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  1. Well, I would like to renovate my 2 toilets - one master and one guest toilets. Most likely, need to change the floor tiles as there is a need to do the waterproofing on the floor. Any idea how much it will costs?? No bath required. Currently only a stand-shower - so I think I will install a stand shower basin, toilet bow and a wash basin.
  2. Hi Guys - Thanks for the info. Well, my toilet has been renovated more than 10 years ago - The contractor came to check but found no leakage from my pipes and the downstair neighbour insists that the leakage comes from my unit and he was not done any renovation for the last 20 years and planned to go ahead to do a grouting on the ceiling to prevent the seepage. Of course, not giving me time to find out where the leakage comes from. I don´t know if the seepage can comes from other pipings.. I want to solve the program but need to find out the source and time is the factor if the neigbhour is not giving me enough time to investigate the problem
  3. Dear All, Just wondering if anyone has encountered the problem of water seepage in toilets between 2 floors. It seems that my toilet is leaking into the lower floor of another unit. Is there anyone who can recommend a solution and who to contact to repair the water seepage. Please help.
  4. Hi Justin, I have the similar experience with this company. The after-service is bad. There was a tear in the sofa set which they delivered and they send only someone to sew it back. The guy who came for the repair was rude and unfriendly and demanding for the balance payment after the repair as we were not sure if it lasts. Well, ..just luck...
  5. rustgal17

    Oil Painting

    I am not sure if you are directing the question to me. Anyway, just to confirm that the oil paintings are painted by me. You are most welcome to look at them and you can for sure see the difference. These paintings are still available for sale till 15 Dec 2009.
  6. 1 standard room is enough to store all my furniture. Pse PM to discuss
  7. will anyone interested to lease out the spare room to store some furniture for 1 year.
  8. HI Does all of you using your spare room? What do you do with your spare room? Interested to find out how you can use your spare room more effective? Pse message me.
  9. rustgal17

    Oil Painting

    going away soon and would like to get rid of all the oil paintings in my apartment soon. Pse check my website for the range of oil paintings, Also selling off all the furnitures/
  10. Hi Guys, Thanks for the reply and advice. Yesterday night, the air-con is working perfect and no leaking. I have not done anything about it. Well, I guess it is the humidity in the room which causes the air-con to leak.
  11. Hi- Can anyone advise why is my air-con in my master bedroom leaking? Is it serious? I have 5 units in my apt - the rest is ok. I service my air-con regularly.
  12. Usually, these paintings (Buddha Face) come from Thailand. If you are going there for a holiday, it is good to look around - so many and the price is reasonable.
  13. Hi, anyone tried online ordering such as sleeppost..etc.. it is quite good and price is reasonable. I have personally tried 2 times ordering mattress and bed from them. They provide quite good service and delivery date is prompt.