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  1. hmmm...is it really due to moist? in yr previous house...were there a lot growing day by day inside the mirror??
  2. Hi Z3phy! how's yr furkid?? growing bigger ma?
  3. hahaha beng your mum sounds like my mum....she also gave me heart attack while I was working and called me up and started to rant non stop about this and that....thumbs up for our mums!!
  4. More than a month of stay in my new place and "things" suddenly appear... hahaha I am not referring to hantu... realised that black spots started to appear inside the common toilet mirror like little patches which you cannot removed away.. angry ...nothing happened to my master room toilet mirror (choy - hopefully not) any one encountered this too?? sms my ID...said due to the moist in the toilet hence will grow the black spots..but it does not look like algae to me..also it means that the workmanship when installing the mirror is not gd so moist will enter?! arghhh....
  5. See the saliva on my bed n i need wipe it away ha
  6. Wa my loot just arrived at 10.37pm today! Fit my kitchen basin nicely woo....
  7. ya that's my good buy! haha a lot of my friends tot the beside table and bed frame was a set!
  8. ha I think I am going to buy those wraps (for food) or book wraps to wrap up my whole cabinets! ha really thank god no accident today...pray hard... *sweat*
  9. they charged me for 3rd trip..but ..I dun care as as long my trunking nice nice can liao rather than regret heheh
  10. ya true..because of this fengshui thingy of sharp edges..my mum objected me of having tv feature wall in my bedroom boo hoo hoo...