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  1. All designs are super nice and it's being a superb idea to use these ideas in small spaces.
  2. Hi! I am interested in buying blinds for my office. Can I order online? I am from San Jose. And how much shipping amount I have to pay?
  3. I have not heard the name of it, where is this shop belongs to? Usually, I prefer to buy from a well-known brand or showroom.
  4. Oh, God! Are they fraud? Haven’t any strict action taken yet?
  5. Hi, I am interested in wood flooring. Could you please share the cost of it. I am looking this for my home which in San Jose. So is that possible for you to provide the services there?
  6. Amazing ideas! I liked the idea of fitting a slider in order to cover the LED screen. Very different but I can't put my eye off from these pictures. Thanks for showcasing all the pictures.
  7. Yeah, I agree up to some extent. But make sure, whatever you eat that should be healthy and nutritious, say no to sugar as well.
  8. Is this also available now? If yes! please let me know the price as well.
  9. I always prefer hidden storage spaces such as revolving wall (backside of which is made for storage), hidden Drawers fixed inside the seating sofas. Here I have shared the storage cabinet which will store most of things in your kitchen. Likewise this there are so many more designs which you can implemented in your own way. So here is the site, if you wanna get any idea.
  10. Thanks for sharing this. I am looking for the same from a couple of months.
  11. Yes, I have also gone through the same experience.?