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  1. Hi wowach, Just sharing. I had ask a quote before and he had quoted for my 3 room windows $790 included installation. Find it expensive, so I bought the blinds from Qoo10, which cost $231 (including shipping) but without installations la. So I got my ID's help to install for me.
  2. Hi WhiteCookie, Lovely selection!! May I know where to get the sofa and what is the damage?? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi edd, No worries. Hope to see your reno pixs soon
  4. Hi edd, Welcome to the 3 roomers club and RT! Exactly same layout as mine, just flip opps the kitchen/living with the rooms!! I also hack away the storeroom and rebuilt a full height cabinets instead.
  5. Hi ChocoCandy Welcome to RT. pmed you!
  6. thanks edd. Would not said is perfect but ok la!
  7. WOW!! Your place looks very nice le So how you find your sofa? However the review stated that the back of the sofa is kind of short? Do you find it so?
  8. Haha, Ok I will go and check it. If is in silver, better still because I like
  9. Think can get from garden shop? or shop at TB? You can try copy this wordings into TB website....藤条是塑料制品,叶子高档布料
  10. Hi sawaskie, Congrats! Finally your renovation finishes. Nice! Nce! My rubblish chute is also in green. I did not intend to change my original one but is a complimentary from my ID. He thinks the original one is too old liao
  11. Hi mrmerry, Welcome to RT. Hope to see your design of your new home soon!
  12. Hi blueeeeie, Is ok, I found it. Thanks