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  1. Thanks for all the info. I will look at it and will ask you guys more in few months time when i will get the key to my house.
  2. Any comments are welcome. I will only get my house key in 3-4 months time. In the mean time, will be learning from whatever comments you guys have. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thinking to use mesh router for the whole house. hopefully speed do not slow down too much when reaching level 3.
  4. I hope that I just need to reuse the DB box with the same amount of wires going to each room. Just doing re-wring in each room and not pulling new one from DB box. Need to know the electrical budget planned for in each room. Any idea?
  5. You are right. is a 3 + attic. We dont intend to do painting on facet. Mainly internal. I am thinking false ceiling mainly want to install those "squarish LED light". Is there any other option? Intend to put ceiling fan in every room. For the time being, every room have only 1 x lighting point. So my idea is to have false ceiling and put upto 9 LED in every room. For aircon, has 7 wall mount and 2 ceiling cassette units. I will ask my seller is there any wrong with internal piping.. Intend to replace compressor and all units less piping. reiwring of every rooms is mainly for the LED on ceiling. Any good idea to make it bright with less money?
  6. I have just purchased a 4 level landed. Is about 9 years old. Dont intend to do major work. Still have some questions to ask the expert here. 1) Costs for polishing flooring? level 1 is marble while 2-4 are parquet flooring. 2) re-paint the whole house. 3) Tear door feature walls, table and platform wall in living room, master bedroom and one extra room. 2 other rooms not much work. 4) False ceiling to be done on level 2-4.. includes wiring in every room. 5) wet and dry kitchen cabinet looks good for the time being. Plubming should not changed since only 9 years old. No intend to touch it. 6) Wall paper and wardrobe in master bedroom. - Just painting in 4 other rooms. 7) Air-con replacement. May i know what is the rough gauge for each item? Did i missed something "big". Will 150K enough to do what i have listed?
  7. Just sold my condo 2 weeks ago. Intend to buy a landed at 2.9m. now having covid19 pandemic... Was wondering whether to proceed or look for rent first... Anyone got any comments?
  8. Hi Snoozee and petetherock, Thanks for the advice. Any good builder to recommend? Can PM me. Thanks.
  9. Hi Snoozee, Normal mode for most of us are public transport except my wife who is taking the car. Definitely want to avoid ABSD so has just dispose my HDB and now waiting someone to purchase my current unit. Will go to rent a place for 6 months and look for landed to purchase. Shortlisted 2 units. Want to get the one nearer to MRT but since it is old... will have a lots of things to do up. I have taken a look at one house last year and the owner claim that 200K was done up for the A&A. I am quite surprised that 200K can changed a 20years old house to quite a modern look. Build up is around 2500sqft in a 2 storey house. Is this normal? May i get your opinion, if i purchase a house which is 20years old around 2500sqft buildup, and would like to reno it, Ie, not touching the structure, but would like the "window opening" to be bigger,changed all flooring, repaint, re-tile, what is the budget I should be looking? Is 400K enough?
  10. Hi Guys, Came across this forum only yesterday. I am in the process of selling my condo and will purchase a landed in D26 within the next 6 months. Few houses came to my mind and would like to clarify my doubts. 1) House #1 : Build in 2014. Not very convenient as far from main road and mrt. --> Land is around 1700sqft. Nice and well maintained house (perhaps a new coat of paint was done). --> Few things to be done. 1) Kitchen too small and would like to double the kitchen area and will eat into the car pouch area. (Estimated an increase of 50sqft). 2) changing of sanitary fittings and adding some awnings. 3) Change of aircon. 2) House #2 : Build in 2000. --> The pro is nearer to mrt but it is a old house. Bigger land size, cheaper in term of selling price, but need to do a major overhaul. 1) My question is how much do i need to set aside for renovation for a build up of 2500sgft? assuming all floorings, kitchen cabinets, aircon wardrobe etc to be hack. 2) what is the kind of budgets I should be looking for if intend to build another level to increase 2500sqft to 3200sqft? 3) Attic or roof is better in term of maintainence for long term consideration? 4) Roughly the timeline for the above AA. Intend to stay in this landed for the next 15 years and I am still considering. Thanks. Eric.