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  1. the quality of such robots is very low and not all the garbage is collected. I advise you to take a good and high-quality robot vacuum cleaner
  2. you can try it! I've heard good reviews about this company
  3. There are online calculators that select the best profitable option for you. Use it.
  4. I have also been working with wood for more than a decade and my main tool is a chainsaw(previously it was a classic saw, which made my work somewhat difficult), but over time I was able to buy myself a chainsaw, having previously studied all the models and their advantages and disadvantages, moving on to https://mitersawjudge.com/best-band-saw-reviews-buying-guide/. This is the best guide if you are just starting out with wood and chainsaws. I didn't think I'd ever meet someone who does the same job as me. Very nice, mate!
  5. When I read on the forums the word “alcohol” I feel bad. I had some issues with people fighting the dependence since I was a child. It was very hard for me and I went through some tough moments then. I am happy that I managed to pass well through all the breakdowns. I would add that it very hard for all your friends and family to see you like that. I would advise you to see alcohol recovery uk if you know someone that is sick because of it.
  6. And it is important to you which company produces this kind of equipment? It's just that if it doesn't make any sense to you, you can order it at some store. Preferably in online stores as it is much cheaper. For example yesterday my brother was looking for a lamp and on www.gadgetguide.in he found a lamp twice as cheap as the one he had seen at the shopping center. This applies not only to the lamp. Such a clear difference in price for many things. The same electric kettle in an online store is cheaper than in a shopping center.
  7. I guess there worked a few unprofessional people that doesn't know that the wall should be cleaned firstly, then they can apply the paint. If the wall is not prepared properly, the salt can deposit on it and remain like this. I am not the best in construction, but my friends has the best home improvement company from Australia. He did a lot of things for my house and I am very thankful to him. His guys are real professionals and they can do everything fast and for a very good price!
  8. Thank you for the information! I found it interesting to read. I might need this. I often use delivery services and moving companies. I am more than often away from home and can even say that I do not have a home, but have a temporary home. But despite this, I take great care of all the furniture and interior that I have. When I need to move from one house to another(or even from city to city), I choose very carefully people who are able to provide a quality service. My choice always stops at https://getmanandvan.co.uk/croydon-cr0-cr9/, since here the employees are responsible
  9. When I was previously suffering from depression, I most often played video games and it helped me hide from reality in the world that I wanted to see. I think it was my mistake. Do not forget about the real world, as this is the worst option to overcome such a disease. Look for something like green malay kratom, red kratom, and so on. I've heard that by doing this, we make it worse for ourselves. In my life, I have known a case where a person was so isolated in games that he barely distinguished the real from the fictional. Games are good, but no more than an hour a day.
  10. I like how it looks and floor plan is pretty cool, but for my happiness I bought 5 bedroom luxury apartment Stuyvesant town that is even better or me. I worked very hard for the past 3 years for my boss in the architectural company. My project were accepted and admired by many top priority clients for the past 10 years. This year's were the hardest because my boss told me that soon I will be his partner and my name will appear next to his. It took some time but I’m finally there. If my life could be compared to something that would be movie Click 2006 with Adam Sandler.
  11. Having a good sleep is one of the most important thing we can do to have a productive next day. Due to this, there are a lot of medications we can use to make it better. Usually, in pharmacies, there are preparations destined especially for this. I also heard about the calcium and magnesium that help. Also, I have a friend who is a medic, and he recommended me some drugs like https://sakratom.com, that prophylaxis the body, and this way we feel better the next day. Has somebody used it and what do you think about it?