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  1. My Ariston Ti Shape 15l , made in Italy, is 2 months distant from reaching 6-year milestone, experienced water leakage yesterday. This Italy version was almost doubled the price of the same model which made in China the time I bought in Aug 2013. Without having much thought, I immediately Googled online and looked for a replacement by the same brand. I selected this new model Andris2 Lux 30l, made in Vietnam. The price was much cheaper, if not mistaken, even a few tenners cheaper than the 15l model that made in China in year 2013 as mentioned above. It was listed in Carousell by a reputable hardware shop, which also mentioned above. Without much thought, I ordered it and the hardware seller was able to arrange his plumber to install for me within the same day. It was the plumber's assistance mentioned to me that Joven is better than Ariston that prompted me to search for more reviews that I found this forum. This plumber assistant told me Joven has 10-years warranty and better. But I suspect he was biased to Joven because Joven is easier to install according to him. So, I decided to leave notes here and revisit again in future if my new Ariston breaks down sooner than the first one.