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  1. The granite is quoted by Nick as part of the renovation cost who plans everything for me. it cost $100 for every feet, Black galaxy. I am not sure where it is from.
  2. There are minor hiccups along the way but Nick solved those issues. He would update me the issues, the rectification cost incur, if any. The carpentry works i have absolutely no complain with its workmanship. My family and friends thumbs up for the workmanship. The whole renovation cost less than 40.
  3. Hi, Thank you for liking my place. There is only 1 toilet entrance in my master toilet. When i purchase the unit, the toilet entrance has already been shifted by the previous owner. The hdb floor plan we purchased online will be in its original condition, not the modified layout.
  4. Due to the nature of my workload, i entrusted my 100% trust to Nick who handled the renovation works to my expectations. Indeed, I am very happy with the results he delivered. The carpentry workmanship is good, and my friend who help me inspect the quality it loved it too. I would gladly recommend my friends to him. I would let picture to speak a thousand words. As CNY is approaching, my house is finally ready. Now, I am looking forward to come to my new home every day from work. Thanks Nick for the great job!
  5. Hi vampiel, Nick's contact number is 96907887. In fact i managed to get his number from the forum here.
  6. 700 square feet. I am not having an open kitchen but having a glass door instead. My layout is different from the usual 3 room flat.
  7. Another one of the headache for this renovation is this bluish gate. Blue is not for me. So either i redo a new one or to paint it. My main issue a piano i need to bring into the home. Due to the limited space at the door entrance, i might need to remove the gate or leave it at my parents home. The first quotation from the first ID i receive, to remove it, spray paint it, (bring in the piano), install the gate back, was a whooping $2500. However, Nic told me to do a new one, does not need this amount too. He suggested to paint it. And its only 5% of $4500. The piano is managed to squeeze through the window.😀 The end results, the blue gate is gone, the blue acrylic is removed, now its painted grey.
  8. However, the initial thoughts that the vanity installed seems to be too low, i feel. Seems like i can sit on it. Hahaha...After a short explanation from Nic, with the granite top, basin, the overall height is 85cm. For someone who is not tall, its actually a comfortable height when i bend forward to wash my face. Interestingly, those stand alone basin is around this height too. I didn't realise all this minor details in our daily life.
  9. An update of the carpentry works. I have selected only 2 colours, both are from EDL selection. The end result of the workmanship, I am very happy. Its neat. My friend who seen it are happy with it too.
  10. Final product of the flooring from Floor Xpert. Its more uniformed in looks compared to other designs i have seen. i love it alot.
  11. The vinyl i selected from Floor Xpert, the belgium series. Sea Breeze Oak Natural, I love the colour alot as i prefer my house to be in light in colours.
  12. One of the major setbacks as predicted by Nic b4 demolishing the wall, the floor between the 2 rooms might not be level. Nic send me this pic after it was demolished. The left side of the tiles is much higher by more than 13mm near the window, but the area near the door is same level. Thus the needs to remove the affected area of the tiles.
  13. The biggest dream i want is a huge bedroom, to demolish the 13 ft of wall between the 2 bedrooms. I was told by Nic that i could not fully demolish all the wall, as required by HDB, i need to leave some allowance near the window, in the event the external wall cracked.
  14. After getting my resale flat, I started looking around for reliable interior designers. The first interior designer was recommended by a close friend. The suggested renovation was ‘luxurious’ and the quotation was way beyond my budget. The second interior designing firm was recommended by my housing agent. The quotation was close to my budget but the materials quoted were not of good quality. Hence, I continued to look around. While reading posts in the forum, I chanced upon Renoguyz. Nic was often mentioned and people complimented him for his professionalism. I decided to call him to find out more. I sent my floor plan to him and he asked some questions. About half an hour later, he sent me his quotations. It was within my budget despite the fact that I wanted the most expensive Belgium vinyl for the flooring. The carpentry charges were also reasonable and was lower than the first two quotations. I decided to meet Nic at my resale flat. Nic came to my new flat in his usual T-shirt and shorts. Like what many people had commented, he looked “blur”. In actual fact, he was not and would give feasible suggestions like sink support for the kitchen and some other renovation tips. I was convinced that he would be my interior designer cum contractor. After a brief discussion, we adjourned to choose the toilet tiles at Hafary. After that, we proceeded to choose the other fixtures (ceiling fan, lights, sinks, taps, toilet bowls etc.) in one of the shop in Geylang. I chose the same items which I had chosen with the previous interior designer. The shocking fact was, the cost was much lower! I realised that the previous interior designer had taken me to buy stuff at Balestier that were much overpriced! Nic told me this shop is not the cheapest in Singapore, but they provide good services if i need any exchanges/replacement, without the need to receive goods and check for any cracks. Nic will settle everything. I was very happy then as due to work hectic, i have 1 stress lesser. Soon, renovation started. Along the way, I would text Nic if I wanted changes to be made in the house. He was accommodating most of the time but if he felt that my ideas were no good, he would not hesitate to let me know. Sometimes, he would comment that I was “very Auntie” as my ideas could be very conventional.