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  1. For the past week, I found litter such as cigarette butts, ice cream sticks, ice cream wrappers, sweet wrappers outside my main door. I also found cigarette butts inside my shoe, my family's shoes as well. Obviously the culprits did this on purpose. we suspect it could be the teenagers living on the same level as us. I was home one day & I heard the teenagers playing very loudly. I went outside to throw rubbish, I saw them eating & smoking near the staircase next to my unit. after awhile, they left & they also left the cigarette butts & food wrappers there. Last night when we reached home, I saw sweet wrappers left inside my gate (in between my main door & gate). someone had left the sweet wrappers there on purpose. I had complaint to town council. they said they will get their ground staff to monitor my area but for cigarette butts, they advise me to call NEA if I saw the teenagers smoking at my area. Problem is, we are working & only be home at night. How to catch those culprits in action. Its very annoying to come home every night & see rubbish inside my gate & around my unit especially on my family shoes! HELP!
  2. hi, may i know how much did you pay for the aircon at gain city?
  3. Hi, like to check with you regarding the insect screen, is there a gap between your windows & the window grille?
  4. Hi Gingerbelle,

    you may contact Jerome @ 91882978..

    he does curtains and blinds.. any quantity he also will entertain..

    just say you are introduced by ah chai..

    Thank you and good luck


  5. hi all, my current MBR is using system 1. I want to install 2more aircon in my other 2bedrooms. Do i go for system 2 or change all to new aircon to system 3? pls advise. thks.
  6. my living room windows are 3quarter length. Currently using full length day & night curtains. as i am doing a makeover for my living room, am thinking should i change the curtains to 3 quarter length instead of full length. Or should i change to wooden blinds? Advices appreciated. any curtain guy to recommend? since i might only be changing the curtains for living room, some shops might not entertain.
  7. hi, how much is Space 54" x 2 with LED? is it bright enought to lit a bedroom?
  8. i bought my evita sofa from celini in march2010. but now the sofa seat has shrunk down, i almost wanted to get extra sofa covers, tink no need liao, use until yr end den will chuck this sofa away. btw, when i asked the delivery guys to dispose my sofa, this malay guy told me celini charged $100 to dispose old sofa, duno true anot, but i still gave him cos need to throw the old sofa away.
  9. hi, what brand ceiling fan did u install for yr rooms? im looking for ceiling fans with lights as my rooms do not have downlights. are the lights from the ceiling fan bright enough for the bedroom?
  10. i went to crestar webby but cant find yr fan with the lights. do u ve the model no.?
  11. hi, may i know what is the model of yr ceiling fan? it comes with lights? is it bright enough to lit up the whole bedroom?
  12. Hi, the doubledeck bed is very nice! Was it custom-made? i like to get 1 for my kids too. how much did it cost?
  13. not sure if my air-con is going to spoilt. The thing that swings open for cold air to come out cannot open, when i use my hand to open it, it cannot swing back to close. can advise iszit something loose or going to spoilt?
  14. juz to check with u, any other places also selling this tv console? i saw mondi catalogue also ve this console but my colleague said mondi sell x. where is silver river ?
  15. hi, how much did u pay for your smaller TV console & where u bought from? how to mount the TV onto the console? i like to get 1 like this for my MBR.