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  1. In the process of home decoration often used wood plastic composite decking board, so you know what the specific raw materials? Wood-plastic board is actually made of wood and plastic composite artificial board. It has some of the properties of wood and plastic. This article introduces to everybody, its synthesis principle and main performance, as well as the choice of wood plastic composite decking board raw material. The concept of wood plastic composite decking Wood plastic composite material is a kind of is mainly composed of wood, wood fiber, plant fiber) on the basis of material and thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing AIDS, etc., after mixing heating extrusion mold equipment, made of a high-tech green environmental protection material, performance and characteristics of both wood and plastic, can replace a new type of composite wood and plastic materials. The material composition of WPC decking The corner of the wood-plastic plate was mostly abandoned wood slag powder, chopped wood and wood, has good stiffness and toughness, can be nails, drilling, sawing, planing, grinding, paint, and not easy deformation, crack prevention, it is furniture, interior decoration industry, packaging industry, vehicle interior industry and future housing industry preferred green wood plate, will start a new revolution in plate market. Processing technology of wood plastic composite decking Outdoor wood-plastic plate with the same processing characteristics as wood, the use of ordinary tools can be sawed, drilling, nail, very convenient, can be used like ordinary wood. At the same time, it has the wood feeling of wood and the water-resistant and anticorrosive properties of plastic, making it a kind of excellent and very durable outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building materials (wood-plastic floor, wood-plastic wall board, wood-plastic fence, wood-plastic chair and stool, and wood-plastic landscape engineering, etc.). Main properties of WPC Hollow Decking 1. Physical properties: good strength, high hardness, anti-slip, anti-wear, anti-cracking, anti-moth, low water absorption, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-static and ultraviolet, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, can resist 75℃ high temperature and -40℃ low temperature. 2. environmental performance: no toxic substances, dangerous chemical components, preservatives, etc., no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances release, will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, can be 100% recycled and re-processed for use, but also biodegradable. 3. Appearance texture: it has the natural appearance and texture of wood. Better than wood dimension stability, no wood knot, will not produce cracks, warping, deformation, products can be made into a variety of colors, the surface without the second coating paint can also be long lasting new color. 4. processing performance: with wood secondary processing, such as sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws fixed, all kinds of profile specifications and standards, quick and convenient construction and installation. Through routine operation, can be processed into various facilities and products.
  2. It seems like a good idea to save a lot of space and keep more activity places.?
  3. 1. Preparation before the construction of the wood plastic composite floor; before the construction, make sure that the concrete base of the construction site is smooth. This is very important, hope we do not want to save trouble, reluctant construction, otherwise cause you will lose more than you gain. 2. the center of the keel distance control in 310-410mm, the keel end butt joint should leave 10mm or so of the spacing, facilitate drainage, at the same time to achieve the keel row and row between the end seam staggered, not in a straight line. The allowable error of keel spacing is <10mm, the flatness is <3mm, and the expansion joint between the keel and the wall is 8-10mm. 3. the construction site base ground construction conditions are poor, can not achieve the topic structure stability, need to use steel keel instead of wood plastic composite keel, the use of galvanized steel, welding links to remove welding slag backseat rust treatment. 4. the size of floor splicing gap, want to be installed according to wood model floor when the temperature and humidity of the environment, floor length, floor moisture content, and laid area specific case reasonable determination. WPC hollow decking installation notes 1. Due to the high density of wood-plastic material itself, drill is required to guide holes in the positions where self-tapping screws are used, and then tighten the self-tapping screws. 2. Requirements for fixed keel: the installation working face shall be smooth without potholes and the keel spacing L shall be between 300mm and 350mm. 3. for a large area of wood - plastic floor pavement, it is recommended to use the graphic installation, the length of each wood plastic composite floor is not more than 2 meters. 4. Edge sealing 5. For the pavement of the curved wood-plastic floor, the two ends of each piece of the wood plastic composite floor shall be cut according to the length and Angle of the curved road and then paved. 6. The wood plastic composite floor of the steps is paved, and it is recommended to protect the wood-plastic floor with metal layers for the positive corner of the steps. 7. in the use of the process, please avoid the impact of heavy objects or collision. In the process of storage, transportation and installation of materials, please pay attention to proper handling to prevent it from falling from the height of the damage.
