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  1. I love your larder unit!!!!! And I agree, that is a very nice colour combination for the kitchen cabinets!
  2. *claps happily* congrats lachesis and titanax on the completion of your reno! The house looks fabulous!!!!! Vvvvvvvv NICE!
  3. Hi fifteenmay, Very nicely done up! Like the clock, especially; very unique! Did you make that yourself?
  4. Hi dexufto, I don't have a measuring tape at home, but the approx measurements are: 175cm (H) x 50cm (D) x 95cm (W). Pinkhubby says it was $579, on offer. The measurements 320mm x 230mm are for the showerhead. My heater is a 20L Ariston, I think. Haven't heard from samgalz yet about the curtain contact... hopefully soon bah! Otherwise my neighbours will get treated to 'free show'... :S My contractor is Edmund from DX Interior. When I'm a bit less lazy, I'll post my review up.
  5. Alright, marshmallow and me so far. Anyone else? ^^
  6. I remember we got it from V.Hive, though the exact amount eludes me right now; Pinkhubby will know though, because it was bought for his stuff primarily. I'll go check on the dimensions and get back to you soon! But do note that we got it in 2007, so the price might have changed (though I would think it would have changed downwards) Hey, don't worry about that! I'm sure it'll be nice and powerful; you're using a storage heater, am I right? Perhaps you can get your contractor/ID to do a water pressure test, and if you haven't bought the rainshower head, he/she can suggest one that would be suitable for the water pressure in your house. For mine, Edmund (yes, I'm posting up his name now, because I'm going to put up the review soon) recommended getting one that wasn't too big, and he showed us the approximate size it ought to be. Mine is about 320mm x 230mm, if I'm not wrong, so something around that size might be good to bear in mind. Have faith! I haven't gotten a curtain lobang yet but I was thinking of using the one that samgalz used in her house. Mr Chew, I think? When do you need the contact by? Sian 1/2... marshmallow: YESSSSSS and tomorrow I'm going to IKEA for a recce trip (unrelated to reno--social activities head for my department, bopian)... eat my meatballs until shiok wor! Hmmm... who else here likes meatballs? Let's have an IKEA meatballs outing!
  7. Wahahaha! So what happened to the other bedframe??
  8. Hihi, Me too! Quite urgently needed, too.. Thanks in advance!
  9. Welcome to T-blogging, damnu88! Looking forward to your pics and sharing your experience!
  10. Thanks froggy! It's a nice cheery colour I feel. ^^
  11. Gah!!! Okay, looks like a 'shopping' trip to IKEA is in order tomorrow
  12. Thanks! Pinkhubby will be pleased to hear that, too, because he chose the wall colour for the study! You're kidding!!!!!! Crap... how come I go IKEA so often and I didn't know this...
  13. Yup, it's in plant heaven now... I only hope the little thing has forgiven me... Growing your own herbs sounds like a great idea! My mum grows her own basil, oregano and other plants. Very fun to harvest what you grow and put it in your cooking! If you'd like some oregano seeds, let me know and I'll grab some! Bleah, I'll thank her to keep her 'paws' off my kittens! But I think it's a matter of the inevitable... she's obviously eyeing my Cece. OOOOOOOH pretty!!!!!! Your kitties are so lucky! Did you get that from Pet Lovers' Centre? More than good enough! So luxurious... To HO? Woot!
  14. Thanks reglxt! I see your reno is progressing well too! When's your projected HO? Hi edward, Thanks! I took a big gamble with the orange backsplash, because the rest of my house is... well... quite white! I was actually toying with going with the usual greenish-tinted glass, but decided to take the plunge after (in a small voice) I thought that the house would look too terribly boring... Glad the gamble paid off My glass door was $480 (not very cheap, I think... but I'll live with it)
  15. Yup, I know. But anything for a trip to eat meatballs. On Pinkhubby's dime. ;P
  16. Haha yeah! I'll try that Got to love the Swedish meatballs!
  17. Haha! I don't mind, I love the IKEA hotdogs...just that bread makes me very sleepy.... And gosh, I'm so glad that my performance is over! The weekend was completely tiring, because we spent so much time attending workshops and dancing until 2am for 3 days straight... OUCH! But then again, this may not be the end of it all, because we're discussing taking this to the Hong Kong Salsa Festival next!
