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  1. Congrats on moving into Clementi! It's a very nice neighbourhood
  2. Hi Tiek, Sorry for the late reply! Been very busy at work. I got mine from Sim Siang Choon for about $78? I can't quite remember the price. But they do have a (albeit) limited range of sinks designed to fit into corners of bathrooms. Be careful about splashing, though! Hi Zio, Sent
  3. Hello! Finally, I get to see pictures of your place! Very nicely done up!
  4. Hey hey! Glad to see your house coming up so nicely, especially the little touches! Hope the laminates issue has been resolved now. Don't worry too much about the edges, over time you will feel the bumps less. From time to time, I still see them on my floor, but I realise that after a while (and especially when there are more important things--like Clearing Up Cat Puke For Five Days Straight) you kind of forget about it! Just remember that when you mop the laminates, wring that mop really dry before you start. Cheerios!
  5. Hi Sunshinedream! Oh dear, I haven't been on RT for a long while, thanks to work... I hope this doesn't come too late for you! I got my study table at *drumroll* IKEA! Yes, of all places, it just had to be from there. How's it holding up? Pretty alright, I would say. Not exactly the best material (for obvious reasons), but it's functional, and it looks presentable. Plus, it's nice and long, to hold pinkhubby's nonsense. My contractor was excellent. I would say in terms of design, you might want to get another guy, but in terms of responsibility and promptness, and value for money, Edmund is among the best. Do be a little wary of his electrician though, he doesn't do that great a job in terms of straightness of the laying of the trunking, but otherwise they have done a great job for my place. The tiler is good
  6. I know Edmund's been pretty busy of late--he recently sent me an MMS to say hi, he's working just across the road from me at 4xx! Haha...
  7. Nice clock and chandelier! With regards to laminated flooring, I had this problem before too--we forgot to close the windows and we didn't go over for about 2 days, so the rain water soaked into the laminate and made the edges pop up as well. What we did was to put tissues along the affected joints and draw the water out using capillary action, to get the worst of the damage out. My contractor also gave us an interesting piece of advice, which was to let the laminate dry out first--over 1 month it would mostly sink back down and it would not be all that obvious. We did that and in the end, it wasn't all that bad, so you may want to give it a try.
  8. Yup, csingeu is also on RT! How's the progress on your house? Long time never see you and E around--tomorrow there's a social bachata competition at SeVen, are you going to take part? Thanks, Tiler Seng.
  9. Hahaha! More and more salsa people are showing up on this forum! We should do a salsa RT meet-up someday.
  10. Woi! Nice to see my fellow salsero on RT! I haven't been here for a while though... there's one more salsero here as well...
  11. Hi carisella, Yes, you're right, there is no TV in the house. I don't enjoy watching TV mostly--I've lived without watching TV since 2007 actually, and to be honest... I don't miss it! Maybe it's just me, but local programming is just too blase for my tastes, and I don't fancy the idea of paying >$100 for a bunch of programmes that I don't really have time to watch, so I did away with the TV at home. Hey january, it's from 6.30pm onwards! Details in your PM. PS marshmallow! I tried to send you an invite to the house party, but your PMs are full! PM me your email leh!
  12. Oooh nice! I live at Avenue 2, have been doing so for over 4 years now. We initially chose the place because it was somewhat near my parents, and also for the accessibility Looks like there's a lot of Clementi-ans here on RT~
  13. A bit late, but welcome to RT! And welcome to Clementi too, it's a lovely neighbourhood.
  14. Haha great! I will also make my hawaiian pork chops =) Yes, Trinity can come too No need to cook, but if you want to bring something along, do feel free to! I eat anything ^^
  15. It's a small world!!! Especially in Singapore Anyway, yeah, 2nd Saturday of May would be best then, since I don't work on that day, and also the first Friday is pinkhubby's birthday! So let's settle it then, dinner on 14 May at the Haus! Attendees: -ne0 -froggy -marshmallow -csingeu -january -lachesis and titanax (able to make it? lemme know!) My house no aircon, so sorry ah, everyone must tahan the heat a little...
  16. lachesis/titanax: Trying to PM you about housewarming, but your PM inbox is full! *buzzes lachesis*
  17. Hey january, Thanks for the compliments! But my house isn't that gorgeous la... pretty much basic (because lim bu is too lazy to upkeep...shhhhh) The clock was purchased from a shop on the 2nd floor of The Cathay, called 'Totally Hot Stuff'. And sure, you're welcome to my place! It'll be a Saturday in late April, just fyi. Woooo baked stuff! I love food... And marshmallow... help me -eat- the meatballs huh
  18. Haha no problem! But let me just check, because I will have to work alternate Saturdays, so I need to choose one where I'm not working...
  19. yuene


    IKEA wings dun have la, but I will make other stuff to eat! And yeah... sounds wrong... but only a bit wrong nia. Not a lot.
  20. yuene


    Haha, like now right? Everyday raining and raining like siao... I cannot take such cold weather... brrr P/s wanna come over to my place for dinner in April? IKEA meatballs...
  21. Haha, it's an open call to anyone who wants to come!
  22. Come over la! I'll go buy meatballs and sauce from IKEA and make them at home ^^ Next few saturdays till April are bad, but after mid-April I'm good!
  23. yuene


    Haha ne0! As said earlier in my thread, WELCOME BACK!!!!! Woo~ the s/s bench looks super fabulous!!!!
  24. Is that a kitchen island that I spy??