  4. Installing PVC decking in your house gives any family a sense of class and tradition. PVC decking is known to last for years, even longer than most of us. If handled properly, high-quality PVC decking can be used for about 50 years. Just the other day, I was helping one of my clients redecorate his old PVC decking. It's really beautiful, though it's quite a lot of work, and it's worth it. This is the original floor of the building, so I guess it's about 70 years old. The wood fill section is the most difficult part because it was not properly reworked with the previous owners. However, if properly maintained, the building can last another 30 years. Why PVC decoration? The main reason many people like PVC decking is that they don't collect and capture allergens, bacteria, dust and other harmful substances as carpet does. You can also have mold, where the moisture is present or past. With so many people now needing oxygen or other people having allergies, I'm surprised that so many people have this condition in their own homes. I understand. If you can't afford new PVC decking, that's another story. Many people can afford high-quality PVC decking, which is the best choice for them. No matter how rich or happy you are, if your health is not affected. If I think my family has respiratory problems or allergies or may have them in the future, I would choose a good PVC decking. I recommend a high-quality PVC decking, so you never have to replace them, and you have to go through the hassle and expense before you spend years trying to improve them. If you choose better quality wood, it now costs just a few dollars more per foot, rather than 10 years or so, if you choose cheaper wood. In addition, whether you choose a high-quality PVC decking or a cheaper one, the price of labor is usually the same.
  5. WPC (wood plastic) refers to PE (polyethene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PP (polypropylene) and its copolymers, thermoplastic polymer and wood powder, wood fibre materials such as plants and shell as raw material, the injection moulding, pressing, etc of the moulding method, the composite materials. It has the advantages of polymer and wood fibre materials, and can partially or completely replace wood for building materials furniture and packaging. However, the wood fibre and polymer that make up the composite materials are all inflammable materials, so it is imperative to study the flame retardant of plastic wood composite materials. Improve the flame retardant effect of plastic wood In order to improve the flame retardant effect of plastic wood and solve the problems encountered in its processing, the modification of plastic wood flame retardant should be further studied in the future. It is necessary to take all factors into account and lay a solid foundation for developing the application of plastic wood in other industries. 1) nanotechnology, nanometer material with surface effect, quantum size effect and small size effect, will be made nanometer materials can make its flame retardants in performance is superior to the conventional flame retardants, namely high flame retardancy and good interface compatibility. 2) grafting modification, graft modification through chemical coupling agent is the purpose of the flame retardant with hydrophilic functional groups on the surface of the flame retardant, flame retardant from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, increasing the compatibility of flame retardant materials and polymer matrix, improve its dispersion in the plastic wood, to make up for the addition of flame retardant on the plastic wood original performance caused by the adverse effect. 3) microcapsule technology: microcapsule technology refers to the use of natural or synthetic polymer for capsule material, solid, liquid and gaseous substances will wrap up, forming a certain particle size range of core-shell structure of the microcapsule technology. Through the technology can be a good protect capsule filling material physical and chemical properties were not destroyed, can reduce the impact of toxic substances on the environment or personal, can envision flame retardant coating in the capsule shell of organic compound wall materials, can effectively improve the flame retardant and the compatibility of composite matrix, reinforced flame retardant effect.
