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  1. Me and my girlfriend starting smoking weed regularly since February. Mostly on weekends and then maybe one weeknight. But anyway I noticed immediately how much I love having sex while high on weed. First of all, when me and my g/f take hits of weed we always exhale in each other's faces. That right there turns me on, so after a few hits and the high feeling comes in our clothes start coming off. Every kiss, every touch, the sexual feelings are way more intense while high. Then the orgasms we have are mind blowing. Both of us have much longer orgasms while high, and we cum a lot more too.
  2. You only need life insurance if there are people who depend on you for their support. Then you need enough insurance to bring them to a point where they can support themselves or enough to provide for them for the rest of their lives. The choice of your executor is vital, as is having a will that clearly sets out how your life insurance will be paid out. Life insurance without a will guarantees headaches for the people you mean to benefit. The will is cheaper than the insurance, so don't get one without the other.
  3. Yes, it's a great movie. I watched it three times because I wanted to look at the little details that I hadn't seen before. Those little things were the parts of the movie I separately downloaded from The Pirate Bay because it's the best version I could find at the moment. Honestly, I haven't seen a better torrent. If I have found other clients before, they were a threat to my PC.
  4. Thank you! This site is very timely in my life right now. I'm about to renovate my house right now, and honestly, I have very no idea how to do it. I also have a website where many people purchase building supplies. It was a smart decision to open my construction store in anticipation of renovating my own house. I have a lot of customers now thanks to the work of https://prosvit.design/wordpress-services/wordpress-ecommerce-woocommerce-services/ and the fact that it's the coming repair season. It's time to make a difference in our lives this spring, isn't it?
  5. This is a great idea but can this mirror change color? That would be awesome for me because I have already installed led lighting in my apartment and would like to do the same with mirrors. I think it would save money on electricity threefold. Plus, it's a great addition to the apartment's atmosphere that I need. I'm already looking at some LED light bulb options on amazon, and I'm sure it would be a great idea for a mirror as well, but I don't know how to put it up yet. Do you think it would be a good option for mirrors if I used bulbs like these: https://www.amazon.com/smart-light-bulb-bulbs-color/dp/B0922Q43LY/
  6. It's a pretty interesting option if you look at it as a solution to the scrap metal problem. I'd have to think about the same thing.
  7. I am interested in getting rid of all the old and unnecessary junk in my yard which would be one of the most beneficial decisions in my life. If you know of any, please advise me.
  8. I also work from home, and I often do not have time to answer calls or messages from relatives and friends, so I have to use such services as Text Message Automation, and it saves me a lot because I can not leave my loved ones without attention. Still, my career makes a lot of sense to me at the same time. I think that for you, it also can be helpful if you sometimes do not know how to give time to your loved ones and do not distract from work.
  9. Are you satisfied with the intercom you have now? I thought I was fine until I found intercom systems that exceeded my expectations. They have video surveillance and other features that can keep you safe. I only realized this after some time of use. I was not even familiar with many of the features, but they proved to be very useful in life.
  10. Thank you for sharing this. I think that such free health care applications are very helpful for many users to monitor their health and thus, if there are any alarming symptoms, to see a doctor in time. I use HelpCare+ to track my mental health because I have had depressive episodes in the past.
  11. I haven't used it very long, but I've found a use for it. Now I plan to try softorbits because I have heard quite a few interesting cases for the development of such software. On the forums they wrote that it can give positive results so I have a lot of trust in such reviews and I am sure I will be able to experience success. If you need proof in favor of it I can share it with you.
  12. Mikaelo


    The crypto world is a huge entertainment and "play to earn" tool. That's why I prefer to develop in this direction, which will give me a passive income. Investments in this business are the most profitable because cryptocurrency shows new rates every day, which means that it can change like any other currency. The virtual world has its advantages, if you know how to use tools correctly.
  13. I haven't heard anything about it yet. Where did the information come from?
  14. I know what you're talking about because I had a similar experience. When I was trying to find a service to pack some things for shipping. I searched for a long time and found that there is a service like https://www.ecommercefulfilment.com/en_US/order-fulfillment/stationery-gift-fulfillment/ in this business. It helped me achieve a positive result without being late. I am sure that you can also use these services and have success. Good luck with this business.