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  1. Selecting the right eletrical contractor may not be an easy task, some contractorws may not be qualified others may charge you with many hidden charges after the end of thier service. To tackle this problem Sghomneeds has allow you to directly contact with top electricians in Singapore, these companies are specially selected by us so that you will have a reliable contractor for your electrical job. Visit Sghomeneeds electrican category page for more information.
  2. Sghomeneeds has a list of merchants which provide ceiling fan installation. Visit our ceiling fan installation page to link up with merchants and receive quotation from them.
  3. 15A aircon/heater point: From $130-$150 13A water heater/washing machine point: $100-$150 Installation of telephone point: $40-$80 Installation of TV point (SCV/Starhub): $100-$120 Installation of switch socket outlet: $90-$100 Installation of Data/Cable/LAN port: $115-$125 Cost of Replacing an outlet Replacement of switch socket outlet: $60-$80 Replacement of power socket: $50-$90 For more information on the cost of electrical services visit sghomeneeds electrician cost guides.
  4. 5 room flat is a pretty big project, you may require an experienced contractor to help you get the job done properly. Sghomeneeds provides a list of qualified electrical contractors which can help you with your electrical problems. You can chat with our merchants and ask for the specific type of service they provide and also their quotation.
  5. Highly recommended to get a pest control company for termite infestation. No doubt there are DIY methods such as using cardboard trap or using sodium borate, however, it may not be totally effective and their colony may continue to multiply when you leave them alone. Sghomeneeds provide a list of pest control companies in Singapore, you can chat with them through our website and get a free quotation.
  6. Hiring the right electrician can be a tricky task, some dishonest or unqualified electrician will provide sub-standard service or place a lot of hidden charges for their services. Sghomeneeds has carefully selected a list of professional electrician, you can chat with them directly through our website and ask for their quotation. Visit our webpage for recommended electricians in Singapore.