  6. Wood Decking has long been the material of choice for outdoor space, and now it is gradually being replaced by Co-Extrusion Decking. Designed to provide incredible durability, and easy to maintain and lasting beautiful appearance, the composite Co-Extrusion decking offers all the products without the hassle of constant maintenance. Today's homeowners just want to spend time enjoying their outdoor living space, rather than maintaining them. High-performance Co-Extrusion decking is more resistant to weather and daily wear than wood. It is also made from recyclable materials, making it an ideal choice for today's environmentally conscious consumers. Here are five main advantages of using Co-Extrusion decking : * Durability: Laminate flooring is designed to achieve maximum durability. Resistant to fading, coloring, scratching, mildew, no decay, no cracking, no warping. It also helps prevent insects, does not break, and makes families with children and pets safer and more comfortable. * Low maintenance costs: With laminate flooring, you don't have to worry about polishing, coloring or painting. For decades, you can remain stable and beautiful with the occasional wash with soap and water. Seven Trust decking even comes with a 25-year fading and stain warranty to ensure it looks and performs the same as it did on the first day of installation. * Beautiful: High definition wood pattern, rich saturation colour, composite decoration look and feel more natural than ever. In addition to the choice of decorations, the owner can also choose from a variety of composite accessories, such as railings, stairs, gates, rattan racks and furniture, to create a truly customized outdoor space. * Sustainability: Co-Extrusion decking provides the appearance and feels of wood without having an impact on the environment. Decks are made of recycled materials, including recycled industrial sawdust and plastic recovered from common items such as shopping bags and newspaper sleeves. * Value: In fact, in most cases, the initial cost of wood is lower than that of Co-Extrusion decking. However, if you add the maintenance costs of wooden decks, such as cleaning and sealing every few years, the wood plastic Co-Extrusion decking will stand out. It can also add huge value to the house and make it a perfect investment. Article source: https://diyonlinemag.com/product-news/advantages-of-co-extrusion-decking.html
  7. The comprehensive performance of wood plastic composite decking materials is very excellent, and more and more varieties of WPC materials are used in outdoor buildings and landscape, and the quantity is also increasing. With the continuous progress of manufacturing technology and technology, the appearance quality of products has been greatly improved. However, during the rainy season, the wood plastic absorbs water and expands, and the wood plastic composite decking material produces slight creep elongation, which cannot be recovered. The creep elongation and superposition are produced periodically with the alternation of dry and wet periods. As the wood in the WPC reaches the possible water-absorbing expansion limit and the binding effect of polymer materials, the increment of water-absorbing expansion creep elongation decreases to zero and reaches the creel limit. wood plastic composite decking material creep is temperature stress creep superposition and swell creep the comprehensive result of a long WPC ends are fixed constraint, along with a variety of WPC material creep superposition, beautiful linear materials when built, gradually apparent bending; And after a number of heat and cold alternation, the size is basically stable and the bending degree is no longer increased. Solution to the wood plastic composite product of water absorption expansion In WPC materials, the moisture absorption of the macromolecular base is small, and that of plant fibre is large. It is important to treat plant fibres effectively to minimize moisture absorption. In the formulation design and process design of wood plastic composite materials, the water absorption of WPC materials should be reduced as much as possible, and the strict water absorption rate should be regarded as the quality index. Article source: https://diyonlinemag.com/product-news/wpc-product-water-absorption-expansion-solution.html
  8. With the development of wood-plastic industry, people gradually realize that using waste plastic as the raw material in wood and plastic industry is an effective way to solve the recycling of waste plastics. Wood-plastic composites have a variety of mechanical properties better than wood and plastics, wood plastic products have better dimensional stability, low water absorption, will not produce warping, cracking and other phenomena like wood. Because the substrate added in wood plastic products is thermoplastic, so in the corrosion resistance and acid and alkaline and other aspects have incomparable advantages, its service life is also relatively long. Recycled waste wood-plastic composite products can also be used as new fillers in the addition of new wood plastic products, its performance will not change much. Wood powder used in wood plastic products is often the wood preparation process produced by the scraps of wood chips, sawdust and some plant fibre substances such as peanut shells, coconut shells, sugar cane, linen, jute, cannabis, etc., in the raw materials problem wood plastic composites need the price of fibre is much lower than the price of wood raw materials. For plastics, due to the addition of wood powder, its mechanical properties have been greatly improved, such as wear-resistant relative to plastic on the average increase of about 35%, at the same time wood plastic composite products also have plastic easy to process and other characteristics, but wood-plastic materials also have their own limitations and problems. 