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  1. Hi, could you share your builders contact pls? Thanks.
  2. Thanks IceEyez, yes really have to think hard whether it will give us the returns in future if we are willing to spend additional on A&A.
  3. Okay, thanks snoozee. What you say makes sense. Have to really think about it carefully.
  4. Hi, I’m a new landed owner here. Would like to seek opinions? Just purchased an inter terrace, original cond, 3 storey, land size 1900++. Yesterday started meeting up with IDs and builders. Initial plan was just to extend the back- make bigger kitchen, do balcony on 2nd floor, change/modernise car porch, change facade and reno interior. Builders suggested extension in front, using car porch to create more spacious master and balcony. Saying increase GFA will increase value and asking price. Is that true? We do not want to overspend on reno as this is not our forever home and we want to cash out within 5-7 years time. Thanks all!