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  1. Looking for khakis to learn golf at Toa Payoh golf centre. Any one interested? Here;s the rate Lesson Fees: 8 hours in total + 2 hours course lesson + PC Test Individual $820 nett Group of 2 $590 nett per person Group of 3 $510 nett per person Group of 4 $470 nett per person SMS: 97305037 cheers!
  2. Hi , Sorry side track a bit. I am looking at the distance between Block 79B and Pei Chun Public School. Is it within 1km or 1-2km ? Anyone here from Blk 79B can share info? thank in advance Glenn
  3. Got it! Thank you Derrick! Cheers Glenn
  4. Lets say I bought my 90 sqm @ 300k( already fully pay up with cpf) and was offered ans sold for $700k , does that mean 1.) 300k back to CPF account 2.) 400k paid to me in hard cash? ( who will pay me this money?) sorry for the noob Qs, 1st time seller.. thanks to any input Glenn
  5. Hi there, Ive just got my annual consolidated statement from HDB stating my payment of mortgage loans and the interests paid in a break-down format. Here is my profile Bought 4rm for $300,700, after initial downpayment ,loan $270,630 for 30 years @ 2.6% HDB asked me to pay $1080 for monthly installment.. I though this amount includes the interest payable but no, the interest of about $500+ was reflected seperately. That means every month I am actually paying $500+ to reduce my loan?? Lets say there is no interest every month I am suppose to pay $270,630 divided by 30 yrs divided by 12 months = $751.75 per month pls correct me if im wrong. I am abit confuse on how the amount of $1080 is constructed.. Please advise..
  6. Hi all, I would like to know if I can fully pay up my 30 years loan period house one short if I strike toto... Any penalty charge by HDB on the interest part? Appreciate any input from the floor of experts.
  7. hi I got some Qs to seek from experts this topic is started, I bought the house at exactly 300k in 2008, taking 270k loan over 30 years.( each month CPF paying $1090) I planned to fully pay up my house by mid 2017 ( 6.5 years from now), in one lump sum. 1.)Can anyone tell me how much cash do I need to set aside each month from now( in cash) to fully pay up my house by 2017?? Understand need to factor in the re-calculation of interest rate part which i really got no idea about it... 2.) If I can sell away my house @600k in 2017, how much profit(interested in cash) can I pocket ? after CPF -paid portion Many thanks in advanced
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for babysitter around TPY blk 79B to take care of my baby girl in coming NOV onwards, anyone got contact?? Many thanks in advance!!
  9. Got my 4rm TPY central @ 25 years old.... Waiting to get it rent out in 3 years time
  10. Yes , I stay at 22th floor... its very noisy... happens late at night occasionally
  11. Hi, I'm a co-owner of a HDB 4 room flat. Wanted to rent it out and move to another flat for permanent stay. May I know what are the choices of flats /apartment I can buy other than condo and landed properties?? Many thanks Glenn
  12. New home for our platoon.....
  13. 70 Pax is quite a small group.... First, set a theme for that night, where everyone dress up accordingly.... you may want to hold lucky draws to hold the crowd till the end, add some free lance dancer to "seduce" the higher mgmt with "hot dance", you may also think of table games like building a structure using raw materials and compete against other tables to get a winner.... another one that I had b4 was " guess the song name" , where a part of the song was played and audience need to dash out to answer and get a prize... pls note that the prize cannot be budgeted but be attractive enough to lure people out of your small 70 PAX group.... think of cash vouchers for e.g... A Pro MC needs to be hired for that night's event... For our company last year's D n D they hired Adrian Pang as MC and we played live " DEAL or not Deal"infront of 500 strong crowd!! ... you can imagine how fun it was!!! just my 2 cents
  14. Latest version obtained M1A and M5 mock exam papers I got the hard copies, email- glenn_yuen09@hotmail.com
  15. Model-CD 4402 ( Off-White color) http://www.consumer.philips.com/consumer/e...hone+CD4402S-90 Set comes in 2 phones Bought from Philips Carnival on 24 AUG for $119 Net. Not Open yet still in original box. Comes with sales invoice that serves as the warranty ticket. (1 year) Willing to let go this set as we received another set of cordless phone from friend as house warming gift. Willing to let go fast at $99 Nett. ( non-negotiable) No Gimmick on the drastic cut in pricing but just want to let it go fast. Please PM / email me @ glenn_yuen09@hotmail.com for more enquiry. Thanks Glenn Yuen 97305037