1) The problem of interface compatibility Interface compatibility has always been the primary hotspot in the research of wood-plastic composites. The wood powder is composed of cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose, extract and other parts, these components contain a large number of hydroxyl groups, resulting in strong surface polarity of wood powder, greater water absorption. For plastics, the current wood-plastic products market commonly used thermoplastic pe, pp, polystyrene (PS), PVC, these four commonly used plastics in addition to PVC are non-polar, even if the polarity of PVC is weaker than wood powder. This results in a very poor interface compatibility between wood powder and these thermoplastics. To change the interfacial compatibility of wood powder and plastics, the raw materials should first be pretreated-drying wood powder and plastic to reduce the proportion of water residues in composites. Secondly, it is to modify the treatment, the general modification method has two kinds of physical modification and chemical modification. The physical modification includes physical processing, alkaline treatment, discharge treatment, etc., the principle of physical modification is to reduce the hydroxyl ratio of wood powder surface, reduce the polarity of wood powder surface, chemical modification methods include coupling agent treatment, compatibility agent treatment, grafting modification and so on. At present, the most widely used coupling agent on the market is maleic anhydride grafted polymer copolymer, maleic anhydride grafted polymer copolymer can not only react with the plastic activity, but also with the hydroxyl chemical reaction on the surface of wood powder to form a covalent bond, reduce the polarity of the surface of wood powder. Coupling agent has played a good role in improving the interfacial compatibility of wood-plastic composites, and the wood powder and plastic can be combined organically to improve the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composite products. Nevertheless, the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composite products in some aspects from the structure of the material there is still a big gap. 2) Economic benefit problems Wood plastic composite Products in addition to the necessary ingredients wood powder and plastic, but also need some additives, such as processing modifiers, colourants, plasticizers, compatibility agents, coupling agents, foaming agents and so on. This takes into account the issue of cost and performance balance. Reducing the proportion of thermoplastics and increasing the amount of wood powder in composites can reduce costs, but it may also lead to reduced performance. Therefore, the process should be diversified to improve the formulation, to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. 3) Classification and source problems of raw materials The plastic currently recycled on the market is basically a mixture, which will make it difficult to reuse waste plastics. Therefore, in the recycling of plastics to broaden the type of plastic recycling, refinement of plastic varieties. For fibre, some manufacturers now use seasonal characteristics of straw, cotton poles, rice husk, etc., which should consider the storage of raw materials. Although these materials are much cheaper than wood fibres, there are many problems with storage. 4) Density issues The density of wood-plastic composite products is generally twice times the density of wood products, the corresponding production costs of wood plastic products will also be increased. Now the general way to reduce the density of wood-plastic composites is microporous foaming technology. The main moulding methods of microporous foamed wood-plastic composites are continuous extrusion moulding and injection moulding. The application of foaming technology not only solves the problem of large density of wood-plastic composite products but also prevents crack amplification because of the passivation crack tip of the bubble hole structure, thus improving the mechanical properties of the material. 5) Production equipment and processing technology At present, the methods of producing wood plastic products on the market are extrusion moulding method, pressing moulding method and injection moulding method. However, the equipment used or the general production equipment for the continuation of plastics, or the general production equipment for the continuation of wood, has resulted in many restrictions on the processing and performance of wood-plastic materials. In recent years, many wood-plastic manufacturers have carried out equipment improvement, or custom foreign specializing in the production of wood plastic equipment. For the processing process, the addition of wood powder will reduce the fluidity of raw materials, processing process is blocked, so generally add lubricants and processing modifiers to reduce the friction of the mixture, improve the fluidity of the meat mixture, reduce the damage to the equipment. As a new green environmental protection material, wood-plastic composites can be used in almost all fields of wood products application, which provides a broad market space for wood-plastic composites. And most of the raw materials of wood-plastic composites use waste recycled plastics, waste wood powder, which also provides an economical solution for white pollution in China. But wood-plastic composites still have a lot of problems to explore and solve. Wood-plastic composites themselves have good mechanical properties and considerable social and economic benefits will become a very promising material.
