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  1. The numbers look pretty realistic, but you could still use the help of a specialist in this field. I would recommend you Mortgage Advisor Cardiff because this is exactly the place where you can be sure and call it reliable. The professionals from this company helped me calculate all the necessary numbers and interest, so now I have no problems with my loan, which was a real pain in the *** for me last year, if you know what I'm talking about. I am sure that they will help you, too, because you can definitely rely on them.
  2. Usually all bets that are online are legally,why not. i don't know any low which imposing fines for this
  3. Absolutely correct! I’m in a state of pure excitement because soon enough will purchase playarealestategroup.com property, to be exactly if somebody is interested, it is at Cancun Real Estate. Never visited that place personally, but I have a friend who is working in a bank, and told me “-Boris, it is our time to leave businesses and deals aside, it is time to live for ourselves and enjoy life”. He has already property there, but to enjoy such amazing place you need someone to share all the experience. I’m looking so forward to it. Guys, don’t lose time, and see their prices and all details to have a clear image. I’m a Russian businessman, and something like this, is like leaving planet earth and fly to the planet where movie Valerian started its story.
  4. Yeah, seems like their delivery is a bit too expensive. It's nice when you get it at home, but still is too much in my opinion. During this pandemic, many people lost their jobs and paying so much is not possible for most of them. I can't afford to spend so much money on things like this when I am not sure how the situation will be tomorrow. I prefer to buy all the stuff from yorkn.com, the prices are more than good and the delivery is free. I must be lucky that I found them in this period of time, I can resell this stuff and make money on it, considering the fact that the company where I was working is closed right now.
  5. Thanks for the information. It's a pity that I didn't see this earlier. My grandfather died and it was very unexpected and shocking. I will not go into details, but this situation took us by surprise and discouraged at all. I have never seen my parents so helpless and confused. They couldn't understand anything and behaved like hypnotized in inadequate. We had to organize a funeral and prepare all the documents in the next couple of days, order coffin, Gravestone, place in the cemetery, hire a restaurant where to hold a commemoration act. But everyone was so confused that we didn't know from what to start and what to do.
  6. This is an excellent idea, I like it because you can enjoy a two-room apartment. When I moved out of my old apartment, I was looking for one that would make me feel more comfortable, you know what I'm saying? Comfort inside the apartment is very important because it depends on your mood in the morning and during the day, also depends on your sleep, which is why I decided to take a look at private park apartments peter cooper village, which was well recommended by my friend. It's a great place, I'll tell you what
  7. Interesting question. It depends on from personal perspective. Some people go way too far in a form that I would not accept it. I search eco-friendly products that my body interacts with in the first place.
  8. It seems to me that it would be much more useful for you to contact specialists because you can come across scammers on the forums. When I had help with the same issue as you have now, I turned to experienced Mortgage Advisor Leicester because I know people personally who these guys helped with documents and with difficult situations that they had. That is why I did not spend time and money to look for other people, this company was really effective for me, so I advise you to take the chance and contact specialists
  9. In this case, it all depends on how long you can afford to take out a loan now, because you do not always have the finances to pay the entire amount in two years or three, life is incredibly unpredictable, do you agree? that is why it is very important to have a consultation with Mortgage Broker Liverpool because experience and professionalism in this regard is only welcome and can save your finances at their best. I would advise you to contact them and find out more details about this business
  10. I also need a renovation loan but need some advice. Can someone here help me?
  11. If there are no grants before - first timers for sure. I had the same question for BTO. First time married and had some issues with my wife, because of her moved my parents to another house. She never knew my financial status, but she changed a lot of wedding. She was so nice and good at the beginning but after almost one year, she was the worst enemy. Always fighting and no sex after marriage at all. She is from the Philippines. Well, she is alone now without nothing. I caught her cheating on me, and have evidence. Found out I’m her 4th husband, rofl. Changed state and work, took my parents and now they live at assisted living community Minneapolis . I’m not far from them, can always visit at weekends.
  12. I also heard that everise Auto is the one of the leading company which deals in buying & selling cars and car parts in Singapore