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  1. I think you need a better specialist. By the way, it could also be a matter of the parts you used to automate the house. For me, the most practical and conveniently priced parts and panels are automationwebstore.com. I bought some equipment from them and did my home development and automation. What do I want to point out? First of all, it is important to find such a master that would suit you in everything and only then start working with him, which costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. Think about it, and maybe it would be better to do everything yourself
  2. Great offer here but I doubt they offer help with the mortgage. I think you would be better off working with the company that helped me two months ago with my dream home mortgage. You can find this company at https://dollarbackmortgage.com/. I had been planning to buy a new home for my family for a long time but I couldn't find the full amount, so I decided to contact a reliable company who would help me with this. All of the companies I found had high-interest rates and the one I recommended was the lowest of all.
  3. Smoking tobacco in any case is dangerous for the body, especially a pregnant woman. Vape is one of those smoking products that has not yet caused harm to a person. I can bring my sister who has been smoking vape for more than three years, and during this time she was pregnant with her first child. The baby was born quite healthy and no problems were observed. So don't worry if it's a vape. I also smoke it and I like it because this device requires the same care as any other device. I just recently gave it to the diagnosis and it helped me buy atomizer head which was an important detail, now vape for me is a great way to get rid of tobacco and stress in my life
  4. You need to give the door for repair, as you yourself will not be able to solve this problem. You need to connect the loops very carefully, but you need special tools for this. Trust my experience, it's best not to touch the door. When my bedroom door broke, I tried to fix it myself, but I broke it completely. I had to order a new door like this. This time I did not save money and called the specialists who installed it for me (so that the new door would not break). I've had this door for about a year, and it's in perfect condition.
  5. I absolutely love choker necklaces, especially those with a small diamond and an invisible chain. They are certainly wonderful! Generally, when it comes to jewelry, I admire necklaces. I can't wear rings or earrings. My last purchase was a gold necklace with a yellow eye diamond from https://kspjewelry.com/. It was a self-gift, and it was worth all the money. That necklace describes my entire state of mind and makes all my outfits look so elegant and fancy. You can find on this site various stylish pieces of jewelry.
  6. Most recently, I tried a diet, but it did not turn out to be an effective method for me. I often searched the Internet for information that would help me lose weight and improve all the processes of the body. With this question, I was helped to get rid of a good and experienced health coach who was advised to me by my friend. He also helped her get rid of unwanted weight and told her a lot of interesting things about vitamins and diets. I found it very useful, so I also decided to turn to it, and it turned out to be an incredibly effective method, I really like the result
  7. You might have been really desperate, taking into account the fact that you have been promoting yourself like that. Even more, no one has ever paid attention to your posts :DDD. Taking into account the fact that no one has ever answered on this thread, until today, I guess he is not working anymore, and I guess his services were not that of a really high quality. I mean, even guides, about how to rotate your pc screen, like this on https://myhow.org/how-to/rotate-your-computer-screen are even more popular and of a higher quality compared to his services.
  8. Try to find a girl on dating sites. Many people find their love there
  9. Looks nice, thanks for information. I will return back to it. Indeed, nowadays internet sales are very popular and it is convenient to sell your goods. But really, I agree with the DrMcLeanAnn that it is better to participate in some exhibitions and sell your products in a store, so people could come and see everything by themselves, so they make more purchases. When I decided to become an HVAC technician I didn't know hoe many tools and equipment would I need. At first I bought all in order to have everything, and only now I understand what do I really need.
  10. I would look into a good local roofer or two and get quotes. Then look for reputation before concluding. I personally had to dig in to a few options before deciding when I fixed my father's roof in St. Louis and the choice was looking hard at first, but turned out to be easy-peasy. Most contractors don't offer any validation and examples of previous work which I find sketchy. Only cwcroofing was willing to show me and even guide me through how they work which is amazing. The rest was just a matter of personal choice and directions when it came to the installation.