  9. The new urbanization construction has brought unprecedented historical opportunity for the large-scale promotion of green building and building energy saving, and the new building material contains the green hope. Wood plastic products in life and industrial applications, with its environmental protection and safety and more and more favoured, play an important and irreplaceable role. Especially in the construction industry, wood plastic products cannot only replace steel, replace wood, replace traditional building materials, but also have energy saving, material, protection of the ecology, improve the living environment, improve building function and quality, reduce building weight, completion and convenience, and so on, widely used in the transformation of old urban buildings. In the old House transformation, the old house wall ageing, drops mould, yellowing fade, wall paint blister shedding, cracking lost. In the transformation, the wall out of the new into a key step, in the traditional wall decoration, different decorative surface layers have different operating procedures, the process can reach more than 6, 7 lanes. A wide range of programs not only have high material costs, but also high labour costs and time costs. With the improvement of people's living quality requirements and the promotion of environmental protection concept, wood-plastic wall panels have been paid attention to and valued by many people. Personalized Innovation: Wood Plastic composites as the old wall to transform the wall decoration materials, colour comparable to the traditional but also has the advantages of wall panels, is a new alternative wall paint, wall decoration materials. Wood-plastic wall panels with non-toxic, tasteless, anti-humid, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, gorgeous appearance, rich colour, pure, and with anti-folding, anti-ageing, tensile, compression, tear strength high performance. The use of wood-plastic wall panels can shorten the decoration time cycle, at the same time can have different colours, patterns, patterns and other personality of thousands of wood-plastic product types can be selected, to meet the individual aesthetic needs of customers. The construction is convenient: Convenient construction The important factors that people consider in the renovation and decoration of the old house are the time period of the decoration process, the first transformation of the kitchen, toilet, and then the transformation of the living room, etc., during which customers generally do not move out of the house, but continue to stay in the construction of the home. Add to that the old House innovation also takes into account does not affect the neighbours. Traditional decoration materials such as , paint and other materials will produce decorative odour. For customers who are eager to stay or have not moved out, the schedule needs to be completed quickly. With wood-plastic materials can be integrated assembly, saving time and effort. Wooden plastic flooring is easy to install, can greatly save the construction of material costs, labour costs and duration costs. Low carbon environmental protection without pollution: Old houses out of new, people do not expect decorative time is too long, the shorter the time the better. And the traditional decoration has the harm of formaldehyde, needs a longtime ventilation replacement. The use of wood-plastic wall panels, you can root out formaldehyde odour. Environmental protection low carbon, green health, decoration can be safe to stay. In recent years, the application of wood-plastic composites has been all over the field, is a new alternative to wood environmental protection materials, pure environmental protection, pollution-free, protection of the Earth's environment, with people's attention to health, wood-plastic composites in the field of architectural decoration has been recognized. The combination of biomass materials and polymer materials is used to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, which can be recycled, degradable and recycled. From the production to the use of all links do not produce pollution, known as the true meaning of the whole process of environmental protection materials, wood-plastic composites in the old House transformation to play a greater role.
  10. According to wood plastic equipment manufacturers, wood plastic composite (WPC) is a new kind of composite materials of green environmental protection, is to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene copolymer (ABS) of recycled material and processing of scrap wood, sawdust, branches, crop straw or shell's plant fiber according to certain proportion, such as adding special additives, after high temperature and high pressure treatment made of synthetic materials. Therefore, wood-plastic composite materials can best reflect the advanced concepts of sustainable development such as circular economy, low-carbon economy, ecological environmental protection, resource conservation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and become the most dynamic new biomass composite materials for manufacturing wood-plastic special equipment. Wood plastic composite material production practice tells us that: although the wood fibre and herbaceous fibre is the basic material in the manufacture of the wood plastic composite, however, because of the wood fiber and herbaceous fiber material is qualitative different, its geometry is different also, in the actual production of wood fibre and herbaceous fibre filling amount is different, it may affect the mechanical properties of wood plastic composite, and the cost of production. In most areas, wood-plastic composites are basically made of wood powder fibres with mesh Numbers ranging from 20 to 40. As a result of fibre size of the fibre of this kind of wood, the powder is larger, grain of wood powder is very apparent, not only affected the evenness of wood powder in material, still bring about product appearance coarse, reduced the aesthetic feeling of material and adornment sex. And the wood that we undertake processing model product wood pink fineness can achieve 100~200 eye because this has fine close simple sense, the exterior is more beautiful. However, as the size of wood powder fibre decreases, its surface area will increase, which will increase the difficulty of wood powder treatment, wood plastic material production process conditions and equipment have higher requirements. At present, most of the wood-plastic composite materials produced on the wood powder particles are in the requirements of 40~80 mesh, this specification of wood powder fibre is more consistent with the majority of processing equipment and technology level, on the other hand, the surface treatment of the product is more convenient, can make the product has more close to the wood texture. It is worth paying attention to that, due to the advantages of wood-plastic composites such as aesthetics, good mechanical properties, low maintenance cost, non-degradable, termite resistance, flame retardant and so on, wood processing and biomass material fields at home and abroad are paying more and more attention. Therefore, in order to make wood-plastic products into the ranks of excellent biomass composite products, and has a certain advantage in cost-effective, we must solve the problem from the source of wood-plastic raw material production. According to the different needs of wood-plastic composite materials, the number and proportion of wood powder mesh of the two geometric shapes can be adjusted, which plays a certain exemplary role in the refinement and deepening of the research and development of wood-plastic materials.
