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  1. This thread was from 2013. I did not start this thread but I want to remind everyone again "BE CAUTION ABOUT LUCKY KHOON". My bro has his bad experience and now me! I know I should have learn from my bro's experience and not buy anything from them but I still bought from them because their offer is cheaper. First time buying and last time!
  2. Hi I hope someone can help me out in this. These are the job done by my contractor. Can anyone tell me if these are acceptable? I think this is lousy work done. I know mine is just a hdb but at least they should do with some care when filling up the drilled holes smooth out and make flat the area right? They filled up of the grout lines are here thin there thick. Shower area floor corners fill up also looks like it forms “triangle” built ups. Again is it that hard to make flat? The white color on the right shown in the pic is tmy WC. The silicone filled up is so weird? Is it suppose to be like this? My other toilet - there is a small mountain (cement built up) behind the WC too. Or am I really just being too particular?
  3. Hi does re wire means to replace all existing electrical wires with new one including replacing new db box too? Any idea how much would it usually cost for 4room hdb? Usually electrician needs how many days to complete work?
  4. What your AC $90?!! My resale has an existing AC power socket but because is running en extra casing just for this point all around the bedroom, I want it to remove and run directly down from false ceiling which is so much shorter. My contractor said electrician has to re-run the wire from db box again as he said AC cannot share power and must run from main (is that true?), so he charge me $180 for new AC point!! I felt conned now. 😭😭😭😭😭
  5. I got my contractor to do a headboard using partition board as he said is the cheapest, and I can put/decor something on top. Told him to do 10cm. After he done, I measured the depth on top but one side is 12cm the other side 13cm. The bottom thickness(measure from the side) is 10cm. His reason is old hdb floor wall all not straight, sure cannot achieve 10cm all around. I notice he always give me same reason whenever the measurement is not what I expected. Is it true that old hdb wall floor is so slanted? Do u guys think the headboard he done is acceptable? It looks slanted from side. And the top one side bigger than other.
  6. Hi, I am so lack of knowledge in this area. Anyone knows if it is possible to change the configuration of current kitchen cabinets without dismantling it ? For example, I have 2 drawers Medium size I want to remove them and also remove 1 skinny cabinet door which is next to the drawers. Then remove the divider between the drawers and skinny compartment and then replace the whole compartment with wider drawers. So basically I want to re-divide the inner space without dismantling. Possible?