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  1. So I am moving my drain a few inches to accommodate my new shower. The current PVC setup does not allow a cut anywhere so I had to attempt to remove a glued insert that was in one of the joints. I used a drill out tool from a local hardware store. Now when I insert the new PVC connection it is slightly loose around edges but seems to be right where it touches the inside furthest point. Can I use Teflon tape so tighter fit along with primer/solvent? Should I be concerned about attaching with the normal procedure using cement? Is there something else I could try? or should I call plumbing services from Toronto to help me with this?
  2. If you hire s single contractor, then you will get done with the installation of AC and then he can also do the touchup work.
  3. It's an interesting article that I have found. Halloween is right around the corner and the article gives different costume ideas for couples this Halloween. Do check it out https://www.bespokematchmaking.com/sexy-halloween-costumes-for-couples/
  4. There are many sites online that give you a good deals