  11. Since the concept of wood plastic and product are brought into the market, also let a person find everything new and fresh really, bring new choice for a few enterprises and consumer, subsequently, the product of a few wood plastic Products in building materials market. The main wood-plastic materials are divided into PE wood-plastic and PVC wood-plastic two categories. PE wood-plastic products are mainly based on outdoor garden construction, such as guardrail, floor, garbage can, flower pool, tray and so on. PVC wood-plastic products are mainly indoor some decorative materials, such as doors, floors, foot line, door cover and so on. PE wood plastic materials are mainly secondary and tertiary PE recovery materials plus wood powder, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier. PVC wood plastic materials are mainly PVC resin powder, PVC recycling materials, wood powder, stone powder and some modifiers and so on. The preparation of PE wood plastic (PVC Ceiling Panel) products mainly adopts the cold promotion method, so each process is roughly similar. The cost control of finished raw materials depends on the content of filler, so the quotation is basically the same. The preparation of PVC wood-plastic products can be divided into vacuum moulding, cold push method, vacuum moulding is mostly low foam products, and the cost control of low foam wood-plastic products vary greatly, and the product quality (refers to the rigidity, toughness and tensile strength) vary greatly. As far as I am concerned, the development and production of wood-plastic products. first of all, are PE wood-plastic products. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows: (1) PE wood-plastic material is excellent in water resistance and corrosion resistance; (2) PE has poor antioxidant and anti-light decomposition ability, and even the effect of adding antioxidant and UV absorber is not ideal, which can lead to poor product strength and colour fastness, and limited outdoor service life of the product; (3) it is easy to deform and bend when heated, but the effect of thickening or porous hollow structure is better; (4) the product surface colour is single, without wood sense, and the aesthetic effect is poor. In terms of these properties and characteristics of PE wood-plastic materials, I think trays, building templates, container pads and other places that are not exposed for a long time and where visual aesthetics is not required are more suitable for development and utilization. Secondly, the low cost of PVC wood-plastic products, good processing, surface decoration and other aspects of performance are taught PE wood-plastic superior, mainly in: (1) Washroom PVC Panel can be made of new or old materials, which is easy to modify. The amount of filling depends on the quality of the product; (2) PVC can be made into low-foaming wood-plastic products so that the cost is lower, the use of co-extrusion (double-material multi-material co-extrusion or steel-plastic co-extrusion), strength and wood grain sense is good; (3) PVC can be secondary processing of a variety of surface decoration or paint, including UV paint, beautiful products and good colour fastness; (4) the waterproof and anticorrosive property of PVC wood products is also superior. On the characteristics of PVC wood-plastic material, wood plastic products in interior decoration materials (such as floor, the line that play a base, decoration, door cover line, etc.), furniture, decorative plate with boards (such as furniture, etc.), building decoration materials (such as exterior wall hangs Taiwan, sound insulation board, wallboard, etc.), the botanical garden decoration materials (such as guardrail) with wood plastic and wood may be a promising direction of development.
