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  1. My husband and I had also spoke to Russell at the Expo. They seem to be able to meet the budget but we are unsure of the worksmanship. Apparently they were set up 6 months back and they were neither Radac nor hBay accredited. We are still comptemplating and shortlisting... for us, we are more comfortable with those with sound track records... we dont mind paying more.... To each his own i will say.
  2. Thxs for the useful info! How much to do a outdoor private jacuzzi and shower with BBQ pit on the roof terrace? A rough indication...
  3. Thxs for the many ideas on how to fully ultilise the roof terrace. Any ideas on how much it may cost to do it up or how much you are willing to spend to do it up?
  4. Starhub seems to be reliable so far. It's important to encrpyt the network especially if you using wireless to ensure that your neighours cant tap on your bandwidth which will decrease the network speed and security. Got to also note the range and speed of the router that you are using. Latest is the N-router with more superior performance but it comes with a price tag. Mainstream is G-router.
  5. House type: 3BR Penthouse with roof terrace House size: 172 sq.m
  6. hi Johnson - Pls quote for 1852sqft penthouse with roof top terrace. Thxs.