lorry transport and moving service 91820850 (24/7) huahantpt@gmail.com Specialist in doing transport for company/shop delivery service and relocation movers services for homes and commercial properties As a registered transport business with Excellent Service always ready to serve you Our 15 ft trucks(box) can provide you with - free boxes (for household/office relocations) - free quotation/site survey and free wrapping service - Household, office and factory relocation - Removal/transport service for events and exhibitions - Packing & Unpacking Service - Disposal Service - Transport Service (Rental with Drivers) - Manpower Supply Service - Unstuffing of Containers Service Call to discuss for your flexible moving services!
  10. Used Cardbox up for sale, total 50 pcs pls call 93232241 self collect at hougang