  18. MBR... No, the bedframe isn't in yet. There's a VERY long story behind this. You see, I'd set my sights on an IKEA bedframe with storage underneath. I love it because it just goes perfectly with the whole colour scheme, but when I'd wanted to buy it in July, it was OOS. So I asked when it would come in. They said shipment arrives in early September. *sian* so I wait until mid-October and when I get there? It's SOLD OUT. AGAIN. Next shipment? January 2011. SIAN. So being the stubborn cow that I am, I will just wait until January 2011 for my bedframe and I swear to god, when January rolls around I'm going to stalk IKEA every friggin weekend. My walk-in wardrobe! I love love love it. I will be installing nice velvet curtains so that I can divide it from the rest of the bedroom. And lastly, the rainshower with my toiletries holder up. I have a really silly story to share about my rainshower (or rather, my heater). You see, when I first took a shower with it, I switched on the heater, waited 15 minutes and then turned it on. I nearly jumped out of the water because it was soooooo cold!!!! I kept trying to adjust the thing, but the water seemed to be on two levels: cold, and slightly less cold. This went on for 2 separate showers, until I smsed my (very long-suffering) contractor that the heater was not working! After a bunch of frantic smses back and forth, he says he'll come down and look into the problem. Two days ago, I popped by my place again, and took yet another cold shower. Suddenly, it hit me--is the switch on the heater ON???? With trepidation, I climbed up to the heater...it was pointed at OFF. So I switched it on, and sheepishly smsed my contractor that the heater problem was solved... I didn't tell him what the real problem was because I'm absolutely certain he would NEVER let me live it down... Oh yes, for those who are wondering, the rainshower is working just fine (very nice and rain-like!), and the heater is good too. No need to wait 15 minutes to heat up quickly, I just switch it on for 5 minutes, and it's ready to go. And oh yes, the other thing that was keeping me very busy: My performance is over!!!!!
  19. Day god-only-knows-what: occupants needed So... For those who were wondering, the handover WAS on time! Yes, that, alongside training, was what was keeping me from coming online. All the shifting in, etc... my house is steadily becoming messier, and I'm longing for the days where there was absolutely NOTHING in the house! But too bad, unless I one day have so much money that I can buy a huge house where I can keep most rooms empty (hey, one can always dream)... in the meantime, my house will just have to serve its function as the place where Pinkhubby and I keep all our stuff. Pardon the messiness, we are still unpacking... Let's start with the foyer The shoe cabinet is in. We put it in the corner there because 1) behind the door, it keeps getting whacked. I don't want to cause a dent on my new things so soon! The seating bench next to it is actually one of our old pieces of furniture from IKEA. It served as our old TV/PC bench when the PC was still outside. Since it was too good to throw away, we saved it with this in mind. Dining table is in too! We're going to purchase a matching piano-white seating bench for the times when we have guests over. Kitchen with the orange backsplash. Yes, the gas cylinder issue has been rectified, along with the pull-out basket. On to the study... This is Pinkhubby's room (at least for now). Needless to say, it's already messy. We're going to get one more item from IKEA here, which is a white cabinet above. I'm very mindful of overloading that shelf. And that is HIS pink netbook there. The other side of the room holds his display cabinet, with his toys inside. The second shelf is filled with my collectibles.
  20. Thanks alamak! paulchng, dexufto, reizzz: Yes, in fact, handover was on time, 6 November 2010! We got the movers to shift in everything on that date too, so the house was suddenly full of random people.
  21. I don't know, it was this random cute flat round-leafed plant I bought from IKEA... I had big dreams of growing it into a sprawling planter... but the poor thing... /sniffles You be the president and I will be your vice-president okay? Then reizzz's wife can be the Hon Gen Sec.... So are mine! My mum has gone one up by suggesting that I leave one or two behind. I told her to 'go get your own' Your walk-in wardrobe is lovely, btw!
  22. Oooh okay! Haha... I'm totally clueless about such things one...
  23. *counts* yes, 8 keys. How'd you know? Hmmm, didn't think of that, though I'll be using a padlock above...let me go try and I'll get back on this...