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  1. I went to their showroom also and finally made the decision to use their flooring. I just impressed of their tactic of selling flooring product. Throwed the dumbbell on the floor, the flooring 0 damage. put on fire on the floor, nothing for the flooring also. Wow! Haha! And so far i'm quite happy with the purchase
  2. Yes, not bad of their products! I'm quite happy that this forum talk about evorich, i'm using this company product also. Actually What syamil said is quite correct, but i think can put heavy things on it. The flooring can tahan. Because i put the piano on it actually. The salesperson told me it is scratch proof, but not actually. Mine one kena scratch before, lucky still can repair
  3. Haha yes yes, wood grain flooring is kind like vinyl flooring! I'm not sure whether it is consider in fengshui. Honestly speaking, this is what my ID told me.Now the floorboard that i'm using is comes with realistic wood grains, what he told me is this will bring life enery into my space. I'm not sure whether it's true, just feel that quite comfortable to stay in my place with this floorboard.
  4. Fengshui elements - 水木金火土! Do you want to consider use wood grain flooring? It should be a best choice also
  5. Hi mykoh, you can consider the evorich herringbone. The size only a little bit bigger than what's your expected. I went to their showroom before. I think it's gonna to be great choice!
  6. Hi, I also went to this company expo last year. They had introduced to me evoherf also - scratch proof, fire resistant, high durability (they throw the heavy metal ring on the flooring, the flooring still perfect). So as what you all said, $6++ is a bit expensive compare to others but for me, worth the price. They still got some brand that under $5 called conecto, quality seem like not bad also