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  1. Hi, wanted to check if anyone knows roughly how much amp is required for a 6000 sqft house? 100 or 150amp?
  2. HI , wanted to check if anyone has got experience in this? What are the reliable brands or suppliers for water tank and pump ?
  3. Snoozee, your guidance on this is very much appreciated. Thank you !
  4. HI , wanted to check if its common for main con to charge for loss of profit (5%) and attendance (5%) for item that you purchase on your own or for which you have got your own contractor? Which will be the items that will be subject to this ?
  5. Anyone got experience with this? Any particular brands which are more affordable. I got to know there is the top of range Sky Frame , solarlux and technal.
  6. HI all, wanted to check anyone has got experience with installing European profile sliding door and window? I understand that these looks much better aesthetically as compared to fasinca . Brands and names of companies supplying these European profile sliding door and window sought
  7. hi george, can you share if your total cost of 1.5m include gst? how is your experience with your main con? Also can you pm me your contractor name?
  8. Hi, has anyone heard about constraints in terms of total area side window/ opening for a 3.5 stories landed house- its about constraints by SCDF
  9. Snoozee, will be getting an architect, but I was still thinking of getting feedback from fellow members of this forum on the specification to look out for For eg, cement, do we need to specify certain grade or brand to prevent water seepage and cracks?
  10. Hi, am considering rebuilding my existing semi d. Getting quotes from contractors and am aware of the various quality issues as posted by members in this forum. Can someone guide me on the specification on the various key items for eg type and brand of external paint/ type of cement to be used/ waterproofing/ use of solid brick vs hollow bricks/ quality of wiring and any other details I need to be aware of.