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  1. We share the same experience. We have recently engaged KNT Movers to assist in our house relocation in early Mar 2019. The KNT Team turned up really early in the morning and started the shift in an "amazing" speed. We are not sure if they were assigned a super tight schedule for the day, but they appeared to be rushing to complete the assignment Well, being fast may not be a bad thing, provided that all the items were handled with care. Our 50 boxes including the big electronic items were stuffed like pancake into their lorry truck. Somehow, the squeezing of the items caused our Samsung Curve TV to be damaged during the move. Yes, KNT followed their SOP and asked us to inspect our TV before they left our new house. Little did we know that any hair-line cracks on the TV are not visible when the TV is switched-off. We obligingly "inspected" the TV and it appeared to be fine. When we switched on the TV a few hours later, there was no image in the centre part of the TV, where the hair-line cracks were (please see pictures below which were taken when TV was turned on). We rang up KNT and highlighted this to them. KNT insisted that their movers have already asked us to inspect the TV prior to handing over and evaded liability. After making several calls on the consecutive days following the move, KNT finally agreed to send one of the movers (Steven) over to do an on-site inspection. Likewise, the mover spent a few minutes staring at our TV screen and he was unable to detect the hair-line cracks as the TV was switched-off. We have deliberately made him do so to prove that crack lines cannot be easily detected when the TV was turned-off. Steven then took a photo of the TV in switch-off mode and turn-on mode to capture what he has seen, but that was all! Following which, there was no further response from KNT. After a one week's wait, we rang up to demand for a reply and KNT's answer was to offer us a $100 compensation. This is the 3rd time we have shifted house, but our first time (and last time) with KNT. We have heard great reviews on KNT, which was why we went to them. However, it appears that their service was over-rated. A wrong decision made us lost our favourite TV! We were still watching it fine the night before... And to KNT, please do not treat us like beggars, we do not need your $100!!! Even if you are unable to compensate us for the value of our damaged item (> $3,000 in value), you should have owned up to your mistake and apologised for your mis-handling of our item. Instead, all you did was to evade responsibility. Our two-cents worth: If you are engaging movers to shift your TV, please remember to turn on your TV during inspection ,as hair-line cracks only showed up when the TV is switched on.