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  1. Thanks for the info... I think is about there. I just confirm with builder to recon my 2 storeys house (current GFA ard 1400sqft) to 3.5 storeys (estimate 3800sqft)….. if include another 1400sqft for car porch, balcony, roof terrace, etc... all together around 5200sqft. All these around 560K~580K exclude carpentry and fitting. I am not sure how good is this price but I presume should be around there.
  2. Noted, thanks a lot for the information. By the way, will the SIP drawing indicate how deep is the sewer?
  3. I always thought that PE is a must in A&A/Reconstruction but architect is optional... I have the impression that PE is more technical incline than the architect. Below is the scope of work from the PE, they will also check for me about the sewage line and whether RC trench is needed, etc. I presume it should cover all... but I am not sure. They do a lot of landed housing and I am quite confident they know what to do. So I am not so sure what is the role of the architect... and whether should spend additional money to get one. I just hope to find a good builder that can complete the job.
  4. I am engaging the PE directly and get the builder to built according to the PE drawing. The PE will also help on the design base on my need. Yes I am adding another storey and have no intention to get an architect. I thought the PE can do the submission to URA and the other relevant authorities?
  5. @Snoozee Thanks. Yes they have to do quite a lot I believe... including submission to various authorities. I was given a quote of high twenties, I presume that may be the market rate. So in this case it is not necessary to engage an architect anymore since the PE will take care of all the submission, right?
  6. Does anyone know how much should we pay normally the PE fee for reconstruction from 2 storeys to 3 storeys? just the PE fee excluding the other submission fee.
  7. I just bought an IT and just meet my lawyer to complete exercising the OTP.... I was told by the lawyer that buyer have the right to back out of the deal if there is illegal work done on the house...
  8. Thanks all...… have checked, confirmed can built 3 1/2 storey.. But I really have hard time to estimate the cost for adding the additional space. @petetherock, may I know for 150K, how big is the space added? Does it include staircase, roof, necessary plumbing and electrical point? Could you share with me which builder? Thanks in advance for your help....
  9. It is in a 3 story landed zone. Also saw neighbours extend up to 3 storeys. The 300K construction cost estimate is for both the 2nd storey back extension and 3rd storey addition?
  10. Recently bought a 2 storey Inter Terrace land 2040sqf, would like to do an extension on the back of 2nd Storey around 450sqf and add a 3rd storey around 1,000sqf. Anyone idea how much cost would that be to build the structure up with plumbing and electricity.... excluding the flooring and internal finishing? Any good builder to recommend?