  12. WPC Floor is a new kind of environmental protection products, at the same time with woodiness sense and water-resistant anticorrosive properties, make it become a kind of excellent performance and very durable outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion materials, the wood plastic composite floor is very environmental protection. Its service life is longer, but also more affordable and environmentally friendly. 1. WPC floor is held concurrently with the characteristic of lumber and plastic, so it is waterproof performance is better not only, but moisture-proof performance is very good also. This is a good solution to the problem that traditional wood products tend to rot after encountering water. 2. The colour of the WPC floor is much more, it has the texture and texture of natural wood, and we can also customize the colour we like according to our own preferences. 3. The plasticity of the WPC floor is also relatively strong. It can be made into the shape we like when we use it. 4. The WPC floor is a kind of pollution-free floor, it does not contain benzene in the middle, and the content of formaldehyde only has 0.2. The wood plastic composite floor is Europe’s top environmental standards. We can also save on the use of wood in the manufacturing process. 5. Its fire resistance is also good. The fire rating is B1. In other words, it can be extinguished automatically after it encounters fire. And it doesn’t produce harmful gases. It effectively ensures the safety of the family environment.
  13. Summer temperature rises, wpc material produces thermal expansion. The long wpc thermal expansion is larger because both ends are fixed, and the temperature stress (stress and expansion into proportional), when inflation after reaching a certain value, wpc buckling and bending deformation and bend with the increase of thermal expansion (bending deformation) increases. The temperature stress is released after the wpc bending. The stress on the neutral surface is zero. Due to bending, the pressure on the concave surface and the tension on the convex surface are generated. Due to the long-term effect of tension and pressure, the convex and concave surfaces produce tensile and compressive creep respectively, which makes the curvature larger and cannot be completely retracted when the temperature drops. The temperature stress and creep are determined by the characteristics of the material itself. Controlling and reducing the linear expansion coefficient of wood-plastic materials can effectively control and reduce the temperature stress. Outdoor building temperature under 70 ℃, usually when the polymer materials of Tg (glass transition temperature) under the lower, the more prone to stress and creep. The appearance colour, durability and design of wpc materials improve the appearance, colour and durability of wpc buildings and landscape. Outdoor wpc materials due to exposure to the sun and rain, strict environmental requirements; The inorganic colourant with excellent natural ageing resistance is usually adopted to ensure the durability of colour. The phenomenon of powdering and fading often occurs, one is the ageing of the polymer of wood and plastic surface layer, and the other is the erosion of inorganic colourant by rainwater (commonly known as acid rain) with low pH value. In the design of wpc energy, anti-ageing additives are usually evenly distributed. Ageing actually develops from the outside to the inside, so improving the anti-ageing property of wpc surface layer is an important way to solve the fading of surface flour. At the same time in the colour, the formula to enhance the ability to resist acid rain.
  14. In many parks or courtyard landscapes, no matter which designer will design the flowers, water and pavilions, people will be in it, refreshing, in recent years, many leisure places, use Many decorative buildings such as wood-framed porch are actually new environmentally friendly materials produced by Seven Trust materials manufacturers. Over the years, wood-plastic materials have gradually entered our eyes, replacing processed wood, more environmentally friendly, with the advantages of wood and plastic, able to meet environmental standards, waterproof and moisture-proof, and can adapt to a variety of outdoor environments. Easy to install and maintain, it can also be 100% recycled and reused, which has won the recognition of many designers and customers and has become the first choice for garden landscaping or exterior wall decoration. Wood-plastic materials have become a substitute for wood products such as wood preservatives. They have good wood texture and colour texture. They are more prominent in the decoration effect. The landscape design reveals a unique style, such as the surrounding many swimming pools. They all use water-resistant materials such as cement, marble and ceramic tiles, but if they are stepped on in the winter, direct contact with the soles of the feet will produce a strong sense of excitement. However, the performance of the wood-plastic material is able to have the ability to solve the above problems, and the Wood Plastic floor has a good comfortable foot feel. Getting the full play and advantage is the only material of choice. Forest resources are very precious, and more and more people pay attention to environmental issues. Protecting the natural environment on which we depend is the responsibility of everyone. For wood-plastic materials, it will become a mainstream, the first choice for protecting the environment and protecting our homeland.