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  1. Depends on whether u entertain often. I have the 24VA but i'm in a 5 room flat living room. If u have friends and family often over in the living room, i would say get the bigger FCU cos u have to account for the hallway space and body heat of everyone.
  2. i agree with comment on side by side. 2 door is by far most logical for our small apartments. But i disagree about fridge size. If u do any sort of cooking at all, or have children which u intend to have home cooked meals for. buy big. My elders advice was that if u cook less, ironically u need a bigger fridge cos most of your stuff needs to be refrigerated. For them the frequent cooking and marketing means they need less space at any time cos food is always being consumed.
  3. yes. after wet works done. Basic electrical work done. Then it's painting first. Light installation. then remove out everything. chemical wash. then carpentry comes in. After that then is touch up of paint etc especially over places u spot defects or kana some plaster, silicone or what not. Makes sense mah, ceiling and most of the walls painted when cardboard still there and chemical wash not done yet.
  4. My ID also did it like this. I didn't like it actually. But already it was created inside my tv console so i LL accepted it. Made the mistake of not being explicit clear on what i wanted.
  5. Painters will paint once usually especially the ceiling before the cardboard on the floor is removed. Then they will touch up at the last part again. At least that's how a good painter/ID will do it.
  6. No, the hollow brick wall which i rebuilt for my half glass wall and to cover up my kitchen entrances needed to be repainted due to multiple cracks in the wall paint. Newly painted rebuilt walls are prone to paint cracks in our weather. So the chance of needing touchups of the paint cracks is very high according to my ID and painter. Whatever paint you use it will need one. It's cause paint cracking is caused by our high humidity in our ambient air. In other countries, they have the benefit of a temperate climate. So what's this about cant touch up? Easy wash should be roughly same as Dulux w&w. So unless it's a really glossy paint, this touchup part is bit ridiculous. Matt paints are usually used for toilets or really old unsmooth surfaces like old walls. I really don't see the rationale of using these on the nice smooth BTO walls. Cheers.
  7. So u mean you're making a light box? my living room ceiling only have downlights and a dining table hanging light. I don't think it's ugly. Can see my blog. Practically speaking, I'm anti-cove lights cos of dust/insect accumulation. BTO areas are bloody dusty... btw very likely your living room will come with standard 1 lighting point above the door entrance. 1 x 2-way lighting point only. Kitchen will only have 1 lighting point, service yard 1 lighting point.
  8. Erm i only use Nippon Easywash for my house. I just had part of my wall repainted after 4mths + And the tone is exactly the same. So if it's just touch up post reno whats the big deal?
  9. Personally unless u are an early adopter, forget about 4K screens for now. Also depends on what you watch.
  10. My comments from some quick reading. 1. Lights definitely overkill in living room. 3 banks of 3 max (maybe even banks of 2 depending on what downlight you're using) 2. A very small L like what you're having will look not quite right. I suggest making do with just both top, bottom cabinets on the sink wall. If u really need more storage then, make use of the wall beside the bomb shelter. EDIT: ok you doing it for FS reason. But what my ID will say that this will make the kitchen look "wrong".
  11. Karcher is an incredibly noisy vaccum cleaner. zero noise insulation. I regret buying mine. Cannot adjust the speed as well. Mine is a basic model. I think the noise is only tolerable as an outdoor use or a really big room. I'm already toying with the idea of buying another vaccum cleaner.