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  1. Hello, Recently, I discovered a small tear in my wallpaper. Fearing that leaving it un-repaired, someone may accidentally pull it and worsen the damage. Is there a tube-size wallpaper glue for self-repair? I checked Homefix and they have the heavy duty ones. Appreciate if someone here can point me at the right direction. Cheers
  2. Hi all, Can someone recommend me a good wetworks contractor to remove this redundant toilet bowl in my yard toilet? Thank u in advance.
  3. Hi all, Can someone recommend me a good wetworks contractor to remove this redundant toilet bowl in my yard toilet? Thank u in advance.
  4. Was there 2 weeks ago to buy a replacement cylinder. Cant comment on price because that is the only place I check out. But service was good and staff was friendly. I think they are stockist for most brands here.
  5. In our furniture hunting, we realized that nowadays, shops charge a substantial amount for delivery of furniture. Sometimes, the delivery costs make up about 30-40% of the furniture costs!! The furniture we looked at cannot fit into our car (a hatchback). Are there any cheap one-off transport options available? What about Maxi-cab? do you think they take such deliveries?
  6. Hello all, I only started to follow this thread today! And a lot of HT experts seem to be here too. As more and more Media Players are available on the market, like Popcorn, Dune, AC-Ryan; the battle between Sigma-based and Realtek chipsets. These players can output DTS etc. People are also using software to rip their Bluray into mkv files for storage onto NAS for jukebox-like access. With the above developments, I am also looking into a Popcorn C200 set. When we move to this setup, are we still looking at the same type of HT 5.1 systems? Because over here, we've been talking about upscaling, HDMI out from DVD/BluRay players.... My assumption today is: Popcorn Video-out (HDMI) to TV Popcorn Audio-out (Digital coax) to AV receiver then to HT 5.1 Pls correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Where is the BOSCH promotion happening?
  8. One ID I spoke to said he does not recommend cove lighting because his FSM said it is like a blade in the room. Don't know what it means or how to visualize it being a blade. Any comments?
  9. Hello there, May I know exactly where this Wood and Wood is? I tried Googling but did not come back with an address. Thanks in advance.
  10. hello bepgof, Thank you for the reply. I wanted to clarify some of your points: - what is a reno record date? is this a invoice from the ID that says when reno was completed? - does the appeal to IRAS go online or need to go down personally?
  11. Hello all, I am in the midst of renovating my private property. Can I ask when do I apply owner occupier concession for the private property? - is it when I start to live in my private property OR - when I have rented out my HDB? Thnk you.
  12. Dont know leh. I got a quote for abt 28k for the following: - Cove lighting for living and MBR - Bed frame for MBR - Decking of all bay windows in room - Upholstery for living room bay window to convert to sofa - TV console - Study table - Misc incl painting, cleaning, electricity