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  1. If your purchases are anything to go by, I'm sure the final product would be great! Best wishes on your Reno journey
  2. I love all the small (taobao) touches that make your home so unique! Esp the switches and your white couches
  3. Wah the tile selection for your steps and gate just blew me away. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!
  4. Haha good luck blue! Looking forward to seeing your pictures
  5. Yeah huge potential. Wished my 4-room had a living room that's even half as long. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
  6. Hi mandj, love the place! So clean and bright. Nice job.
  7. Hi EMSOS like ymjp, I like your nick haha! My advice - have buffers for budget and completion date. Doesn't really matter ID or contractor, but trust and communication is priceless. Good luck, looking forward to seeing the pictures!
  8. hi,

    can u pm me your contractor contact? thanks.

  9. While stocks last! Contact 9029 8279 to arrange for inspection and handover. Payment options can be discussed - DBS/POSB iBanking or full cash preferred. **Due to the popularity of the bags, we will only accept reservations with a minimum deposit of SGD$100 to be fair to our customers.
  10. arghh ladr_r would have loved to visit your house to see what lies beyond your 'hotel' door but unfortunately I wil be on F1 duty this weekend *curses under breath* wish i could join to meet up with the rest of the renotalk community but for now I'll just have to send my regards. selamat hari raya and maaf zahir dan batin!
  11. Wow the 3D makes you look forward to the final product. Best wishes on your reno!
  12. stay strong potatoes! the last bits are always the hardest. I remember that my wife was very spirited during the initial stages but halfway through she just wanted everything to end as quickly as possible! glad to hear at least some rectifications were able to be made. your story about your ID and the grilles is a timely reminder how much owners need to get involved in the reno...or at least find someone they can trust! jia yo will await the final product of all your efforts, I'm sure it'll turn out great
  13. Hi hafiizh, saw your replied n thanks so much for your advice. I like your open kitchen!!