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  1. Yes, Kardtoon is rite. Do not start any reno until the termites have been terminated. Else, when they are disturbed, they will move to another part of the house and start another 'project'. The reason it is hard to DIY is you may not have access to the poison/bait and it is not easy to get the termites to eat the bait (poison) and bring back to the colony. The last time, i saw the technician sprayed white color powder on the termite tunnel for the termites to 'carry' back to the Queen. He revisited 1 week later and sprayed more... a few weeks later, all the termites died and many scattered all over the floor. The duration from start to end took about a month to 6 weeks.. Good luck... btw, those big companies charges around 4-5k, with 3 - 5 yrs coverage. Smaller companies charged from a few hundreds to 1 - 2k depending on the scope of the termite attacks. Call for a few quotes to compare.
  2. do agree with Matrix0405 on the financial planner part...but not so sure about 1.2k /mth is enough especially with raising healthcare cost (those chronic illnesses or major servicing/overhauls)... and if spouse is around, dun forget to x2.. btw, would like to share this... http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/How-to-Se...018048.html?x=0
  3. Hi Bepgof, yes...something like that... but i think that formula just compute the future money considering interest and maybe compound rate... doesn't take into consideration of inflation which can be significant. Future value measures the nominal future sum of money that a given sum of money is "worth" at a specified time in the future assuming a certain interest rate, or more generally, rate of return; it is the present value multiplied by the accumulation function[citation needed]. The value does not include corrections for inflation or other factors that affect the true value of money in the future. This is used in time value of money calculations. btw, there is a calculator for the FV and PV you have shared: http://www.uic.edu/classes/actg/actg500/pfvatutor.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_value_of_money not sure if this is correct, but is may be slightly more realistic. http://www.simplejoe.com/web-calculators/i...-calculator.htm rgds,
  4. Hi Webbit, Yup, saving 40% is definitely good....no need to worry others saying that its too much or too little...so long you and hubby are comfortable today. If come retirement and it turns out to be really too much, reward yourself n hubby a retirement honeymoon loh... Hi Bepgof, I suppose $650 is minimal for very simple living with no 'surprises' .... and $650 is today's money... assuming that person is 40yrs old today.. the computation will need to take care of that 20yrs inflation, etc, etc... 20 yrs later, $650/mth will definitely be not enough... just like what Blue skies and Edenstrauss pointed out.... today, chicken rice $3.50, 20yrs later, it may be $10 or more ... for simplistic computation, if chicken rice is x3 in 20yr, $650 * 3 => $1950! working backwards, $1950*12*15 => $350k. Anyway, i suppose one should save the max that one can afford to. The more today, the merrier later.... Live within one's means, save and invest the rest..... dun worry too much...enjoy life.... GongHei FattChoy to all and wishing all good Health, Happiness and Prosperity in Bunny Year!
  5. if keep at home, suay x 2, kenna fire, title deed burnt, how?? if keep in bank safe box, later kenna crushed like the DBS HK case, how?? so, fully paid and keep with HDB?? But HDB staff loses it, how?? so if strike toto, go buy pte ?? (FH or 999) keke, early GongXiFaCai to all RT members... anyway, if pple tell me they fully paid, ok lor, fully paid lor,... why would i bother see pple's title deed??
  6. hi, sorry, i am no expert... but i think if you striked toto, you may want to consider buying a pte instead of paying off your hdb loan... as for penalty charge for HDB loan, i do not think so or recall there is one. But if the loan is from banks, then i think it is a definite yes. rgds,
  7. huh? you looking for info to Edelweiss Park Condo? try: http://www.propertyguru.com.sg/project/ede...-park-condo-140 http://www.singaporeexpats.com/singapore-p...lweiss-park.htm
  8. i think this should be better for the bank....take out some risks from their biz...
  9. agreed. think govt is targeting the 'flippers'.... as for the lower loan, they probably trying to make sure the mass mkt are not over stretching when everyone is trying to get a bit of action during this property upward cycle. think their intention is to slow down the price increase, not to bring down the prices bah...
  10. yup... will not impact those rich (not necessarily super rich bah) with view > 4 yrs.
  11. yup, its a million dollar question ( afterall, pte property starts from ard $1mil nowadays) .... for those waiting to buy, they will hope prices will fall, and for home owners or those invested, they will hope prices continue its uptrend... end of the day, it depends on market forces (bank rates, liquidity, economy, the greed, fear, etc, etc ) and govt policies... i have no idea too... the only thing i know, it is nearer to the peak today than 2 yrs ago.....
  12. aiyo... how would i know?? but based on the trend, buying now would be at the higher end of the index...that's all... saying that, it does NOT mean it will u-turn anytime... just that maybe there is a slightly more limited upside vs you buy at the bottom of the trend chart?? above is based on my greenhorn and limited knowledge... to all the experts out there, maybe you could share a bit more?? Thanks in advance. cheers, oh, and one more, govt policies can definitely have a strong influence on the directions lor...
  13. Merry Xmas to all... Not sure if this link has been posted before.... but just in case it hasn't, thot this is quite interesting info... http://www.singaporerealestate.info/proper...20to%202010.htm Wishing all and their loved ones a very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2011.
  14. yup, they are quite ex...but then again, generally, teochew porridge always charges a premium.... their sweet potato porridge is quite good too.... if not wrong, they used to offer free flow of porridge ... not sure about now. hmmm edible $$ plant?? will definitely try the next time i go there... Thanks
  15. try the selegie soya bean shop near the Kovan TeoChew porridge shops and maybank... they have different favours...black sesame is my kids' favorite... hope you will find them good too.