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  1. during my reno for my resale unit, the electrician hired by my contractor took out the Openet TP box and left it hanging in midair with the cable coiled up throughout the renovation period of more than a mth. Remounted it back to a position I requested which is within cable length on the same wall but above original position. Initially, electrician day no cost, later contractor told me this is still considered a " relocation" of TP box, charges still apply as he is liable to Openet if any cable inside the box is damaged. How I know if there r any damages? Will only check when I sign up with service provider then I know right? Will I end up paying both contractor n Openet when they later found damages in cable or TP box? Can I gather some advice on how I should handle this? Pay or not pay?
  2. HI, I have recently renovated by resale HDB unit, including plastering and painting the whole unit. As a result, the openet tp box which was installed by the previous owner had to be taken down to make way for plastering. the cable from the openet is just loosely tied up and left dangling in mid air during my 2 months long renovation (supposed to end within a mth but was dragged on due to SP electrical inspection which I insisted on having after wiring). My initial intention was to shift the openet tp box to another wall next to my newly located SCV point in the living room, but was told that I need to engage openet directly and it will easily cost around $400+ for relocation. So to avoid the hassle, anyway, I have not decided on which service provider to take on for internet, I told my contractor's electrician to simply put the TP box on original wall but to a higher position than the original location, all still within the cable length, in fact, the cable was roll up and hidden in the cable casing with the other cables. Electrician initially told me since there is no reall relocation of openet box, almost equivalent to putting the box back to where it belongs (as the new location is not far from the original position), no charge for the openet. But when I told my contractor about this, he insisted that this is still consider as "relocation of openet tp box" and I have to pay him $150 for this. Also, this is not as simple as it looks, as he has to be accountable for if there are any damage to the openet tp box or any broken cable or optical fibres that is connected to tp box. Any damages, can easily cost around $400. But how would I know if there are any damages to the openet tp box or if the cable or optical fibres connecting to the tp box was in any way broken or compromise due to mishandling during renovation? My concern is if I pay him now $150 for the "so-called" relocation of openet tp box, and after a few months, when I engaged the respective service provider for internet and broadband services, and only then realized there is problem with the tp box, am I the one being liable or is my contractor (like he say) liable to fix the issue with openet? Can anyone help me with this issue? pls thank you. FYI. My contractor is super slow in response and may take weeks and months to settle, so I am very tempted to not pay the $150 first and let openet do a thorough check during installation of broadbrand. If everything ok, then pay. If not, when openet ask me for fees to fixing the damages in tp box, I will at least not be paying double - $150 to my contractor, and then later to Openet. Can someone please help and advise on what I should do?
  3. Hi LemonCandy, Just join renotalk as I am a new houseowner. I know its has been a few years already but I like the things your contractor/ID did for you. Would you mind sharing who your ID or Contractor is, especially the carpenter (Mr, K.) like his drawing on you cabinets and wardrobe.