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  1. I also don't know anyone who uses ultra short throw projectors, but I don't think this is because of Singapore specific weather condition.
  2. No way! You can't fool him. Well at least I couldn't do it
  3. Where can I find some more feedback?
  4. I like these sleeping coats, they are really universal and can be used where you want. I saw one dude that has used it when he was on his house... I have read that on Bright Camping that it is a useful thing to carry with you when you want to go camping. I was really amazed when I read this information. I never knew that this was so useful. I saw that a lot of people buy them, I wasn't sure why people buy them until I have read on that website that these chairs are really useful and are recommended to be taken on camping. I just love to read useful articles!
  5. Absolutely agree with you my friend. This is the only way - for users to have your content on every possible manner. Apps and programs to see every day and be involved in to them. I had very good lesson by experiencing in our tech company (PC’s) with brainvire.com , we have partnership and work together with different famous companies like Nvidia, they developed our website and not only, our internal system that we work daily is managed so correctly, simple and effective, it was worthy to invest money. They have wonderful reputation.
  6. Well, taking into account that he got 1.6 million bucks, i think 5 years is a too small amount of time for him. I mean, he got those money from simple, innocent people. If it was my choice, people that trick the innocent ones, so they can get money from them, they have to get incarcerated, and restore all the money, and double it. However, who am i to decide this kind of things. My lawyer who works for a defamation lawyer firm, it is https://www.minclaw.com/how-to-remove-news-articles-from-google-and-internet/, told me that we, the simple people got no choice than just comply to them, and try to use them in out favor.
  7. I totally agree with you, there are a lot of websites that can have a super strong marketing department full of true professionals, but if there is no creativity on your landing page, than everything is done for no reason. I am working for a community backlink provider agency and I was always telling to my clients, it is not a problem to create a huge traffic on your website, personally for me it is easy, but if you have nothing on your home page, than don't expect bug results from your business.
  8. Yeah, by ageing I feel like a good mattress can really be your good friend, even if we talk about your mood in the mornings. But from a different angle, there are so many other pain killing friends. One of the worst so far is alcohol, I think. Yeah, you can fall asleep even on the stairs and feeling like you are sleeping on some soft sheep wool, but by the morning your back will have something to say to you. The story with kratom is completely different. If you want to understand what I’m talking about just try here kratomgallery.com. They will definitely satisfy your demands! Wish you a very comfortable sleep, man.
  9. Having fake documents, means to have documents that are not registered in the database and therefore those documents doest not exist, but you have only the paper. I don't think this is right, but sometimes people need a certain document that can help them resolve really big problems in life. For example, I have a fake driver licence. Guys if you also need a fake driver licence, then I would like to recommend you a site where you can where you can find all the necessary information about the quality and usefulness of the licence. So if you are interested, just check this site: fake driving licence uk, and make sure you don't spend money in vain. I wish you the best and have a wonderful day!
  10. I remember this website in 2016, lol. But this one has no real deals it worked because of ads and partnership, nothing good.
  11. Is it really safe to borrow money from internet? I’m not quite sure, because there are lots of people who are trying to fool you, rob you. Scam everywhere. But if this is a good and verified place, I could even recommend it. On the other hand, I have some other methods to provide me and my family with money. Cannot say it’s hundred percent moral or correct, but you know what? Our whole world is a scam, so who we are to complain here! If you are interested, you can try buy fake 20 dollar bills here. Just as an experiment, than you’ll understand if you really need to be part of this business. Hope you’ll think about it.
  12. Are you more interested from personal experience or from online searching engine? Because, online are a lot and many of them are not so good as they tell, because we were curious from peoples personal experience, and wanted to hear more details lie pros and cons, on what to keep more attention. And after research we agreed that expomovers.com was the best choice. After discussing them via WhatsApp - we asked so, they helped us to move stuff from garage and some furniture. A lot of sealed boxes with different sizes. After they finished all, we understood that everything was according to peoples words and had the best decision working with them.
  13. Well, I am not a professional, but I have just finished refreshing my house, because it was too tiny and I had a lot of furniture to change there. As I said, I am not a professional that is why I found some good guys on costshed.com which gave me a lot of good quotes and guides in each domain I needed information. You can contact them to because I am sure they won't disappoint you, and you will be thankful to them. Their services are pretty cheap, and furthermore they have a lot of discounts and promotions. And in the end you can choose an good architect recommended by them , that works almost for free.