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  1. Wow! The project is really cool! More than that, Chip Eng Sen has a great reputation of building quality homes. It's a pity that it's already sold out. I've read that the last unit was sold last year in june. I really wanted to get some apartments here, because it's one of the best investments. Anyway, with the help of these guys https://crowdestate.eu, I managed to get access to another project which is also developed by CEL. I just couldn't imagine that with a minimum investment I will be offered such a large variety of off-market real estate investments. This is insane!
  2. It depends on you and your second half. For example, there are a lot of couples that don't gift anything because they don't look at this day as a celebration day. For example, I and my girlfriend are not giving each other very expensive gifts, and this year I made her something special with our faces on it. A head-to-toe custom bobblehead. The gift was awesome, we were laughing a lot about this one. So the gift depends from couple to couple and you need to get something that your lover will love.
  3. That could be a great idea, but we have to decide which video conferencing service to use. There are various options starting with Zoom, and finishing with Skype or Google Meets. Personally, I think the best option is Google meets, they have a great app which is easy to use works properly, still if you have a problem and you can’t connect to a conference, guys from the support will answer to any of your questions asked in a pretty decent period of time. You can read an article on https://www.finchmagician.com/virtual/teleconference to understand better how video conferencing services works.
  4. It depends on what kind of hacking services are you looking for. If you are looking for something serious like stealing someone's account on social media or hacking into some databases is hard to find. But gaming hacks are made by good hackers too, just look like this hack https://battlelog.co/valorant-hacks-cheats-aimbot-esp/ and imagine that this hack worked a whole team of good hackers that found a method to enter into the game code and found the way to get in it.
  5. Social media started to influence our life in a bad way. We started to search on the Internet for some ideas of how to be better, how to look more beautiful and other stuff like this. A lot of teenagers deal with the bullying which is also an awful situation. If you know someone who is suffering from this recommend them to follow a therapy for depression that I am more than sure will help them defeat all their fears and mental problems.
  6. External heat insulation would help to reduce the heat, but the biggest challenge is to find a company that provides such services. A few years ago, I bought a pretty old house in Cumberland, BC, and it was unbearable to live in such a house neither summer nor winter. It was difficult to find a company that could help us, but finally, I succeeded, and they isolated my house. As it turned out, my neighbor had a similar problem, and he isolated the house already. I asked for a recommendation, and he recommended checking the site of that insulation company. I contacted them, and they came and helped me to isolate the house.
  7. Previously, I also looked for this thing, for a very long time I checked different offers in online stores until I realized that growing marijuana is a very long and time-consuming process. This is what prompted me to get rid of this idea. Then I realized that I needed to look for a good online market where I could buy a ready-made product and enjoy the effect of high-quality cannabis. I recently found a platform on which I now quite often buy Cannabis Edibles, and this is amazing because the product is really worth it, and the variety of the assortment is very pleasing
  8. Well, there are a lot of lawyer on the internet, but unfortunately not all those lawyers are honest, and you can easily be tricked by one of them. That is why I recommend you to be careful while searching for a good lawyers, read some reviews, ask them about their previous cases or about their lost trials. That is how you will understand if it is really worth to work with them or not. This is how I found a team of very good, professional conveyancing solicitors that helped me in a trial some months ago. You can also contact them, guys a doing a really good job.
  9. It is so sad that all things have changed with this pandemic thing and I hope to get through this difficult period as soon as possible. For me personally it is very difficult because I am an extroverted person who always loves to socialize and travel to the fullest. I like to see new cultures and get to know different people because that's how I develop as a personality. I am very inspired by Indian culture and for this reason, as soon as the pandemic ends, I will go to India for a while. I searched for the cost of living there from https://costoflivingreports.com/india/ and it attracted me enormously.
  10. The numbers look pretty realistic, but you could still use the help of a specialist in this field. I would recommend you Mortgage Advisor Cardiff because this is exactly the place where you can be sure and call it reliable. The professionals from this company helped me calculate all the necessary numbers and interest, so now I have no problems with my loan, which was a real pain in the *** for me last year, if you know what I'm talking about. I am sure that they will help you, too, because you can definitely rely on them.
  11. Usually all bets that are online are legally,why not. i don't know any low which imposing fines for this