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  1. Items bought for the house on first day of 2013 Of course in 2012, I've made some purchases. But I'm more excited to show these 2 Diamond Clocks - everlasting classic timepiece. I have posted some of my favourite vintage shops links in Wordpress. Too lazy to retype everything so you may refer to the link in case you are interested.
  2. Have neglected my Tblog. Yes, you are right, the quotation was overpriced and quoted. I've gotten the contractor to visit my place and requote. Engaging contractor, carpentry, electrician and air-con personnel separately (and its a chore!) It's been more than 20days since the renovation started. The 2months ago photos Things done: 1. hacking of floors and walls (create door and demolish kitchen/dining wall for bigger space) 2. overlaying of toilet wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles. 3. Change of piping 4. living room floortiles, kitchen floortiles laid 5. Kitchen base 80% of my brickwall done. Everything slowed down aft first 10days passed. Am currently waiting for contractors to: 1. lay the bedroom parquet 2. install shower screen (in MBR) 3. Install basins and heaters in the toilets 4. Build L-Box for my lights 5. Painting. Pending the carpenters to: 1. Do up the kitchen cabinets and "built-in" storeroom 2. Wardrobe to separate my MBR and CBR (previous owner hack the wall to create a bigger space) 3. Change the cabinet door in my 2nd CBR Electrician to do his magic after L-Box installed. Hope everything will be smooth in 2013. Happy New Year!
  3. Ordered the washing machine. Chop chop very fast. So pai sei to disturb Jerome at this late night. Thank you.
  4. Hi- as for the clothes hanger, it is made stainless steel. Done by hong teck stainless steel works, Johnson Ng - 67521928. Not all windows are ok to this type of hanger so you can get him to check if you are interested.
  5. Hihi.. The house is rather empty. Just that hubby and I are thinking if changing the tiles and designs. Wanted to post more pics but photobucket app is down. Will upload once app is fixed.
  6. I may be changing contractor. Not sure his details cause he just came by last night to check on our requirements. Will let you know?
  7. I'm in love with louvre doors and was hoping to do 1 for my hdb bedroom (that links to the living room). Am looking for something like the picture below. Anyone knows the estimated price for this? Just the 2-door louvre.. MK
  8. Love the louvre door(s)!! Can I ask how much is the door? And the contacts if you can? I'm thinking of doing the door for my MBR. Warm regards, MK
  9. Hi Pesadelo, I have the same floor plan as you. Just received the quotation from my contractor. How much will you be spending on the kitchen and electrical? Care to pm or share? It's my first house and there's sooooo much to absorb, and sooooo much money to spend! Sigh, MK
  10. I'm finally getting my keys next week. Currently am looking for a good date to 入宅 and 装修. My contractor came back with a quotation which I feel that it is too vague and some points are missing. Any kind soul to check the list/quote for me please? How much is hacking of wall and floor tiles? What is the price or homogenous? Quotation is below. I know the kitchen carpentry and MBR wardrobe is not stated inside. Points were not very specific. I will be asking my cousin on more information.
  11. Hi Paloma, My hubby and I really love your place and design. We're getting our keys in 2 weeks time and are researching now. Can you share with me your quotation and estimated cost which we should be expecting? And Mr K contact too, please. I bet he is super busy now. Super amazed with the house that he had designed are great and well-liked by many. Warm regards, MK
  12. Hi Jolene, Just want to be clear (I am bad with finance)- Eg, If I require SGD20,000 or SGD30,000 Reno loan, payable 3 years, how much do I pay per month? And can you confirm that the amount which I'm paying is fixed (meaning I'm paying the same amount every month for that 3years)? Please advise the difference between flat rate and monthly rest and how much I am required to pay per month using the different package. Thank you! MK